Captain America: Civil War Re-enactors

Captain America: Civil War Re-enactors

♪ [music] ♪ Chad: Team Iron Man!
Wha-what! We got Vision.
We got Black Panther. We got Black Widow. We got War Machine. This man doesn’t
need an introduction– Oh my God, I just fell asleep listening
to all of that boring bullshit. Welcome to Team Cap. We got Bucky. We got the Scarlet Witch. We got Falcon. We got Ant Man. And we got Hawkeye. And that’s a real fucking
team my friend. Look at these
bad asses. ♪ [music] ♪ Chad: My name is Chad Winters,
and I’ve been doing this for years. Why don’t we just
sit down sweetie. Why don’t we just sit down
and face the camera. There we go.
Okay. Let’s just do that. [she giggles] I actually started when the original
comic book saga came out, let me just stick that down here, and back then no one had really
seen like a living depiction of the battle. And then when Captain America: Civil War
came out, it was you know, very popular and it
was a lot easier to meet people who were interested in a hobby,
if you want to call it, it’s not that of course, it’s more of a
lifestyle, but people still want to keep saying that word.
You know what? I’m not going to talk about that, because, [sighs] that stirs up a lot in me, and I don’t… just give me a second. My name is Chad Winters, and
I’m a proud Civil War reenactor. Spiderman: Keep calm. Angus: It’s summer time. We’re busy.
Long hours. Like I always tell people, if you can’t be at a pool,
the next best place to be is a pool supply store, or I guess a lake. Angus: This is pretty much
your standard pool noodle. A lot of people don’t know it,
but if you buy two, you don’t have to get any life vests
for your pool. This thing is pretty much just
as good as a life… [crashing sound] Angus: When I first started,
I was doing Civil War reenactments, like North versus
South Civil War. Then I realized, I can be Captain America, not just Captain North
or Captain South. Plus, I do share the
views of the South. My name is Angus Gentry, and I’m a Civil War reenactor. ♪ [music] ♪ [yawns] ♪ [music continues] ♪ Parker: First rule of battle, always protect yourself.
Wear sunscreen. Jenni: Okay, here we are.
It’s bright an early. We’re recreating the famous
battle of the airport. Today this is going to be
reenacting the initial assault, and this is Falcon swooping
down, twist kicking– Uh, I’m sorry…
oh, are you okay? No. I’m good.
I’m good. I’m good. Do you need any ice? No-no-no. I’m okay. Okay. He’s okay. Ronnie: I’m not as crazy into
reenacting like some of these other folks are, who do it all the time. I just do it like 3
or 4 times a week. Chad: I would say, experiencing
the movie is fine, but to literally experience
the thing that the movie is based on, it just, it makes you… it makes you feel like a hero… sorry. [he weeps] For algae control, this one,
it’s less toxic, and it lasts longer. And actually in Rio, they’re
using this for the Olympics. It’s supposed to
kill the Zika virus. Is this a gift?
Do you want me to wrap it up? Angus: Chad and I have been
co-workers here at Pool Party for 4 years now. You can go with silicone, or you can go with latex. If it was up to me, I would go with Latex.
I feel like it just feels better. You know? Chad: Okay. Angus: I wish we made a
sheep skinned one, but it’s not the 70s,
you know? Angus: When I first found out
that he was a reenactor as well, it was amazing, but yeah, lately things have changed. Angus: That doesn’t look like
the Mark 46 Bleeding Edge Armor to me. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say your
outfit is exactly canon either. You know, if I didn’t have to buy
all the drinks in the Shawarma today, on top of my daughter’s bracelets,
maybe I could afford an upgrade. Yeah, I know Chad’s
got a family, but I don’t have time
for distractions. You know? Look, if that’s what you
want to wear, it’s fine. Do you know what? Sometimes, I
want to punch you in your perfect teeth. Do it. Woof! Woof! Woof! Chad: Yeah, I’m not going
to lie, this uh, this particular battle
is taking its toll. Angus: …We’ve got Ant Man, and
we’ve got Hawkeye, and that’s a real Angus: fucking team my friend.
Look at these bad asses. We’re going to
fuck your shit up. I’m going to put Ant Man on
one of Hawkeye’s bows. Then he’s going to put it on
to his arrow. Shoot him in to your suit, and then Ant Man is going to
get all up in to your dick hole like one of those Thai parasites you
get when you go swimming in the Amazon. You’re going to try to
make that Ant Man? Ant Man’s small. How are
you going to do that? I’ve got my imagination
you piece of shit. Chad: Oh, bullshit. Nobody
uses an imagination. You’ve got to make it real. Yeah, well, your wife has been
up front honking her horn for the last five minutes. [car horn honking] One of the tricky things is
depicting Ant Man’s ant leg size. So, I find a lot of these big
pencils. Anything that’s bigger than what it would normally
be, makes me look good. And so um, in order to accurately
depict him riding an arrow We do a forced perspective
thing, where I’m really far away from that arrow. Pete: If you look at it
through forced perspective– Pete: See? It gives it scale.
It makes it that much more real. Uh! Ow! Zack: The story of T’Challa,
the Black Panther has always inspired me. Dr. Jessica: Don’t (Giggling). Zack: A lot of people say like, “Hey, you shouldn’t be Black
Panther. It’s not accurate, or it’s white washing,”
but I identify as black so it’s not white washing for me. Ronnie: I’m almost at a 100% for
my Falcon costume. I just need the wings. Some people say that’s the
most important part of the costume. I think it’s the heart,
but the wings do help. So, I’m saving up for that, but
you know, I get a couple of more battles under my belt, and a couple
of more extra hours in, I’ll have wings. Dr. Jessica: I mean, we do strive
for accuracy. Every costume. Every weapon. It should be
precisely or as close to what the character was using
in this or that battle. [electrical charging sound] To call us fans, that’s kind
of insulting you know. My granddad was an Iron Man.
My dad was an Iron Man. My sweet little daughter is going
to be an innocent bystander this year, and then in the next year,
she’s going to be a Shield agent, and then in a few years, what
am I going to give you? The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet. Daddy, can I
have a cookie? Yeah. Laney: Our daughter loves it.
She loves doing it with him. It’s just this little,
this little piece right here. Yeah.
Here. Thank you. Sorry.
Sorry about this. Laney: I support chad 100%
with this Avengers thing. Um, it’s not my cup of tea. I actually do these Nancy
Meyers’ movies reenactment. I’m doing The
Intern right now. Hi, Jules. I’m Ben,
your new intern. I’m glad you also
see the humor in this. It would be hard not to. Laney: I’m partial to
Something’s Got to Give. I’d love to have
Diane Keaton’s problems. She doesn’t have any. This isn’t really about that. Oh. ♪ [music] ♪ Tom: You know, everybody likes pools.
I mean, if you don’t like swimming pools, you’ve got no
business in my store. Tom: Chad and Angus
are a great team, but it’s been tough to watch them butt
heads over the past year. Chad: I’ve had this discussion
with you forever and ever. What’s this? This is for sand.
This is for beach. What are these for?
This is for the pool. This is a different section. Why is it just
one thing? Chad: Because people want to go,
“I want pool stuff,” so they go here. They want beach stuff,
they go there. Angus: When my family goes to
the beach when can bring anything. Angus: When we’re at the pool–
Chad: Okay, do you think you this is
taken to the beach? Angus: Yes. Chad: This is going to be
washed in the ocean. Angus: No it would not.
Not if a kid is holding it. What do you call
this piece of shit? How many times…do you think
that’s blown up or something– Fuck you! Angus: Okay! Okay!
Chad! Chad! Chad! Time! I want them to get along.
I really do, but I also admire Chad’s respect for
pool regulations. It’s important to
follow the rules. The Avengers have a General
Ross. We got a General Manager. I-I don’t know
who that is. So, this took a lot of work, and
I can only afford one arm right now, because my daughter needs
school supplies, but the goal is to have a whole
suit of this, and– [parts clang against the floor] Angus: Oh, what are these doing
over here. These are for the beach. These aren’t for the pools. Oh yeah Chad. Well, you’ve
got a real stick up your ass. Angus: One arm goes up,
and one arm hits the ground. Chad: Well, that’s what I’ve been–
Stop dude! Well, I just care
about the rules. Yeah, that’s your problem.
You don’t have any fun, you fucking dick. What’s your problem? Just put your hand down– Get off dude! What the fuck is
your problem? What the fuck is my problem?
You can’t tell me what to do. Chad, you’re doing
it wrong. I’m not doing it wrong.
Why are you watching me? Why don’t you focus
on your own shit? Because I know that
I’m doing it 100% perfectly. Chad: Oh really?
Angus: Yes. Are you watching playback? Everything okay here? Okay. Cross Bones. This is
the airport battle. What are you doing here? You’re in the wrong place.
That’s the wrong story. Are you serious man?
I just drove out from– Get out! Get out! Jenni: Yeah, there’s been some
tension out on the battlefield lately. I think they’re taking it
a little to seriously. I’m a mom and I don’t
like what I see. ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ [music continues] ♪ ♪ [music fades out] ♪ [light applause heard] Angus: I guess the beef between
Chad and I really came about, because we both have
very firm beliefs– That’s true. –not unlike the beef
between Cap and Tony. Angus: I guess what I’ve
learned is that it’s not about choosing a side, but more
about understanding each side. Chad: Yeah, and that
understanding, it doesn’t happen on a screen. It’s a
live experience– Angus: You’ve gotta feel it. –yeah, and you’e gotta feel it. And when you see us reenact
it, you can see on people’s faces they have that
understanding immediately. Look, does it come at a cost?
Yes, of course. Chad: Battles leave wounds.
They leave scars, but scars can be beautiful, and it shows how
strong you are when you come out on the other side. I mean, I’m paraphrasing Tony of course,
but…actually, maybe that’s Demi Lovato. Yeah, that’s a Demi Lovato quote. She’s a sage. Yeah, I love her. ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ [music fades out] ♪ Laney: Don’t feel like you have to dress up. I’m very comfortable in a suit. Old school. ♪ [music] ♪


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    Seve Hynes30

    I like how they say they take this a little too seriously but yet they got the arm wrong for winter soldier his left arm should be the metal one, not his right one

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    Rohan Srivastava

    Lol samshit is still trying to make flexible displays and here they've already made a flexible Captain America shields

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    Michael Walter

    folks do larping like this in real grown ass folks but if you love it and it keeps you off drugs or in gangs then suport you all

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