Chatting with People on the Dark Web

Chatting with People on the Dark Web

so there’s a good chance that you’ve
seen videos on YouTube from creepypasta or chills talking about the top 10 most
scary disturbing horrific Deep Web stories out there you’ve probably seen
those mystery box videos I bought a mystery box for a thousand dollars off
the Deep Web when you venture into the deep end of the Deep Web you run into
many mysterious individuals I wasn’t careful enough on the Deep Web for 15
days I have had food or water and I’ve been using a VPN quick little insider
info it’s all bullshit it’s fake all those videos are fake because a first
off the Deep Web isn’t all that scary of a place a lot of people use the Deep Web
there’s more of the Deep Web than there is regular web on the entire Internet
the thing is fear sells everybody makes scary videos or horrific things that
happen Fox 2 News CNN does it but the truth is the Deep Web isn’t really all
that scary I will be going on the Deep Web today with very minimal protection
just a VPN literally that’s all talking to people in chat rooms about
how they’ve been and who they are they’re probably regular people just
like me and you are and all those are those scary red-room videos are 90% of
them are fake honestly I don’t doubt that there is some real ones but let’s
go find out if there’s any real scary people out there or if they’re all cool
like me and you so this is poor so you basically can’t access any deep web
links on a regular browser like Chrome or Firefox right here I can choose any
country city or state to go to so right now let’s say I want to be in Texas
we’ll go to Texas press on in Texas connected let’s get it I have a couple
of links right here to chat rooms that I can talk to people that are completely
random and group chats are just regular so the first site is literally just
chatting with strangers you just press random chat and you’re gonna be
connected to a random person okay someone answered hey dude I said hi that
was that’s quick this person might be pretty cool see what happens hey tell me
something cool about yourself do you know what no-fat is asking to be jax off
no that’s fucking why just do it do it are you on no felt normal
hey to fun guys you know in the USA you’re in Seattle waiting I saw somebody
joins it go to a group chat here my nickname on this one is gonna be lucid
because you know lucid lucid 19 am I gonna buy exactly backwards lucid
backwards you loose it backwards d IC ul Dickel so these guys are dropping links
now this is where shit gets scary literally right now I’m not joking I’m
not click baiting I’m not just making a fake contact if I click on this link and
it is a illegal link I’m not gonna say the word but if this link has a certain
kind of beyond there I can literally get busted my door down and go to jail right
now so it’s extremely I’m not gonna click on liberal Alex let the chit oh
shit That’s not me bro cool yup is that the
girl you sent me pics of a while back hey go for the channel oh my god
you’re the debuff is actually getting scary scared at the grace a fixative are
bad cool any links for some pics dude you made with her you share show more
very nice I explained earlier both in regards to most children doing things to
appease adult figures even without understanding the full grasp of their
decisions oh my god you have redirected it quite a few times during this back
and forth which is not which is a typical trainer son who is unable to
make a valid argument and three you stated your bias doesn’t come from love
it doesn’t come from dog so I’m going to do what you have done to others quite a
few times during this conversation that time is 54 I’m going to put you on
ignore big father oh that was that was anti-climatic I am I’m gay 400 400 tuned
off I’m HD on day 4 nerd like 43 I think but I’m almost at 100 for sure it’s 494
nice work man monday 402 no fat what’s up like a whore right now talking
to two guys that look like gonna have to block that out the video I’ll put it in
the I was in it hi IND question mark does it mean and
Neptune big dick yeah it is are you enough toons dick doesn’t ask
and tell no no I’m not tell him no yeah he said this is a place full of then I’m
gonna suggest if you’re under 13 please don’t come here ah boss’s ass up oh he
was talking to a YouTube video he was saying it 413 don’t come here ever know
who might see it oh that’s true what a good guy is guys this close bro but I go
bro say yes of course don’t go he’s seen them don’t come over
I my name is dropping my head just real quick I yeah all right cool phone number
first address oh I know social security number
oh I got you like you know the last for my mom’s maiden name right yeah I got
you I said what is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on the Deep Web he said
a body getting some parts chopped off ear and hand Oh flesh were shown to they
were lying and they weren’t lying I was wrong this guy’s like a straight-up pedo
all right you stole my tree plug in contact he might be plugging me into a
Jessa thanks so this guy is typing right now but it seems like he’s doing the
same thing that I’m doing he’s literally just using a VPN and I told him if he s
if he uses anything like tails or piggybacking because I PE even more
secure but he said it doesn’t really matter
there’s no visit suspicious sites also please don’t leave for a few minutes I’m
gonna find you a very very nice chat room you gonna send me a link to a very nice
check see the problem is that I don’t like to press on links from people on
the Deep Web especially like people are all was Anthony yeah tell them you’ll
pass on that so right now I’m not sure if this guy that I’m talking to is a
pedo or he’s cool or he just finds interested looking at scary things but
in my eyes I see him as like a weird-ass dude he just send me a link right now
look these guys can help you with what you’re looking for proof that this isn’t
such a bad place you just sent me a dunya link I’m gonna press on it cuz I’m
an idiot and we’ll see where it takes me he said
so this is a hacker forum okay verify you’re a human a nine to six no this guy
is really really cool honestly let’s see what’s on this cryptography and malware
operating system social engineering denial-of-service DDoS attack let’s see
something some DDoS tools it looks pretty cool possible the strong UDP or I
saw in a flood script how do i DDoS my ex-friend without raising any suspicions
how do you avoid DDoS my ex-friend oops DDoS it’s denial of service attack so
basically a bunch of computers that are all under one big botnet army sent like
a shit ton of files to one certain router or computer and it basically
clogs in a budget for our set amount of time so that’s how I’m like that sound
like the the hacking team Anonymous like takes off websites and shit that’s how
they do it because they have like the biggest team in the world and they just
flat a site so he just sent me a link to a digital theft store use your html5
Kansas data images may be used to uniquely identify your computer don’t
allow that was fucking scary I said where does that leave me – he goes ask
me any questions just email me Astro and protonmail calm protonmail calm that
seems like a deep web email that basically you can’t get tracked off of
that’s what drug lords used to eat my each other so that they can’t be tracked
off of like Gmail or Yahoo or something like that
PayPal guy from A to Z but I’ll see as rights types ebooks botnets database 650
emails plus passwords guns maybe Wow okay 50 caliber construction like how to
build one there’s flu prints on how to build guns bazooka bro
how to build your own oh my god these are like homemade guns so honestly I was
kind of skeptical at first of clicking a link that when a person sends me in a
chat because it could be very well extremely illegal and put me in jail but
I just took a chance and I pressed on it anyways you guys shouldn’t do that you
guys should just don’t do anything that I’m doing alright so the guy just
dropped me three links he said the viewers are probably want to see someone
legal stuff and you just dropped me these two things so I’m better open them
right now it takes some time to load so right here is the rent to hackers site
you guys have probably seen this before I’ve heard that it’s fake but according
to him it looks like it’s kind of real you can hire a hacker to do a small jobs
medium or even large jobs that go up to like 900 euros so that’s over like a
thousand US dollars Wow so you can hire this guy to do anything for you
literally so these are UK guns and ammo stores only 3 P 99 and 2 Glock 19 is
left to do and unused guns I guess you can buy for 500 Great British crowns
pounds right here is dope yeah so you can straight up just buy weed right here
80 euros so that’s gonna be the more like $100 for 10 grams of bubblegum and
I pretty sure they send you things like this not in like a regular package they
like hide it inside of like a box that has like a fake camera box like a fake
shoebox or something just to hide it but you just send me the link to three new
sites right now so this is a gun market called BMG I says watch out for clone
sites they can steal your Bitcoin and I kind of expected that delivery to the US
is four to seven days all guns are brand new and a hundred percent gun oil free
it clears customs without any issues handing them they’re taken apart and
shipped inside power tool he said 9 out of 10 things are a scam and I believed
him because if you said any payment via Bitcoin there’s no way that you can
track that Bitcoin there’s no way that you can verify that you paid him money
how do you arrest or get the person that is scammed you’re in trouble since it’s
all anonymous we all know the Deep Web has stuff like fake IDs fake passports
drugs hitman guns anything you can think of literally that you can buy on the
streets you can buy on the Deep Web it’s like the Internet of the hood people
aren’t nearly as bad as they say they are on videos like creepypasta and
chills I kind of feel like they Bluff their stories up a little bit to get
more views and obviously clickbait people like you and me so people on here
aren’t nearly as bad as you think they are but the Deep Web does have some bad
things to offer hopefully you guys stay safe if you ever do go on here I’ll add
more debug videos coming soon if you guys want to see more weird
conspiracy like videos on the deep web of me exposing myself and my security to
make a funny content for you guys to watch then I will do that as well thank
you guys watching this video my name is Alex or lucid please subscribe see you


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    Writing this comment while this video is at 68K views. Before it blows up. I wanted to let you know I absolutely love the fuck out of you, I can't handle all of the love, over 1K subs today. This is surreal I'm probably not going to sleep tonight but anyways, thank you 🙂

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    you’re actually a dumbass talking like a newbie in chat rooms .-. you finna get ddosed or worse man 🤣 ima just wait

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    Ashley Kitchings

    Dead ass people who dont think that the dark web is a real thing and that people arent capable of the horrible things in some of those stories are living a lie. People do some scary shit man. Sure some stuff is fake but omg i would never try this its so scary 😵

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    You want a story?

    "Some people play God. There are many paths to take. There is no harm in taking the right path. The straight one. The straightest."

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    joe_ mamma84

    You obviously dont know shit about the deep web so dont say that its fake and chills wasn't exaggerating and he wasn't clickbaiting

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    You won't go to jail if you click on illegal stuff. First of all the agencies don't have the desire nor the manpower to track ever single site out of millions/billions. And even if they did there is no way they can actually find you.

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    _tmi_ tbh

    Thinking about it you signed your privacy away when you decided to buy that tv you always wanted people might be observing you :p

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    It's true Me and my friend go into the deep web like all the time.. well not all the time but sometimes.. idk why were curious

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    0:50 well now since almost everyone and their mother knows about it it's more under controlled and several white hat hackers have taken down the nasty sites. But back then when only real computer users went on it it was not hard to come across hardcandy, fourms about rape, fourms about executions, and you would see fucked up stuff being sold on silky road and fucked shit like that. Now it's mostly just where teens go buy drugs, read banned books, learn hacking and chatrooms for countries with corrupt government

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    Dominic Swinton

    very minimal protection… yes… even less minimal than tor with no vpn because it's safer to use it without one… wow some actual legit websites unlike your later video

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    Real shit is going on the sites that you cant easily access with link there you will fucked up, on the normal sites on deepweb they are illegal but its not hardcore.

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    Blood Spoke

    there’s a shit ton of child porn it’s fucking disgusting they have the videos on the pc which i don’t have

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    Raiden Perkinson

    Using a VPN is really damn pointless if you are projecting what you are doing to the entire damn world on YouTube

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    The Observers

    When I was a kid, someone once showed me Gore, I was like addicted for some reason……

    And one thing Anonymous isn't a Team

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    dj ango

    fortunately for me, I've really come to view this pro-hackers from the darkweb.E-mail-cyberhacks26 ATgmailcom or text +1(908) 287-1857. as the best because on what they did for me. absolute professional in dealing with any hacking related issues.

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    Eric Lopez

    proton mail is not a specific dark web thing. Anyone can go over to that site and sign-up for a free email address.

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    Martin Desrocher

    finally someone who does not make stupid fake BS video like all those idiots that say i bought a 10 000$ mystery box from the deep web. and they obviously fill a box with a kid"s lunch box and all kinds of weird stuff,a torn kid shirt aknife wrap in 6 inches of rags a hair piece etc and try to make people think that its probably a kid who was kidnapped and they pretty much do all the same BS…i left negative comments on a bunch of em calling out their bluff and people are dumb as fuck they all like and its like people believe any BS just because its on you tube ! you seem genuine at least and i"m a pretty good BS detector and there is too much on Y T and most are like thank you that was so informative, keep it up i learn new stuff all the time with you guys…
    You know what i found out? COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON ANYMORE ! stay real Lucid !

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    OG Ballout

    Yeah there is a group chat called yellow money or bannaa money forgot what it called but they bid for parts to be cut off and etc

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    Attack On Titan Full Videos

    the stories might be fake but their entertaining to listen to and imagine while playing gta or fortnite or strucid

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    i like this its very informative i do not know anything about computers so i would never go on here but good to know

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