Citizen presents: Marvel Power Pose Contest LIVE at NYCC 2019!

– What’s up, everybody? Yeah! Hey, everybody. I am Lorraine Cink. And I am Langston Belton,
here from Marvel Live. And we are giving
you Power Pose, presented today by Citizen. Yes. We are going to
play an awesome game. Power Pose is the
game where we race to hit as many Super Hero poses
as possible in 60 seconds. Yes. And we are not playing
this game alone. Please give a big
round of applause, help us welcome two
friends that know how to make the Marvel watches
by Citizen look real good. Please welcome Sarah
Merrill and Josh Peck! Yay! Wow.
– Oh, yeah. LORRAINE: Oh, my gosh. Did Captain Marvel just
jump out of a poster? Hi. Hello, hello. Sarah, your cosplay is amazing. Thank you. Right? Josh, you are cosplaying as– a fanboy? I am a fanboy. I think this is, like–
just sort of, like, Captain America on his day off. LORRIANE: Oh, OK.
– Day off Cap. LORRIANE: All right.
Off duty Cap. Dig it.
– I feel good about it. It’s fine. LANGSTON: And you look great. You look very relaxed. And you look ready for action. But ready to take someone down. So I want to know what you
all have been up to this year at New York Comic Con. What you been getting into? Oh, so Citizen and
I go way, way, back so we thought it would be
fun to partner up today. I’ve been walking the
floor, meeting a lot of you, asking you guys
about your costumes. And I think I’ve
helped some people walk away with some new Marvel
watches by Citizen, so– LORRIANE: Ooh. Yes. Listen, I have not been
entrusted to give any Citizen watches away, cause
I’m pretty sure they know I’ll just steal them all. I would probably steal them all. But I’m actually– I’m
rocking some of the newest limited edition Citizen
watches with the partnership with Marvel. We got the Marvel 80th
anniversary watch right here, with all the vintage logos. We love a fun vintage
legacy watch, right? And then we’ve got the
vintage Spider-Man watch. It’s super dope. I mean, limited edition. All, like, some of the original
incarnations of Spider-Man. It’s super dope. I’m loving it. I feel handsomer with it on. You didn’t ask, but I feel
comfortable sharing that. Yeah. Well, it’s like
your super power, so it makes you
bright and shiny. I get it.
– Yes! Thank you so much.
– Right? Of course. Well, that’s all good. So are you all
ready to help us out with the game of Power Pose? Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, I’m so excited. I think we’re going to actually
give one of our winners a brand new Marvel
watch by Citizen. Ooh! What? Good. I love the energy. Yes. [LAUGHTER] And I hear that these are
very good for Power Pose because they Eco Drive. They do. They are powered by light alone. Batteries? We don’t know her. We have no need for batteries
with our Citizen watches. LORRIANE: Goodbye, batteries. You’re not needed here. No, thanks. Yeah, no thanks, but– They always let you down. That– but not this one? No, thanks. Mm-mm. Plenty of light. All right. Are you guys ready
to play Power Pose? Yeah! Well, you guys can’t
do it all by yourselves. Mm-mm. We have some amazing
audience volunteers. Let’s bring them on stage. Bring them– oh, my goodness. We’re going to take
two volunteers up. Wow. An amazing Thor cosplayer. Hi. – Oh, and an amazing Valkyrie.
– How are you? Josh.
So nice to– You’re going to
be here with Sarah. Nice to meet you. Thor, you’ll be with– you’ll be with Josh. Oh, sorry.
Right here. Come on over.
– Wait– oh. – There we go.
– There we go. – Let’s do this.
– We got it. You are a team. Lot of pressure. You are a team. I’m liking this
female Super Hero team up that’s happening right now.
– For real. Feels right. I feel good about it. Can you tell me your name? Kitroryia Oh, hello. And who’s your favorite
Marvel character? Well, obviously Valkyrie. I feel good about this. I think we’re going to– I think we’re going
to nail this one. Oh, I’m with it.
Yeah. Please tell us your name. My name is Natalie. And your favorite
Marvel character? Ironically, it’s She-Hulk. Oh. Oh. A twist. I love it. Deep tracks. Very cool. Well, I’m feeling pretty– I don’t want to get ahead
of myself, but I like– I like the dynamic. We’re feeling strong. LORRIANE: Love it. Love it. Great. Then you’re going to go first. Good. All right. So we’re going to put up
some graphics behind you. I think, Langston, let’s
show them how it’s done. I’ll demonstrate. Then you head over here. Step just this way. I’m gonna be the
guinea pig real quick. Langston will be taking the
place of the incredible Thor. And I’ll be taking
the place of Josh. We’re going to put a
graphic up on the screen. When we press– when we say go–
– Yes. We’re not gonna turn around. And then I am
going to do my best to verbally tell him how to
make this beautiful power pose behind him. So you’re a kitty. Nope, you’re going to
have to sit on the ground. What? Kind of criss cross,
applesauce, I guess? And then claws up. Paws up, claws up, right hand. Paws up, claws up. One– close enough. But now you see how it’s done. You feel it?
– It’s not an easy game. Not an easy game. Claws up, paws up. [LAUGHTER] The cat king! OK.
There you go. All right. Incredible demo. Thank you. Thank you. You guys are going to do so much
better than me and Langston. Now, here’s the thing– it is a competition,
and a competition ain’t nothing without points. So each pose that you
get correct is a point. And when I ring
this alarming bell– [RINGING] It’s going to be even louder. I’m not doing it because
I want to spare everyone, because this thing
gets real loud. When you hear that,
that means you have hit the pose correctly,
and you will be able to move on to the next pose. Wow. And the team with the most– the team with the most poses
at the end of 60 seconds is not only going
to win, you are going to get one of those
Marvel watches by Citizen. – Yeah!
– Wow. Yeah, right? Good.
– All right. I’m feeling good about this. Josh, are you ready? I’m feeling great. I believe in you. We’re best friends. Let’s do this. Oh, it is ultimately
about friendship. That is the journey. Yes. All right. We’re putting 60
seconds on the clock. 3, 2, 1. Power Pose! JOSH: So much pressure. OK. So you’re holding–
you’re holding the towel. You’re just– you’re,
like, a Maitre d’ at a– maybe use the other
arm to hold the towel. That sounds good. And then you just want to– you
want to get a quick workout in, so you just threw in
a couple of step ups. You know what I mean? Maybe– yeah, maybe
with the other leg. That could be fun. Perhaps– maybe you were going
in the right direction before. Yeah. Yes! LANGSTON: One pose! Well done.
LORRIANE: Keep going! Keep going!
It’s still you. You have 30 seconds. You have 30 seconds. I know what I’m doing. OK. So now you’re like, oh,
wow, is that a cockroach? I’m scared. There’s something on the ground. I’m nervous. – Oh!
– Yeah! Yes! Good job. OK, now you are
living your full life. You are at karaoke– You’ve got 15 seconds. It’s a Friday night, and you
are just singing and living. What– LANGSTON: 8, 7, 6– JOSH: Other hands, maybe. Perhaps. And you are at full pose. LORRIANE: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. JOSH: And now just be powerful. Powerful. Oh– all right. Ouch. We have three points. Only three. All right. For Josh. For Josh and Natalie,
three points. Three points,
Josh and Natalie. – Amazing job.
– Well done. So great. Why don’t we swap places? Tag him out. All right. This is your moment. Good luck. Thanks. We don’t need luck. We’ve got this. We’ve got this. Now, you’ve seen how it goes,
so you have the advantage. You’ve seen how it goes.
– Oh my gosh, you guys. I feel like I’m watching
the end of a certain movie. [LAUGHTER] All right. 60 seconds on the clock. On your mark, get
set, power pose! OK. You are lifting
weights at the gym. Oh.
Oh, perfect. Bring it back down
like you kind of were. Turn it in towards
your bod a little bit. Yeah. Squat down. Maybe point your toe. Maybe your other toe? But on your tip toe. Yeah? Yeah? All right. OK. You’ve got a cape behind you. You are running in the wind. Yes. Yes. You have the right hand up. Bring it down a little
bit, and maybe lift that back leg up behind you. Behind you a little bit. Bring it back. Like, touch your booty. Touch your booty. Yeah.
All right. All right. OK. So we are coming forward now. We’re running. You are going to bring– LORRIANE: 15 seconds. You are going to
bring your right hand back straight, and switch legs. And bring it forward
a little bit. Bring that back one
forward a little bit more. LORRIANE: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1– Oh!
– Forward and bend. Forward and bend!
LANGSTON: Stop! Time.
That’s time. That’s time. You were so great. Wow. That was fun. You only got two. But we only got two. You only got two. So Natalie, Josh– I demand a recount. I demand a recount. This was your moment. Josh, is there anything that you
would like to give to Natalie? I mean, I did– I brought a small
cupcake that my mom made. It’s homemade.
It’s gluten free. Are you into that? I love gluten free. We have a Citizen
watch by Marvel, as well, if you’re into that, too. We have that, too. Thank you so much. Enjoy. Thank you. Amazing. This was beautiful. What a competition. We don’t want anyone
to go home empty handed. No, we do not. All right. So we have a little something
from Citizen here, as well. That is for you. And what’s in that big box? Wow. Yeah. LORRIANE: We’re
all winners today. We are all winners. Let’s give it up for
our audience volunteers. LANGSTON: Unbelievable.
JOSH: Awesome. Great job.
Congrats. Thank you so much. Give ’em a round
of applause, y’all. Thanks. You did a great job.
Definitely. OK. Josh, Sarah– oh, so sorry. That was very, very close. Very close. That was a warm up round. I feel like that
was a warm up round. – Fair.
– Yeah, she’s right. So I think– y’all ready for
another round of Power Pose? Yeah. Let’s bring up our
next two contestants. It’s Robbie Reyes. I know that much. Awesome. Ghost Rider, you
shall be over there. And you will be
joining Josh here. He’ll be your partner. How you doing? Thank you. Nice to meet you. So who do you
got here with you? Oh, yeah. Give us your name. Felipe. Your favorite
Marvel character? Spider-Man, obviously. And let me tell you, you are
wearing it well, my friend. LANGSTON: Yeah! Looking good. All right. Tell us your name? Alex. Alex. And who is your your
favorite Marvel character? Actually, it’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man? All right. Ghost Rider’s favorite
character is Spider-Man. That was beautiful. Who knew? My favorite’s Spider-Man. All right. I feel good about this. We got this. All right, Sarah, I’m going
to give you your choice. Would you like to
go first or second? – Let’s go first.
– All right. LANGSTON: Ooh– interesting.
– Let’s do it. All right.
I believe in you. 60 seconds on the clock. We ready? 3, 2, 1. Power Pose! All right, arms up in the air. You’re the strongest
man in the world. Yes. Now bring up one of those legs. Perfect. One of the legs
just up slightly. All right. We got it. You are holding up
the moon with your– with your left hand. Other– there you go. There you go. And bringing that other
one to your chest, like you have a little
bit of heartburn. Like, a little bit of heartburn. Yes. And then– yeah,
stepping forward. I think that looks good. What is that? Yeah. All right.
Keep the– LORRIANE: 30 seconds. Keep the legs a little bit
forward on that front one. A little bit forward, and then
bring your arms back like you– you are feeling yourself. Turn towards– turn
towards the stage a little. Or turn towards me
a little bit more. LORRIANE: Yes. Bring it up. Hair up in the wind. Yes! All right. Now squat down. There’s an earthquake. You need to feel the ground. You need to feel
the ground with– with that other hand. Yeah, that hand,
in front of you. A little bit more. 4, 3– A little bit more, and
then just keep it wide. Keep it wide. 1– Oh, four! In the final seconds, four. That was excellent. All right, Josh, Felipe,
let’s see what you got. Good, good? Yeah. Good job. Come on, don’t make
eye contact with them. Let’s go over here. Let’s go over here. Great job. LORRIANE: All right. Oh, boy, 60 more seconds. Another round. Here we go. 3, 2, 1. All right, here we. Power Pose! JOSH: OK. You are at karaoke
on a Thursday night. You are singing
your favorite song. I don’t know if
you’re into Britney Spears, whatever– close. OK, but maybe just with one hand
you’re holding the microphone, with your left hand. Good. And maybe you’re doing,
like, a side profile look? You know? Yeah. Yeah. And now, like, maybe
you’re even holding the mic cord with one hand. Yes.
Beautiful. LORRIANE: Yeah! There we go! OK. Now you are just perfect. You’re already good. But now you’re just screaming
out to, like, the heavens. LORRIANE: 30 seconds. Just scream out. Yeah. Screaming out to them. And maybe, like, pull your
left leg back a little more. And you just– and maybe
the other hand is down. And– no, the other one you
were doing before was good. Left hand. Both hands. Both hands. Scream towards– OK, you’ve got– 10, 9, 8– Both hands. Scream toward the heavens. There’s my boy. Both hands down.
Both hands– 4– All right! You’re good! 2, 1, 0. Oh!
– Tough. Tough. – How many was that?
– It’s OK. You know what?
We got– we got– – Just two.
– We got handed some hard ones. Just two.
This is tough poses. Sarah– woo. Wow, you guys. That was wild. Sarah, you took this one. We got handed some hard ones. I knew you could do it. I felt good. What do you have
for your friend there? – For you, my friend–
– That was rigged. It’s rigged. I have a brand new Marvel
watch from Citizen for you. Enjoy. You earned it. And I just got the
coolest care package ever for you, my friend. LANGSTON: Yes. Enjoy. Thank you. Great job.
LANGSTON: Thank you so much. LORRIANE: Yeah! Give it up for these
wonderful cosplayers and audience volunteers. Thanks, guys. Well done. I think we have time for
one more one more round. We got one more round? Well, I will say,
it’s tied up at 1-1 apiece for wow the teams. Wow. So now it’s– really,
the competition is between the two of you. I know. So let us bring up your
final two audience volunteers. Oh, Magneto.
Hello. LANGSTON: We have the
master of magnetism and– Gingerly carrying– you want
me to hold that helmet for you? Thank you, sir. I’ll keep it safe. You’re never going to
get that helmet back. Not tue. Yeah, that’s true. Magneto, why don’t
you come here with Josh? Hi. there. Can you tell us your name? Ruben. Ruben? Who is your favorite
Marvel character? Thor. Do we have any
Thors in the house? Any Thors in the house? LANGSTON: Thor! Yeah! We have a literal
Thor in the house. Will you tell us your name? Erik Lensherr. Your favorite character? Black Panther. Wow. I love it. And do you have another
human name besides Erik? Matt. – Matt?
– Very good. Very good. Low key, Matt. All right. Excellent. Erik. The master of magnetism. I like it. OK. All right. Who would like to go first? Do you want– I think we should do a
rock, paper, scissors. Yeah, rock, paper,
scissors for it. Here we go.
Really fast. Only fair.
Only [INAUDIBLE]. OK. Rock, paper,
scissors says shoot. No– on three, rock, paper,
scissors says shoot, go. Or on shoot– It’s fine.
I’ll get it. I’ll get it. OK. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. LANGSTON: Ooh– Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Aw.
LANGSTON: Very good. Very good. All right! Josh– Go first. You’re going first.
All right. Good pick.
Good pick. You will will be going first. We got this. Very good. It’s all good. Mind the cape. Stretch it out.
Stretch it out. Mhm. Get the quads. We’re gonna put 60 seconds
up on that there clock. – Yes.
– Here we go. Sorry. 60 seconds on that clock. Three, two, one. Power Pose! OK. You are reaching
out for something, maybe with the other hand. And with your right,
and you’re coming in– come towards me, and maybe
have your right leg up, because you’re going
to catch something. And you just want
to come towards me. Yeah, he’s green. He’s mean. OK. Now it’s like
you’re going to bow in karate, or in the kung fu. Yes. Come on. OK. Now maybe you’re
singing with one hand, and you’re– and maybe it’s the
other hand you’re singing with, but you’re conducting an
orchestra with the other hand. You’ve got it out.
You’re living. LORRIANE: 30 seconds! Oh– yeah. LANGSTON: Absolutely not. Maybe you’ve got it
out more to your left? No. Maybe the left hand– good before. You were good before. Do what you were doing before. OK, left hand is out. Yeah. LANGSTON: All right,
we’ll take it. We’ll take it.
– I love it. OK, now you are just– you
have a headache, and it hurts. LANGSTON: 10 seconds! 9. 8.
– Yeah. And now sit up straight. Sit up straight. LANGSTON: 5, 4, 3– Yes! Yeah. Now you’re, like, down,
and you’re trying to get– Time.
It’s time. Almost. All right. Very well done. We’ve got four for Matt,
AKA Erik, AKA Matt. That was my highest
score thus far. I feel really good about that. Well done, gentlemen. Sarah, Ruben– Ruben,
no pressure, but this is all on you. Oh, my goodness. We’ve got this. All right. One more. We’ve got 60 seconds
back on that there clock. Loosen up, Ruben. OK, here we go. 3, 2, 1. Power Pose! All right, Ruben. You are squashing an ant with
your right– there we go. Perfect. And now you’re going to
bring your arms forward like you are a strong man. Perfect. You are standing up. Just how you are,
but you are holding– you are holding a
shield in that hand. Yeah.
Perfect. LANGSTON: It’s true.
– Next one. All right, now you are a
contestant at a beauty pageant. LANGSTON: Oh, yes, please. Absolutely. And you have one leg. And you are turned that
way and facing the crowd. Give a– put your hand
on your hip, you know? Like, give it– give it to us. Yeah, there we go. Perfect. LORRIANE: Loose. All right, you
just failed algebra. You have your hand– one hand on your head. You don’t know how you’re
going to tell your parents. OK. Um– oh. – This is close.
– All right. So we’re going to
get limber here. LANGSTON: 10 seconds. We’re gonna squat it down low. Get low, Ruben!
Get low! Put your arms up! LANGSTON: 5, 4, 3– Other arm. Your other arm. LANGSTON: 2, 1– Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. That was a tie. Four versus four. All right. We gotta do a tiebreaker. This is wild. Oh, no. Oh, boy. So if you know anything
about Power Pose, the way we break a tie– we are going to give each
team one pose on this screen. It will be up to your
partners, at the same time, to try to get you
to guess that pose. Or get that pose. Whoever gets that pose
first, I will ring the bell. You all are encouraged
to make as much noise as possible to make it
very, very difficult. We gotta break this tie and
have a definitive winner. This should feel
like utter chaos. All right? Do not jump the barricade,
but do everything else but that. All right? Scream and wave, and
wave your hands, but don’t come over here.
All right, good? All right. Yeah, you’re going
to take center. Let’s have you– Matt and Ruben, if you
would come step– stand here towards the middle together. Josh and Sarah, you’ll
stand off to the sides here. – Here we go.
– Take a knee. – Yeah, here we go.
– Oh, yeah. All right, ready? This is our final–
guys, make some noise. Our final round of Power Pose! Here we go! LANGSTON: Here we go. 60 seconds on the clock. JOSH: I am so nervous! LANGSTON: For the W.
Three– let’s all do it. 3, 2, 1. Power Pose! Oh, OK.
So you’ve got, like– Crouch down low. Crouch down low, kind of
how you had it before. Going down low.
Squat a little bit. Yeah, all the way down low. Put your knee on
the ground, Ruben. Knee on the ground.
– Are we good? Now let’s put your
other leg forward. Other leg forward a little bit.
– And one leg forward. Yes.
Yes! Ruben! Ruben! Ruben! I failed that. Oh, man, that was so close. That was insanely,
insanely close. Yeah, sportsmanship–
even Magneto– Thank you. Even Magneto understands the
value of sportsmanship, man. Oh, yes. That was great. All right, Sarah,
what does Ruben win? Ruben, first off, I just
want to say I’m so proud. And I’m going to
miss you so much. [LAUGHTER] But you are walking away with
this brand new Marvel watch from Citizen. Congratulations. You earned it. Thank you. Thank you. Dude, I failed you. I feel bad about it. You get this
incredible Marvel care package and, care of Josh Peck
himself, my asthma inhaler. You can have that. Take it. I never want to see it again. LORRIANE: You should sell that. Enjoy that. Don’t use it. I’m not a doctor. You guys, give it up for our
amazing audience volunteers. I might need it. – Oh, my goodness.
– Oh, my gosh. Amazing. Ruben, thank you so Much Hey, also, give a
big round of applause to Josh Peck and Sarah Merrill
for helping us out today. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. What? How amazing were they, you guys? You’re professionals. Incredible. I’m impressed. You– you crushed it. – Good job.
– You, too. You’re OK. Now– there’s
still some tension. Now– Admittedly, she is
already a Super Hero. Watch out. So now, we didn’t give– everyone did not
get a Citizen watch, but where can people
go get those Marvel watches by Citizen? Well, they can go to
the Citizen website. I think that’s probably
the best place. I mean, if you want
the ill Avengers watch, Captain America–
there’s so many. I mean, listen, you
could probably get one for every month of the year. Yeah, why not? That sounds right. Yeah, he’s right. All right, great. And you guys, we
have some stuff. Josh and Sarah, do
you want to, like– we have some cool, like, little
Citizen giveaways, if you want to throw those into the crowd. Oh, yeah. Hand these to the crowd. Handing gently into the crowd. Not– not ever tossing. Handing gingerly. But just respectfully
and kindly giving. But also, I wanted
to tell you guys that we have an
awesome event happening at Macy’s Herald
Square, which is just down the street from here. That is going to be tomorrow,
October 5th, at 2:00 PM. Yes, check this out. At that event there’s going
to be a Q&A with Master Marvel artists Adi Granov
and Mark Brooks, moderated by executive
editor Nick Lowe, with an awesome meet
and greet to follow. Yeah, plus guess who– buy
a Marvel watch by Citizen, get a free litho by the artist
as a gift with purchase, and VIP access to
the meet and greet. So cool, everyone, give it
up for Josh and Sarah one more time! Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys. Thank you so much for hanging
out with us, and you guys, stay here with us at
New York Comic Con 2019.

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