CASE PROCESSING TIMES: U.S. Citizen Sponsoring Immediate Relatives, Green Card [2018]

CASE PROCESSING TIMES: U.S. Citizen Sponsoring Immediate Relatives, Green Card [2018]

hi friends welcome to another immigration 101 video where I’m going to explore the question how long will my green card petition take stay tuned hi again friends thanks again for subscribing to my youtube channel I want to tell you that this is now the time for you to subscribe to this channel because so much is going on in the world of immigration right and so this channel provides you with weekly updates about changes in our immigration system our laws our policies as well as teachings such as the one that I’m gonna do in this video about various green card issues citizenship issues and some other things so hit that subscribe button right now here’s the question that I’m exploring in this video and by the way this is not a question that I could just answer in one video this is going to be a series okay a series on case processing times because I get asked so very frequently either on YouTube through your comments or Facebook or from folks call in my office folks wonder 1 tend to know how long will their green card petition process take and so I’m gonna break it down for you in this video let’s talk only about a US citizen petitioner okay so as you know you smart immigration people a US citizen can petition for his or her spouse parent child of any age and marital status and also sibling brother and sister let’s take a look specifically at a US citizen who petitions for either the parent the child who’s under the age of 21 and unmarried or the spouse so those people are considered the immediate relatives of a US citizen so what is the process in time as you guys know immediate relatives are they they basically have the highest priority right to our government as far as the green card process goes there at the very top of the list so their wait time for approval is not typically as long as those who go through our family based system here’s what we’re looking at now first of all you need to know that case process and times have slowed down because lots of petitions and applications have been filled coming in right from people who are very scared and worried about their immigration status and so they’ve been there are more violence so processing times have slowed down a bit but the point is that if a US citizen is petitioning for an immediate relative we’ve got to first look at where that petition will be processed at for example if you’re here on the East Coast I’m in New York right the petitions the i-130 petition would go up to the vermont processing center and so vermont processing center is now reporting on x’ website that they’re processing time for the i-130 petition for u.s. citizens sponsoring an immediate relative that process and time is five to seven months and so they are as of the filming of this video they are up to petitions that were received as of February 21st 2018 so that’s not really a very long wait time right but the time does get a bit longer if those individuals are going through the adjustment of status process and in one step process to a green card those people obviously face a somewhat of a longer wait time right I’m not talking about the processing of adjustment of status in this video I’m only talking about the i-130 family petition and USCIS is reporting that it will only take five to seven months of processing time at the Vermont Center now let’s look at the other centers around the country Texas for example Texas it takes about six point five to eight months for that petition to be approved they are now up to January 20th 2018 Potomac for those who are in the virgin area those petitions take a bit longer 9.5 months to 12 months nebraska seven months to nine point five months so that’s the note this is the normal processing time case processing time now if you find that your i-130 petition has been pending longer than those processing times that are being reported by the government you can actually submit a request to the government and let them know that your petition has been pending outside of the normal processing time and therefore they need to look into it and give you an explanation as to why it’s taken so long and also give you an opportunity to cure the problem if there’s additional evidence that you’ll need to submit I hope this was helpful in upcoming videos I’m going to talk about case processing times for US citizens who are petitioning for an adult child or a brother and sister I’ll also talk about case processing times for green card holders as well as usual guys subscribe comment below and I will see you in the next video bye bye [Music]


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