Carl Sagan on Life in the Universe – The Planetary Society

Carl Sagan on Life in the Universe – The Planetary Society

In this vast and awesome universe, is our
solar system unique? Are there other worlds like the Earth? Graced by life? Here
DNA molecules have evolved into beings that grow and fly and swim and one
species that is reaching for the stars. Are there other worlds inhabited by
thinking beings? In our own galaxy the stars are very far
apart, but radio waves can cross space at the speed of light. Humans have constructed radio telescopes that can listen for the signals of other
civilizations. We could detect our counterparts over immense interstellar
distances. A search through all the sky at all frequencies would take a great
deal of patience and a great deal of time, but the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence would be among the most important discoveries
ever made. The Planetary Society is funding research to help make this
discovery, if it is possible.


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    This is pretty nice and all, but why on earth are all these videos less than 1 minute long? I don't think I'd click on a vid less than a minute long, which contains information I've already seen in the original Cosmos.

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