Citizen Navihawk AT Blue Angels Edition – JY8031-56L – Full Review – I Review Crap!

Citizen Navihawk AT Blue Angels Edition – JY8031-56L – Full Review –  I Review Crap!

Hey everybody! Today I look at the Citizen Blue Angels edition
Navihawk. It has an MSRP of $750, but I got it through
Jomashop for $375! Wrist watch check, it’s that pile of poo quartz
diver I got from Watchgang, Let’s open a box! Some papers from Jomashop. Thank you for choosing Jomashop…. blah blah
blah… Their product catalog, lot of nice watches
as expected. Here’s the box. Explaination of eco-drive on the box flaps… The thick manual and warranty information. Unfortunately, I think all my warranty stuff
has to go through Jomashop, not Citizen. According to Jomashop, I got a 5 year warranty. I’ve heard mixed reviews about that… In case you didn’t know, the Blue Angels are
the US Navy’s aerial acrobatic squadron. They do things like fly very close together,
or very close to the ground. They do these fancy maneuvers at air shows
and things. Hey, I just liked the watch color of the watch! UK’s royal air force has the Red Arrows, and
also a color matched Navihawk is available for them. Anyhow, nice cylindrical box… Oooh! A silica gel pac! I’ll eat that later… So as you see on the hang tag, MSRP of $750. These Navihawks are sold in department stores
for $500-$600, Jomashop and other grey market retailers are
a LOT less. This watch has what I consider the busiest
dial i’ve seen. There are a total of 8 hands, two
digital displays and an inner rotating bezel. I don’t care for the band, it’s a sort of
milanese mesh, I’ll swap that out soon. Anyhow the bracelet is of very good quality,
but there’s better stuff I think. There is a Blue Angels Squadron medallion
on the caseback. Not sure what it’s made of, I’m guessing
ceramic or glass. Whatever it is, it is NOT a cheap sticker. Those that know me, know that I generally
hate analog watches with lots of complications. So why buy this? Well it’s got SO much going on that it becomes
easy to ignore everything else and just see the three
analog hands floating above this blurry mess of technology. I just really like the look, I don’t really need
these extra features! There is no crown, but in order to set the
time you need to sync with the atomic clock, you can also set
it to the correct time manually, but that’s a bit more difficult that it needs to be. Here’s the wrist shot! The watch looks pretty good on my huge wrists! Watchbot, will give you the base specs of
this watch. The watch is 48mm wide, and can take a 23mm watch band. Thanks Watchbot! In addition, the watch features a solar powered
eco-drive movement, atomic timekeeping, a rotating slide
rule, and a lot, lot more! Here’s the lume shot, I like the different color
lume on the hands and the indicies. The orange on the digital
displays seems to work great also. Follow the link to a Citizen video that explains
how to use and set the movement that powers this watch. Here’s just a little piece of that video! Yeah, it’s
a bit complicated. Anyhow, if you like a busy dial with loads
of features, this still may be the watch for you! That’s all I have for today! If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment
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    Why did Citizen cheap out and put mineral crystal on this watch. Not gonna lie the strap kind of looks good, and I like busy dials as I own a Nighthawk.

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    I Review Crap!

    Ok, to be more accurate. There IS a crown on the watch, but you cannot control the timekeeping hands with it. That is what I meant. …

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    Watch Time LA

    Great review as usual. I have been eyeing this bad boy for over a year. It was high on my wish list and even higher now. As you know from the video I did on the Casio Wave Ceptor, these ani/dig watches are very complex under the hood and almost impossible to fix. But I will probably still get one, lol. Finally, thanks for the 20.00 coupon code. Cheers.

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    Vintage Time

    Yes a very busy dial. I like the band, but it looks like the clasp could be uncomfortable. I have a Seiko flightmaster (Black with yellow dial) and I thought it had a busy dial, but the Citizen takes the cake. But I'd still have it in my collection….

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    Lex's Watches

    Great video- the citizen time setting explanation made me smile. Like that contrast lume and light too! Kind regards, Alex ☺️

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    Che R.

    Hi there man! Id like to see you review an Invicta Specialty 18094. I havent seen any video review about it. Im a subscriber.

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    Luis Lopez

    That is a beautiful peace I saw it on macy online and thought it was ugly but looking at it through video now it's really nice I want one

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    Online Identity

    Your dry delivery-approach, along with the great reviews of course, keeps me coming back for more and more ! Don’t change your style !

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    F S

    Really hilarious way of reviewing crap 😀 But what really made write a comment was when I saw that old TV you used for playing part of the instructions video – it's a TESLA! An old Czechoslovakian color TV! Only the most fortunate people used to own a color TV in socialistic Czechoslovakia, the rest had a B&W TV… And those who were really desperate to own a color TV, but were not lucky enough to get a TESLA, got a Soviet color TV, like Rubin or Selena… But you could only watch it in a radiation protection suit… 😀 Great video, thank you!

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    Just picked up a Navihawk Blue Angel edition at TJ Maxx for $250! My jaw dropped when the girl told me the price and I had to have it! Beautiful watch!

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    morgen dikmen

    is jomashop a good place to order from? i went to citizen to try this watch on and they wanted to sell it for $550 bucks and jomashop has it for $360. why is that could anybody clear this up?

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    I'm trying to decide between this watch with the band that I don't care for or the newer Skyhawk but the latter doesn't have the yellow splash of color my boyfriend loves. Is it possible to change the band on this watch? Asking for my boyfriend's birthday gift

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    Stian Larsson

    Only found your channel yesterday,but have been watching a few view and you're doing a great job.

    Those silica packs are delicious.

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    Tim Sheeran TS

    I’ve been trying to trade for that citizen navihawk for a while I have two nice watches with tritium in them ide trade for it worth together is over seven hundred bucks

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    Michael Pruitt

    I recently purchased this watch online. Once it arrived, the face was black and grey, although the model numbers match. Is this just a different color scheme? I haven't been able to view anything about them.

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