Cardboard Citizens

Cardboard Citizens

[Music Playing] [SINGING] Female Speaker: Cardboard Citizens has been
around for about 20 years and we work exclusively with homeless people. We have different strands
to our work and this project right now is one of those strands, working particularly
with young people who are homeless and need some education, employment or training. Female Speaker: Yeah, it’s really fun, really
exciting, yeah it’s really nervous as well because I haven’t done that activity before
in my life, so it’s really scary. Male Speaker: It’s important ‘cause it
takes us away from our comfort zone and it brings us into a new world which some of us
are not really used to and it’s a really good experience. As I’m off college, I wouldn’t
be doing anything but it has given me something productive to do and gave me a reason to wake
up in the morning. Female Speaker: To be confident, to be fun,
happy and I think that if there’s more things like this, then more people can come along
and young people can act because there’s not a lot of things for the young people nowadays,
and so that’s what makes them get into doing nothing. So if there are things like this
that people can do then it motivates them to like do something with their life, they
get more motivated so they want to do a bit more rather when they do this then they want
to do more and then they become someone. [SINGING] Male Speaker: Because they are drug addicts…. Male Speaker: Because they’re… Female Speaker: Because they’re… Female Speaker: Because they think that they’re
bad. Male Speaker: Really, Johnny had it hard he
had to struggle to survive. Told the truth up in the dock but they thought it was all
lies, it would have never happened if he did something with his life and now his record
stained and will stay that way for life. Johnny thought that he was bad out hyping with the
knife it turned on him and caused his family suffering pain and strife. Male Speaker: Last night everyone said it
blew them away and it had them in tears nearly, so I’m pleased with how it’s gone. There
is a sense of pride every time that spotlight is on you, you know and by obviously the costumes
were in that sort of thing. But it’s really good and I enjoyed it. Female Speaker: The buzz is just amazing,
it’s more because the audience are coming with you and then they’re like kind of like
clapping and you know, I don’t know it’s just… it’s weird it’s strange but it’s
fun. Male Speaker: I think there were many benefits
there’s the obvious one where they receive a pre entry level qualification that can help
them move on to further learning and access courses. But actually what we’re really
seeing are the softer outcomes which are things like people who haven’t managed to get out
of bed on time for a long time, getting into a routine, coming to rehearsals each day and
engaging positively with their peers. We look at… see behaviours change over the time
they engage with us. People might be quite aggressive when they come to us and at the
end of the five week process, they’re kind of addressing that they’ve start to understand
themselves a bit more as to why they’re behaving in that way and they’re ready to
finally take further steps to address that. So there’s lots of different outcomes but
essentially, related to Act Now, last year 224 young people engaged on workshops, 65
of them went on to education training and employment, that’s a really good outcome
for us. Male Speaker: After this I’m hopefully going
to the National Youth Theatre to do their playing up to and after that I will be going
to university to study drama. Female Speaker: I hope something comes out
of it, yeah, maybe Eastenders one day. [SINGING] [Music Playing]


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