Chris Evans & the “Captain America: Civil War” Cast Play “Superhero Would You Rather?”

– (laughter) That was so awful. Sometimes I wish I could just disappear. (upbeat music) – To be honest, it looks
like I’m wearing both for the rest of my life. – I’d go with the tights. That cape’s just got to be annoying. – I have great thighs so I would rather wear tights. – Tights, easily. Tights are very comfortable,
it’s like second skin. – Well that’s you, I’ll take the cape. (upbeat music) – Black Widow. Oh, I don’t even know what
the rest of the question was, but if I get to choose
having to deal with somebody, it’s Black Widow. – I’m taking both, because
the more the merrier. – I think they both would be great. – I think I would bring Black Widow home. She’d probably be easier to explain. (upbeat music) – I don’t know. Are those all euphemisms
for what’s gonna happen? – I know right. – (laughter) I gotta say Wolverine’s claws because the other one doesn’t sound right. – Oh god. – I’d rather be tickled
by Wolverine’s claws. I don’t want no other man
rubbing me with his hammer. – Tickled with Wolverine’s claws, if he hadn’t had caffeine that day. (upbeat music) – I like to travel so
I think I’d like to go and check out Asgard. – Stark Tower. – Stark Tower it’s like
the pent house life. – Stark Tower? – Harlem, oh, Stark Tower. (upbeat music) – Well Ant-Man because
I feel like Spider-Man, in our film anyways, is so
young that would be creepy. – Man, that’s tough. Ant-Man, at least he can drink. (upbeat music) – I would rather be stuck on
a deserted island with Vision, because I just love purple. – Scarlet Witch, she can do
that stuff and like catch fish. Zing. Bonzino. – I’m gonna say the Vision just cause he might be able
to fly me out of there. (upbeat music) – The Hulk because the Hulk
can bust out of anything. – Loki because I’d get really
claustrophobic with the Hulk. – I don’t think he would fit. He probably wears a lot of cologne anyway. – The Hulk? – No, Loki. – Loki. Elevator with the Hulk you’re almost guaranteed to die. (upbeat music) – I would rather be invisible. I think you have a lot of opportunities to get into mischief. – I think being invisible
might be a lot of fun. – I’ll go invisible because there’s times in my
life I wish I were invisible. (laughter) That was so awful. Sometimes I wish I could just disappear. (upbeat music) – So I could see through anything? – [Voiceover] Yes. – Yes, that one. – X-ray vision, it’s gonna
be boring in an hour. – I would rather have x-ray vision – I would rather have super speed. But are we talking about the drug or? I know what you meant. I’ll still take the drugs. (upbeat music) – It’s hard to judge, man. I would rather be on team Iron Man. – I’m gonna say team Cap. – I would rather be on team Cap. – Black Widow’s on team
Iron Man, so let’s do it.

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