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guys today we talk about citizen and you I will show a comparison between a citizen
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and let’s see these two sites 0 good morning a everyone from mores monkey today like
anticipated in a place in the community here on youtube
we will make a video comparison between the citizen aqualand new course and the first series
as you can already see the dial is slightly different because because i
modules are different this is a module c 200 c zero 22 this is a c520 module
how do you know the simple form yes reads the caseback citizen indicates the
clock code before giving the code of the form here c520 here in the
the vintage c zero 22 you see or that already see the outside the back is
different the first series is called served because it has a case back
same shape of the case has fixed to case with six screws while the new one
screw back there are several i bottoms for this watch
if you see this here and all the writing they are engraved they did it for a few years
so then they are switched to a laser screenprint less
engraved and lovers of this watch they prefer to have this pad here
because more readable, however, is one little peculiarity
nothing striking we come to the cast dial the shape of the clock and the
same slightly more refined in the side here of the crown and the key
compared to the vintage one if you see the comparison is slightly more
deep this same form thing also here where there is the depth gauge what it is
the depth gauge when this watch goes underwater
the water pressure touches this membrane and adjust the depth here
on the display function for diver we come to the bottom quadrant here
we find the logo of the pro master that the citizen series for SUVs and subscribed
divers 200 meters because this is a certified divers 200 meters here not
the word divers mav water 200 appears meters of this exists because in the
80 years the specifications diver that is to ISO certification car and parameters
to return was not yet well outlined and therefore does not appear right
the writing divers at 12 o’clock we see the two screens in that in the vintage one
more towards the outside of the dial while in that modern form they leave one
small space to the indexes above the quadrant because they must be
totally visible always for respect the parameters iso the font on the
ferrule are slightly different wider and in my opinion, more beautiful and fascinating
those of the smaller and second vintage less visible than those of the modern
we notice another particularity if you see here the triangle at 12 o’clock after the first one
minute is not highlighted by any pallino but theoretically it should be
the final part of the triangle while here we see 4 dots and then this ring
in my opinion it is much more precise compared to this just for this
indication of all the dots thing different instead here we have the dot
of the net of the fifth minute sixth seventh eighth is missing the ninth that
it should be the number one is the tenth according to the number zero
so I think the attention to details in the vintage watch was
greater than this new edition modern
regarding the brightness at dark I noticed that the brightness of the
This vintage citizen is clearly here better than this but I do not think so
it’s just a question of pasta but of contrast and quantity of pasta
obviously they use more like it I told you in the other videos the best and
the vintage watchmaking was not there a lot of the concept of saving
on the great production so yes if he had more care of the
details both have the screw-down crown where it is
can adjust the analog indication time
and also this of vintage and you have this button in both modules and the
button that makes the functions on the analog display see the various
the alarm timer functions the alarm the countdown
this is instead to select the function and this and to start os x
adjust the analog the thing always goes very nice of the citizen pro master
especially for a few years and the pack now I’ll show you the
vintage packaging was a box very beautiful wood
but the packaging of the moderns actually it is so pretty and the
classic citizen scuba diving tank pro master where then there is accommodation and
which internal instead there is the space for putting the booklet is the guarantee
really cute the box sorry if I can not show you the wholeness
but it is a little box feature of the pro master board
the purchase of vintage compared to modern for a point of view
collecting, however, vintage has of the problems in fact a user in the
community asked I bought this clock I brought him to change the batteries
but then it stopped working is the problem is the module because the form a
some years sometimes unfortunately there is no supply
for these modules then repair them is very difficult because it is as well
electronics there are watchmakers very good that they can get their hands on it
but then perhaps becomes uneconomic have this watch repaired
so if it works well we are lucky if instead it is dead and cow
adjust the module to find modules it’s really very difficult
the particularity of this module and that he mounted 3 just one two and three batteries
from 1.5 volts so he had a voltage to do
eye 44 50 times this here instead mounts a lithium battery those
round by three times then this technologically to the same functions
with a voltage a minor dispersion compared to the vintage one
but I always remain of the idea that vintage water is always a lot
more fascinating it must be said that if one really wants
use these diver watches with this here with the screw back
in short, it risks very little with this here with the case back with the six screws to which
under the pad with a seal of the same shape as the watch that
easily deforms which is not easy to find again but it must be redone with
various tools that can be of the liquid seals
of the berg ion that you can neither own under the pad and then solidifies and
it becomes a seal though do not guarantee perfect waterproofness
to the 200 meters with which it was created this watch by itself is both
beautiful are both fascinating then this gold steel version in my opinion is
magnificent and there is one that is steel painted black and gold that is something
magnificent a particularity these watches we always see them with the
rubber strap I did not have the strap in here anymore
original rubber that had disintegrated and I put this strap in it
vintage leather to give it even more sense of vintage, however, there is the
steel bracelet for this watch that is very rare to find very much
beautiful looks like to make you intend to a bracelet of the omega speedmaster plus
or less like god’s drawing of sweaters knit satire from the center two small
shiny tapes and then satin on the side that is really very beautiful
I only had braccialato once the vintage one and brackets I do not know
how it was mounted if it came out like that the previous owner had it
he found the modern bracelet he had put on the vintage
the fact is that if you find it braccialato take it because only the
bracelet is a piece something rare and collectible for today I think I have you
said all about these watches that to me like
see, however, we continue to see the care of the cash sees this box e
very tapered that maybe on the wrist gives less annoyance than this one more
angular, however, the attention to detail of the vintage case
look how well cut as well finished less soft I think it’s more
difficult to make a cash in this way here with the technologies
of the time compared to this I prefer vintage too
profile you see this bigger tapered the same knurling of the
ring see this as it is much more high compared to the won and online
in principle I find it much more balanced this vintage here the era
then we talk about the 80s but start to be however vintage pieces are
passed however 30 years let me know in the favorite comments the
vintage or modern soon


  1. Post
    Marco Cariano

    Entrambi meravigliosi! Il mio punto però va al moderno. Lo vedo più adatto a svolgere le attività per cui è stato concepito. A livello collezionistico ovviamente preferirei il vintage⏱

  2. Post

    Vintage sempre. Tuttavia il moderno ha due punti di forza : il fondello serrato a vite e allarme di risalita veloce che il vintage non ha. Riguardo alla reperibilità dei ricambi concordo, anche se basta prendere i rottami ed usarli per le piccole riparazioni ( a parte la scheda logica rovinata dall'acido delle batterie che diventa inutilizzabile). Ottimo video

  3. Post
    Luca Bottinelli

    Ho da quando è uscito un jp 1060. Chiamato anche aqualand 2 o 3 , lo uso come computer di back-up in immersione , ha meno fascino dell ' aqualand 1 sia vintage che riedizione , ma sott' acqua è perfetto .

  4. Post
    Francesco Tomesani

    Per fascino, il Vintage ma per praticità, dato che si tratta di un orologio Tecnologico e quindi che deve avere funzioni al top, il Moderno!

  5. Post
    sarel malan

    Bravo Maurence, sei il primo youtuber italiano a recensire questo diver che seppur economico è unico nel suo genere sia per estetica che per funzionalità

  6. Post
    Maurizio Bui

    Ma non si può collezionare orologi al quarzo, é da bimbi di 8 anni. E se devo usare un orologio per immersioni uso il ball 3000 metri, o un panerai 6000. Comunque bel video,

  7. Post
    massimiliano villani

    se l' aqualand degli anni 80 è vintage, io che di anni ne ho quasi 51 sono antico?😨😨😨……..maurence, ti prego, non me lo far sapere nei commenti…..

  8. Post
  9. Post
    Andrea Lucente

    Tra i due molto più affascinante il vintage, foss'anche solo a livello cromatico. Ma anche la cassa più spigolosa trovo più azzeccata. Poi beh, il cinturino di cui l'hai dotato in effetti influisce positivamente sul l'impatto estetico 😊

  10. Post
    modesto petacciato

    Uno dei pochi quarzi "proletari" che sott'acqua non ha paura di nessuno!!Ricordo gli anni 80/90 passati in piscina e non c'era un'istruttore non che avesse un'Aqualand al polso.
    Altro che uffici portatelo in acqua!!

  11. Post
  12. Post

    Orologio che non ha mai incontrato il mio gusto estetico. Non sono appassionato di immersioni, perciò i miei orologi sub sono solo da portare per il piacere di averli al polso, e non certo per usi specifici.
    Detto questo, non saprei dire quale dei due preferisco.
    Una cosa che però ho notato come differenza tra i due, e che mi sembra tu non abbia sottolineato, è il fatto che il nuovo rispetto al vintage ha la scala dei minuti interna più "svasata". Questo rende il quadrante più piccolo, ma le tacche più visibili. Quindi immagino che in immersione sia più leggibile il nuovo.

  13. Post
  14. Post
  15. Post
    Enrico De Gennaro

    Più fascino del vintage.
    Non bada a spese…
    Puoi fare un video su bulova accutron?
    Anche su voltaggio della pila stessa?
    Grazie enrico

  16. Post
    Tommy Gi

    un pò come il mio North Eagle telemeter C 2000, il suo movimento è al quarzo modulo 3 S 10,
    purtroppo dopo anni di buon lavoro e precisione da un pò comincia a fare i capricci,
    non è regolare, si ferma, riparte, ritarda nell'orario, insomma non va;
    lo porto dal mio amico orologiaio e mi ha sconsigliato di riparlo perchè è un vecchio modulo e non è sicuro che se si ripara può ripartire da zero come nuovo.
    Il modulo 3 S 10 è l'antesignano del moderno modulo che attualmente montano i Citizen Promaster Eco Drive.

  17. Post
  18. Post
    Davide G.

    Ciao due domande: ho anche io uno splendido Aqualand prima versione e vorrei cambiare la ghiera nera che é un po' graffiata, posso farlo da solo ? Dove si trova solo la ghiera in rete ?

  19. Post
  20. Post
    Von Flower

    All'epoca comprai il primo Aqualand, bellissimo, dopo parecchi anni lo permutai con quello nuova versione, secondo me ancora più bello. L'Aqualand non mancherà mai tra i miei orologi preferiti. Se non l'avessi, lo ricomprerei subito.

  21. Post
  22. Post
    Saverio Franco

    Messi entrambi al polso……….bhe il vintage non ha paragoni ma al mare il moderno lo batte indubbiamente.

  23. Post
  24. Post
  25. Post
  26. Post
    Anderson Santos Bezerra

    Tenho os 2 modelos são top 👏👏👏👏✌️🤣🤣🤣🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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