Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood’s Anniversary Plans | E! People’s Choice Awards

Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood’s Anniversary Plans | E! People’s Choice Awards

-You’re nominated. How does that feel? -I mean, it’s an honor. These things are so much fun, but at the end of the day, I mean, I went on the show and I came off finding what I was
looking for. -Aww, isn’t that the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard? -But we’re so excited. -Okay, so if you win tonight, how are you guys gonna
celebrate? -Ooh. Well — -I haven’t even thought — Oh. -Our anniversary’s next week, so we might just, you know — -Do we have any anniversary plans? -I’m surprising her with a little trip. -He’s not telling me where yet. -Yeah. -So I’m a little stressed about it. -So we’re just gonna get away for a few days and really just
sort of chill. -That’s amazing. That sounds splendid. So what’s next for you guys? I know that you want to take your relationship at your own
pace and you’re just moving slow. What are we gonna see next? -You know, I mean, the holidays are coming up, so I guess
we’re just excited to spend time with each other and family. And we don’t have any concrete plans with anything yet,
but… -No plans to move in yet together? -We talk about it. There’s just no date set. -Yeah, I think we’re still really building the foundation
for our relationship. I mean, we both talk about it. We get to spend the rest of our lives with each other,
hopefully, so, you know, there’s no need to rush anything right now. -Yeah, this is so nice because, I mean, we’ve already had so
many splits recently from “Paradise.” Have you heard from any of them or given any advice or well
wishes? -I mean, I think their relationships are kind of just like
anybody else’s. You know, it works or doesn’t work. And, I mean, they gave it the best shot they could, and hopefully in the end they’re just happy with whatever
happens. -You know, I think it’s important that, you know, you do
take things at your own pace. I know for us coming off the show, there was a lot of
pressure from just everything going on, whether it was the media or the fans or whatnot. And it’s just really important to remain confident in, you
know, your connection with your partner. But, yeah, being in this world, you definitely sympathize, and you never want to be too harsh on it because it is a
tough thing to navigate. -Yeah, you’re both in the spotlight. How do you deal with the pressure? And I’m sure your families, you know, ask you questions all
the time, too. How do you deal with all of that? -I mean, it’s definitely been an adjustment, but I think more than anything we’ve learned to kind of keep
an open line of communication between each other and our families and just — It’s been a learning process of learning to balance
everything, for sure. -Yeah. -And you mentioned the holidays. Have your families met each other? Does everyone get along? How is that? -Yeah, no, we’ve all hung out before, and everyone gets
along, so… -Yeah. -There’ll be more of that. -We have very similar families. I mean, we both have sort of big families. We’re both very close with our families. So, you know, anytime they get together, it’s gonna be even
bigger and better. So, yeah, they get to hang out — not enough, but, you know,
they have before. -What’s a typical date night for Colton and Cassie? -Well, it probably involves me cooking. -Okay, you always say you cook, but I have started to cook
more, okay? -She has started to cook more. She has. But honestly, we love the simple moments. We love hanging out, you know, staying in our pajamas,
cooking, staying in, watching a movie, watching a TV show. -Very different than this. [ Laughs ] -Very different than this. -We like both. -You have to have these kind of nights, too. -It’s balance. It’s all about balance. -And I know you’re really close with Caelynn. Do you guys ever double-date with Dean and Caelynn? -We haven’t yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the van
still. I still need to do that. -You haven’t seen it yet. -No, I haven’t. Everyone’s been gone and traveling and doing
their thing. -They’ve been in the van in another state this whole time. -Who knows where they are?


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