Citizen OS Platform Demo

Citizen OS Platform Demo. Hello and welcome to Click on the Use Platform button. The platform is available in many languages, so select your language and if it is not yet supported, please let us know. These are all public topics that are being discussed right now. You can click on
them, read them, but in order to participate, you need to login using your
Facebook or Google account, the Estonian ID card, or by creating a
new user account. Once I have logged in, this argument section becomes active and I can make my main statement here, explain and prove it and post as a pro
or con argument. To create your own topic, go to create topic on the left hand menu. And here you can edit the document with others at the same time. Inline comments
are available while in editing mode. Go to to settings to make the topic private or public add a Twitter hashtag, invite users to join or share the link. To get an overview of your topics, go to my topics on the left-hand menu. Here you can assign editing rights to the users you invited. If you want to discuss many
topics with the same group of people, you can create groups. Every time a new topic is created, members get an automatic email. If you need to vote to reach a
decision, you can send the topic to vote. Now the topic can no longer be edited.
You can choose between regular and custom vote. And delegation of the vote
is also possible, which means for this topic people can delegate their
vote to another user. You can also set a deadline for the voting. While voting is open, you cannot see the results to not influence the outcome of the vote. Once everyone has voted or the voting deadline has arrived, you can send the topic to follow-up. Here, you can post brief updates on how the decision is moving along. How much does Citizen OS cost? It is free to use for everyone
forever on your mobile, tablet or computer. Thanks for watching. Open Source code available on GitHub.

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