CITIZEN EcoZilla – BJ8050 – Full Review – I Review Crap!

CITIZEN EcoZilla – BJ8050 – Full Review – I Review Crap!

Hey everybody! Today I look at a Citizen Diver I got on Black
Friday for only $144!Shhhh… Watchbot don’t spoil the surprise!So let’s just get to opening the box. Here’s the model number and stuff. Inside the box is this little plastic case. Citizen manual and warranty stuff. #mycitizen #whocares Blah Blah, yeah enough with your hashtag. So comes with this nice little plastic waterproof box. Top of the lit has a nice rubber lining. …and here’s the watch. It also comes with a second longer strap for
wetsuits. It’s a 300meter diver with a black dial and
orange minute hand. Solar powered EcoDrive movement. …and oddly the crown is at the 9:00 position… Not much on the hangtag, just the model number. Signed stainless steel buckle. You may be wondering what happened to the
wrist watch check. Well it’s the same watch! I would put a link to it, but it would be
a never ending circular watch reveiw inception thing, as it would
just link to this video… Anyhow there’s a story involving Amazon…. So I bought this watch a few days before black
friday for what seemed like the best deal so far at $192. …and I was pleased. Three Days Later… black friday hit, and it dropped to $144! after talking to various indian customer service
guys at Amazon. well they were Indian, just sayin’… I was denied a refund of the difference in
price. Well F*ck you Amazon, I want my $50! I rebought the watch at the new price and
returned the $192 watch. Hey, I got free return shipping, so it doesn’t
cost ME anything… Yeah… It’s actually good this happened as the original
watch had some minor quality control issues with the alignment
of the minute track and caseback… But the new watch is A-OK!
and doesn’t have those problems! So the watch has a nice wide strap with stainless
steel hardware, and it’s long enough for my huge wrist. The case itself is very heavy and thick! Over 18mm tall. It’s like having a metal
hockey puck on your wrist. caseback has a very well done engraving of
a dive helmet, along with some more information. I wish the caseback aligned better on the
back of the watch, but what can I expect for the money? Here’s the wrist shot. Even on my 8″ wrists, this watch dominates
my arm and looks HUGE. Uhhh… also don’t expect this to fit under a
long sleeve shirt. Here comes Watchbot with the watch specs.Thanks Watchbot! There are some ebay sellers who make an adapter
for the 29mm lugs to be able to take a standard 24mm strap or bracelet. I mean, it seems like a good idea, I don’t think I’ll be doing that… …but, it’s there if you want it…. Here’s the lume shot. I really like the blue lume,, and it seems to hold it’s own against this green lume from a Seiko dive watch. Soooo… That’s all I have for now! If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment or subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching!


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    Fatt Matt

    I've got a big wrist and it looks too fat to have any elegance on me. Would consider it for snorkelling and shallow diving
    Great box opening noises as always

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    Jacob Reef

    Haha nice work dealing with Amazon. I've been eyeing off this model, but it does look humongous even for large wrists like ours.

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    Malcolm Woodcock

    Enjoyed your rather droll reviewing style. Some good points made. I have had one of these for about 6 months now and wear it a lot in turn with my other watches. The size seems less of an issue as you become used to it and avoid knocking people over with it! Also the very stiff rubber strap does become more malleable with use and wear. I would certainly recommend it if anyone is unsure, even though we are seen off price wise here in the UK, paying far more than US prices. Thanks for a good review.

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