Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2, 10 steps BEHIND THE SCENES kid deadpool | SuperHeroKids BTS 5

#1 Write shot list There are over 90 shots in the 2 minute trailer! #2 Find actors We met the actor that played Black Panther online. #3 Costumes and props We order most of our costumes from Amazon. Dad made some of the props. #4 Find locations Most of the scenes were filmed at the same park. #5 Set filming dates It took us 4 whole days to film the trailer remake! Most superhero kids videos are shot in only one! #6 Start filming Get to locations with Actors, costumes, and props Annie vlogged filming the trailer on her channel. Cute! The costumes were hot but we toughed out the brutal Texas heat. You all are looking really tough Mom does a lot behind the scenes. Why don’t we look at the trailer? #7 Plan choreography You guys want to watch it? Let’s watch it real quick? Every shot from the trailer was matched almost exactly. It’s really fast though so it’s hard to get. How does that get internet out here? It doesn’t, I downloaded the video. Oh wow, that’s smart of you. We had to watch the trailer a million times. Okay watch, pull get down grab, grab, bang Okay So you just have the pistol, you are not grabbing her arm. The fight choreography was also matched exactly to the trailer. He swipes like that to try to hit him and you are going to block him with two hands like that Don’t actually hit him hard. Yeah like that. Kick him with that leg. Step and kick Other leg I can use the karate I’ve learned for this. All you’re doing is swivel bam. And you are just going to take it. That’s all you’re doing. Just stumble back a little bit. Quiet on set. Rolling and action #8 Film every shot on the list And there were a lot of shots! #9 Rought edit the footage We had missed two shots. Oops! #9.5 Film any missed shots #10 Complete final editing and upload! Bye! Eden what are you doing? I’m not going down there! Not today, not today! Alright cool! Everyone here is Felicia now.

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