Best Car for Big Families, the Buick Enclave, Family Car Review Best Car for Big Families, the Buick Enclave, Family Car Review

if you want that sense of peace and calm
to carry you from your morning yoga routine all the way through afternoon
carpool the buick enclave might just be the
perfect car for your family the 2014 buick enclave has a starting
price of thirty eight thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars and an
overall 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration this best car for big families most room for for child
safety seats and can transport up to eight people at a time yeah the Enclave has been quiet tuned to keep
outside chaotic noises to a bare minimum triple seal doors and acoustic laminated
glass help keep the interior pretty quiet with the exception of the kids in the
backseat of course captains chairs in the second row make access to the third
row super simple even if you have a child
safety seats installed here just imagine no more kids trying to
climb over the seats with muddy shoes of course if your family needs the extra
seating capacity you can opt for a bench see the buick enclave combines an open
and airy interior like a mini van along with a more stylish package like a
crossover so even the most style-conscious parents
won’t be hiding behind oversized shades driving this one around town chilly mornings are a thing of the past
in the Enclave a standard remote start system allows you to start the car
heated up or cool it down from the comfort of your home or your favorite
coffee shop the Enclave is one of the first cars
with the center airbag in the front row to help keep the driver and front
passenger protected from one another in the event of the side impact crash for more information on the buick
enclave our best car for big families visit us at / family

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