Captain America Civil War is the latest
Captain America film, but it really should have been the new Avengers film;
but isn’t for some reason. I know everyone watching this review is going
to see this movie no matter what or has already seen it, so let me just
confirm what you already think. The movie is really good. The movie has its problems, but i think
there’s so many good things about it and it just makes everyone so happy walking
out, like it’s nothing major This is up there for me as one of the
best Marvel movies i think it’s entertaining, funny, well acted and for a stupid superhero
movie, it was pretty well written. I was surprised how similar it was too
Batman vs Superman in terms of plot When you compare a movie like this to a
piece of shit like Batman vs Superman you see clearly how much thought and
effort and time the people that made this film put into making this film. What makes this movie better than Batman
vs Superman? Well number one, it has a plot to make sense and number two it doesn’t suck and while
we’re comparing this film to other films i just got to say I like this feel much
better than age of Ultron and while it has many of the same problems as age of
Ultron it’s a movie that the fans ultimately wanted and deserve its action
packed and fun and it’s going to make the fans freak the fuck out and cry and
if this is a sign for things to come I’m pretty excited because again this
movie isn’t perfect but I can’t deny how much fun this film was if I were Kate
I’d fucking love this movie I keep bringing up bad things about this
movie so let me get that shit out of the way The problem with age of Ultron is that
it had a few too many characters and this movie kind of has that same problem it’s not as bad as age of Ultron because
age of Ultron was just an incoherent mess of shit but the two characters they
really set up in this movie or a black panther and spider-man ant-man is in
there are little as well but he’s just kind of thrown in the background and he
works totally fine in the movie unfortunately because this movie is so
much shit going on they have to set up the Black Panther storyline pretty quick
but again you do understand his motivation and he’s kind of a badass so
it didn’t really bother me I just wish that establishing this
character felt more natural same thing with spider-man when you look at spider-man on his own
he’s the best version of spider-man to date and they did a better job
establishing his character and making me like him then two feature-length amazing
spider-man movies [Marc Webb: good, ya got, good, great, got it]
(Ralph makes fun of Webb speech) It’s everything Spider-man should be he’s young, he’s funny, he’s charismatic and best of all
they don’t spend 20 minutes explaining his back story again. Like we fucking
know the backstory there’s a great scene where Tony Stark
asks spider-man how is technology works and spider-man just kind of goes “is it don’t worry about it” because it
doesn’t matter we know spider-man on his own is great
and i can’t wait for spider-man solo movie but if we’re going to look at this
as a film: spider-man doesn’t really fit. He’s great
in it but he doesn’t just he doesn’t belong in this movie iron man shows up
to his apartment out of nowhere and it’s like I know you’re spider-man how he
knows his spider-man doesn’t really matter but why would Tony Stark go all
the way to queens to get this random kid to help them out even though this kid is no experience it
could probably get killed it just seems irresponsible and out of
character and it doesn’t really make sense and that’s what makes the tone kind of
inconsistent and that seen the big fight scene between all the heroes and all the
villains which is great by the way but once again it doesn’t really fit I thought most of this movie up until
that fight was just fantastic I thought the pacing was great all the
characters really fit and were given something to do even Black Panther who
was kind of rushed I was really enjoying the dynamic
between the characters i was enjoying the dialogue I was enjoying the action which is
fantastic by the way and for a long time I thought this might be the best Marvel
movie then it gets to that point where the fight starts and that’s from the
movie has a different tone it’s up to fight itself that’s low it’s
everything after that fight because the movie builds up to this like orgasmic
exciting sequence and then the movie keeps going for another 30 minutes and
you’re like oh once we get to the last action scene and
begin to the villains motivation the movie starts to pick up again i’m
going to give this movie an 8 out of 10 even with all the problems it has some
of you are going to call me a hypocrite because I gave age of Ultron a really
bad review for being a mess and now i’m saying this will be a mess but don’t
misinterpret what I’m saying the fact that age of Ultron was a mess
takes away from the entertainment of the film whereas in this movie it’s a little bit
of a mess toward the end but it doesn’t take away from the characters or the fun I think if Marvel calm down on trying to
set up 10 / movies and just had this one movie with one story it might have been a 9 out of 10 but
that being said I think this is a perfect summer movie I was very entertained watching it the
audience was very entertained watching it I really can’t picture anyone watching
this movie and not finding something to like it.


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    AV C

    You complain about inconsistent tone quite a bit, and I'm not saying it's never a problem, I'm just saying it's not always a problem, as long as the work delivers on all the tones it sets up, and the tone shift isn't completely out of place. I think tone shifts tend to work best in slice-of-life stuff, where there can be this totally horrible thing happening to the main character, but then something funny happens, and just like in real life, the world doesn't stop because you're feeling sad. I think in this case you're correct about Spiderman, and I think if a movie tries to convey a message or moral of some sort, like Civil War does, it's generally better to have a consistent tone towards that message. But in pure story-telling I don't think we should just dismiss abrupt tonal shifts before giving them a chance.

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    Bryan Garcia

    I don't understand how people loved age of ultron let's break it down first Tony is not iron man anymore shield was gone and Loki is now king of asgard and then avengers 2 came out and I was like did they just forget about that

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    Jake Dauber

    I love your reviews and I agree with you on Batman V Superman and Age of Ultron but Civil War is not what the fans deserved. Yes its action packed and it has the superheroes fighting and it has Spider-Man with the Avengers…but that's it. It doesn't take any risks, you could say well the Avengers are split apart, well at the end Captain America is like I'm sorry and everything is all better. You can also say that Rohdey is paralyzed, he is temporally paralyzed and even if he wasn't temporarily paralyzed he still has robot legs. The villain is also uninteresting and weak, it should not have had Zemo in it, there are also countless plot holes but I'm not gonna make a 40 paragraph essay, this movie isn't different, it isn't different, the soundtrack sucks, it doesn't take any risks, the villain sucks, the plot is good at times but then does something dumb, most of the jokes suck, the jokes shouldn't be in serious scenes, the jokes ruin the emotion because they shouldn't be cracking jokes when they are killing each other, I don't care about black panther or scarlet witch because they are poorly developed, and there is a ton of their problems. In conclusion, the movie doesn't suck, it just isn't satisfying, anticlimactic, boring, and filled with lots of problems. I just don't understand why this is praised as the "best superhero movie ever made" when it has the same problems as Age of Ultron and BVS.

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    Golden Incinerator79

    the reason the movie went down in the airport battle is because they had to write in a fight scene

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    Dave Booshty

    I find spiderman looks way to British as Peter Parker and Tormei is awesome sexy but way to miscast too.

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    Γιάννης Νικολάου

    So, let me get this straight. One of the main issues you had with AoU was that the film didn't take any risks (a point on which I agree), but did Civil War take any risks at all? We had a dozen super human fighting each other using deadly force and no one died. The only character to be injured war War Machine and they didn't even have the balls to keep him disabled. In the end of the film, as my friend who watched it with me said after we left the theater: "So what? Nothing major happened."
    He was absolutely right. The film was kind of a filler. Don't get me wrong. I liked everything in it. I just hoped that something bold would happen. Just kill War Machine. It would make the split between Iron Man and CA greater. Despide being a good film, Civil War, like AoU was given a misleading title that made everything look much more serius than they actually were.

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    Jack Lawton

    I genuinely thought you were being sarcastic for the first few mins. It was meh? Wasn't it??? Idk lol

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    Arian S

    I think the big fight scene was between all the heroes, not as you said all the heroes and all the villains. It is really shocking also that you don't complain about that terrible CGI Iron man suit. I think you used to hate CGI. Your your whole channel is so incoherent man. You don't make any sense at all. I kind of under stand what you saw wrong with Age of Ultran, but you some times nitpick a lot on every single thing about some movies (basically because you just want to shit all over them), and then about some movies you just close your eyes on many things. I personally love civil war. But the effects of this movie really didn't hold up to the other recent marvel movies.

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    Daisy Meloetta

    Tell me this is a joke. It's a joke, right? Or did you hit your head? Wtf is going on? This movie was absolutely terrible! It sucks! It is arguably even worse than Batman v Superman! How on earth can you like it!? WTF!? Please tell me this is an early April fools joke or something. WTF IS GOING ON!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? ARE YOU OK!? WHAAAT THHHHHE FUUUUUUUUCK!?!?!? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!!!!! WTF!!!???

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    This is one of the worst MCU films in my opinion. Note the word OPINION.

    Even if Tony wanted to join Steve he couldn't as he would then become seen a so called a threat and wouldn't be able to run his company or repair his suits meaning he wouldn't be Iron man he would just me man. The fact that they never even mention this in the film seems kind of stupid to me and would probably result in no major fights being caused if this was actually talked about.

    This film basically only exists to lead up to Infinity War which just makes me feel like not that much effort was put into it which really shows as it just pleases people with its big fight scenes. Also its clear that they just made this a Captain America film as it wouldn't of fitted anywhere else without making this an Avengers film.

    The best part of this film was Spider-man by far but the fact that a side character is one of the best parts of the film (People only laughed at the theater when he was on) isn't much of a compliment.

    Basically this film was just a lead up to something bigger and better and a bad Marvel movie isn't really even that bad with most modern DC films probably being worse. This film is fine but nothing that special.

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    Everyday Bodybuilding

    The plot was literally a guy getting revenge for the injustice of his family being murderer by killing countless innocent people himself. It didn't make sense.

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    Chaney McInnis

    I disagree.
    Disney/Marvel is pretty careful and specific and its clear that they know what they are doing. The movie Avengers is centered around the classic Avengers. The basic four. Of the four, they all have their own thing going on. Simply by removing Thor and Hulk (we saw them leave in the previous film, so it cant be called a rushed decision or sloppy writing within this film) it is not the same vibe as an Avengers movie. This film seemed to keep the focus on Cap. Which makes sense because it seems Cap had the least character development in Age of Ultron. Avengers movies seem to have a formula. Assemble. Battle. Supposed Victory. Inner conflict. Fight amoungst selves. Seperate. Basic four get their equal personal moments. Re-assemble. The threat is large scale and world-ending. Battle an army of stock things to kill/destory and each hero gets their moment to battle, converse or at least punch the main enemy once. The final challenge seems hopeless, until Stark has an idea. First time, just him, second time Thor's help. Victory. Seperate. Civil War had them Assemble. Lose. inner struggle. seperate. Character development mostly on Stark and Cap. The threat was not world-ending, it was more so a fight within a family. no army to fight. every hero did not get their moment with the enemy. There was no final "gotta seal that portal" or "that nuke goes off, its all over" "Ultron touches that switch its over". There was no final bang. Again, the stakes weren't end of the world, it was a contained situation within the family. There was no clear victory in Civil War. Cap gave away his shield. Accords aren't signed. Some Avengers are in jail. Stark has to deal with being wrong. Zimo still has to stand trial for the death he caused, we have no guarantee he won't escape. Bucky is just a target in Wakanda. Something tells me he won't be safe there and nor is it safe for Wakanda having him there. Someone is going to try to extract him. Even though its very similar, feel they made the film different enough to not be an Avengers movie.

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    Michael David

    Winter soldier is by far the best (avengers) movie. Civil war was boring, long, and the fact that the mortals can be body slammed into a wall and still fight makes zero sense. The airport scene shoud have been so much shorter and more realistic. Crossbones should have escaped. Come on ralph you gayhomofag bryan singer pedo lover

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  48. Post

    I got bored whilst watching Age of Ultron, like, an hour in was like "*wakes up from a daze* It's STILL going?!…"

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    Federal agent Holton

    The point about spiderman's back story was on point..

    I wish DC would do this with Batman already and get it through their thick fucking heads that we don't need OR WANT to see batman's parents dying in a flash back every…. single….. fucking….. movie for us to understand his backstory or motivation..

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    This movie was so shit. This was easily the worst superhero movie in years, yes even worse than anything by DC. The cinematography was so flat, the motivations were entirely backwards, and all the characters act like idiots just so they can fight in ANOTHER bland grey location like everywhere else in the movie.

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    Patrick Sikhrangkur

    Honestly, this movie's shaking camera pissed me off. That said, I'm not a fan of moving cameras in general and I was also unfortunate enough to get stuck in the first row when I saw the movie.

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    Travis Spazz

    What was so incoherent about aou? The more I see it, the more I like it!!
    And for me, the last 30 minutes of civil war is the best part!

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    Deadmanwalkin72 0

    The story was complete shit compared to the comics, mostly because it lost all of its moral fiber. Civil war was what made me fall in love with the character of Captain America because of his total dedication to the ideals of freedom. It was all spectacle and no soul.

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    La Hire

    I don't get why people praise this movie and hate BvS I've watched both and they seem to have a similar story and equally terrible writing.

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    Jerrel D

    Whenever you shit on Marc Webb and his Amrzing Sprder Mrn, in any of your videos, it just brings such a smile to my heart.

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    Adam Hay

    dude the plot is a mess, the villains "plan" made no sense, not to mention the entire iron man side was very unjustified in their fight.

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    michael mascher

    in this review u said: i cant wait to see a spiderman movie
    in the Homecoming review u said: "at first i thought,ooohhh another spiderman movie… Again?
    Great Review btw. 🙂

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    Level 99

    the moment the first Avengers movie came out, it ruined these movies for me.
    i fucking hate this shared universe bullshit.

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    Tim Versmoren

    I have and will always respect Ralph's opinion, and if he thinks so highly of this movie I feel like I have to sit through it again…
    After I watched it for the first time I remember I was like "Well, this is the worst movie I've ever seen, even the most extreme Marvell fans at least have to understand, right?"
    Nope! Apparently it's regarded as one of, if not the, best super hero movies ever. I genuinely do not understand why in the slightest bit. The only thing I do understand, even after watching this video, is that it has a lot of fan service and is better than Batman Vs. Superman…

    My goal writing this isn't to annoy fans at all, but then again, if you're in the comment section of an honest review you're either pissed off already or open for debate.

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    Matias Agostinho

    8/10 as a movie or like as a "take it for what it is" kind of thing? Because i agree it's a good movie, but 8/10 seems a bit high

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    Josh Margolis

    The movies got some flaws but you only realise them after you finally stop smiling 3 hours after you finish watching the movie

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  76. Post

    I still think Captain America and Bucky beating Iron Man is ridiculous and I don't know why people think it makes sense.

    Even the "He is superior to you in every way" line from Tony's suit is stupid.

    The Iron Man suit can be hit by a fucking TANK shell and be…like, a little dirty? He can lift cars and can fall thousands of feet uninjured.
    And that's literally the first complete version, how the fuck is his most up to date one such a weak piece of shit that two almost regular dudes can wipe him out? Makes no sense at all he could literally have just hovered, shot Bucky with his repulsors to knock him out or something and then I see why Cap would be hard to defeat without killing him but…just pick him up and throw him away or something?

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    Joel Fulker

    I agree with you that BvS was dumb, Spiderman didn't belong in this movie, and that this movie was a mess. The rest was the exact opposite of correct, but that's par for the course. (If I explain why, it will exceed the character limit several times over. This movie may have permanently harmed my quality of life.)

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    P D

    I couldn’t stand this movie. Like they just learned that there was an evil organization so large and deep that it had infiltrated every level of government, but because Tony Stark felt bad that there were some casualties after they SAVED THE WORLD FROM ROBOT ALIENS he decided to give up his control and authority to the government…. what? Tony Stark isn’t this stupid, the premise was dumb.

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    Pavan Kundur

    This film was meh there was nothing I massively liked or disliked about it and it was quite boring on repeat viewings

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    AnApple IAm

    I feel like if Tony knew about how Bucky had killed his parents during the big fight there would've been more emotion in it, the fight at the end felt rushed in. How bout this, Cap and the gang he had with him during the airport fight instead are already at the arctic base and do their thing there, then Team Iron Man shows up and they fight. But just before it gets nice and juicy Zemo sets up a projector showing the security cam footage, Stark sees his parents die, Bucky watches himself kill other people as the winter soldier, and Cap looks down in shame. Then Tony screams at Cap, "did you know!?" Cap nods, resume fight, end.

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    Tommy Boman

    I will pretty much echo this short review. i would however add that I believe that Zemo is the best Movie Marvel Villain so far. As far as scores go, Winter Soldier and the first Iron man are still the best marvel has done (together with the best tv show the last years of AoS). Civil war was however a much better and more competent movie than the bloated Infinity war.

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    MP Wit

    I never saw Age of Ultron and don't plan on it, but I honestly thought this movie was terrible. I liked Spiderman's character and thought he was really good, despite as you said not fitting in, but I though this movie looked like shit visually (I don't have a degree in film though so I may be completely off). To me the colours always looked really dull and the film looked like it was all shot on a smartphone or a 100$ digital camera. Not to mention the whole Vision shooting war machine seemed really pointless and almost forced. In fact most of my issues with the movie were just from the fact that it seemed pointless, especially with Infinity War out. I know a lot of comic book fans love seeing comics adapted onto the big screen, but this just really didn't fit in my opinion. Every decision and event was basically resolved within the film. It may sound funny if this wasn't a Marvel film, but with the extended universe thing they're doing it just seems like an excuse for some fan service and not really doing anything to play by the rules they've set.

    I'm going to stop typing this as I'm getting lazy and this is an old video so this comment will probably just sit long forgotten, but those are just a few of my poorly constructed thoughts about it.

    Love your reviews and find your videos both well though out, funny and entertaining (not just in a funny way I guess?). Will be sure to get around to watching Lover sometime.

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    Holy shit Ralph used 34 Ghosts IV by Nine inch Nails in the background, for some reading this comment, the instrumental song would become the sample for old town road

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