Christine Callender, Realtor, Oakwood Enclave New Build

Christine Callender, Realtor, Oakwood Enclave New Build

Hi! My name is Christine Callender and I’m with EXIT Realty Pikes Peak, and today I am at Banning Lewis Ranch And right now I’m standing in front of the brand new Enclave collection that has just been released It’s one of the newest collections from Oakwood Builders, and I just want to show you around a little bit I have a client who is currently building in here really excited. They are Building the Viceroy so right in front of me here This first model that we have is called the Westin, and Oakwood homes In the Enclave collection are beginning in the mid $400’s So this one is the Westin and then we’ll go down here And that’s this actually next door is the one that I’m helping my clients Build and it is called the Viceroy So I just want to show you around Because it’s actually really cool Some beautiful features that I’m so excited to show you So a little bit about Oakwood Enclave they have open floor plans oversized kitchens with large eat-in islands bedrooms and suites with sitting rooms and oversized walk-in closets Here is the Viceroy We’ve got spa bathrooms with walk-in showers oversized tubs and sinks Bonus space and flexible space awaiting your inspiration and three-car garages Now this model here Is set up for you to come and check it out and and see what it looks like So let’s go inside here is the porch Now I did a video a while back With Adamo homes talking about the pros and cons of going with a new build Versus an existing home. So if you’re curious about that, you can look on my youtube channel and I kind of point out some of the things to know about So typically with a new built home it’s going to cost about 20% more than an existing home if all other things work Considered equal a new build would be about 20% higher So check out this kitchen and this open area. Isn’t this just like so big and gorgeous, now typically if you’ve been looking at new builds, you’ve probably noticed that The lot sizes are kind of small Trying to maximize that space But here what’s nice about the Enclave is and I’m not sure if we can get good camera here, but we’ve got open space behind these models here and these typically are having a Building with larger yards, which is nice. So Here’s the kitchen Now this one keep in mind whenever you’re looking at a new build model. Typically they are decked out with the most beautiful finishes and You know lots of upgrades which adds on more to the price But look at isn’t that nice that that window that kind of is above the stove here. Now what’s really neat about? This home here is they’ve actually got a whole separate kitchen Right here. We’ve got the oven but what’s neat is this area? Pantry but continue to go back in here and this is something that my clients are including with their New build is a whole like a whole separate butler’s kitchen So as my clients said when people come over and they’re entertaining they don’t want them to necessarily, you know Kind of see everything and all the mess out or whatever So to have this whole separate area for a kitchen that’s off the kitchen Pretty neat and they also mentioned maybe having kids have their own area where they can make stuff and Right off of here then is the garage So as we turn around and look back where I came from You go through the little Butler’s kitchen into the main kitchen So there’s a lot to this house And I’m not gonna be able to show you everything cuz this video would be way too long But the other thing that I wanted to point out that I love love About this home, and I’m not sure honestly if the video is gonna capture it But do you see that sliding glass door back there? It’s the whole wall of that living area on that family room and if they turn around how open this floor plan is Again this is the Viceroy at Oakwood in their Enclave collection That’s kind of at 360 the whole Space I’m kind of standing in the middle on the main level, but this slider what’s really neat I want one of these I already told my husband I have doubt that we’ll be able to get one because this is actually I Guess it’s like five grand to install one of these babies. So it opens here And we keep going It opens here So now Your living space this reminds me of like in Hawaii. They call him the lanai so your whole wall Has just now open to the porch Isn’t that cool?! So you can have lots and lots of people over and they’re kind of inside, outside…. I love it! I think it’s beautiful! Here we are outside. So In my last video I also mentioned why it’s important that you have your own Realtor when you come and you work with a new builder the new builders they do have builders agents, but keep in mind that that builder agent is working for the Builder and so it’s Not not in your best interest to not have an agent working for you and negotiating on your behalf You do not have to pay for an agent. So that’s the nice thing. I think some people think Oh, I’m gonna end up paying more It’s gonna cost me more because I have an agent, not true It would be the same price With an agent or without an agent it’s just that with an agent you have somebody that’s knowledgeable about the law and Can ask the tough questions? When things go, awry they can negotiate on your behalf and look out for you. Nice big closet Obviously you need to come and see this in person to get to really see how Awesome. This place is these are the bedrooms on the main level. So this is a master bedroom with the master bath off of it And I don’t know if I pointed it out. But this is a barn door here that goes over the bathroom door. So And then what’s also very convenient laundry right there I’ll show you one more bedroom we do there is a had a call coming in the middle of my video. we have another bedroom here Beautiful bathroom, this is just a guest bath for the guests when they come over Try to get it from the pedestal I don’t know if I can get good video that um and Then kind of like it this could either be a bedroom or an office off the front side of the house So anyhow, if you have more questions about whether or not a new build is the right way for you to go Please feel free to message me call me. Text me. I’m happy to help Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous gorgeous Colorado sunshine. Thanks so much! Bye!


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