Citizen Promaster Dive Watch Battery Replacement

Hey guys. In this video I’m going to show
you how to replace the battery in a citizen dive watch. Particularly these
Promaster Aqualand Duplex watches that I’ve got. I really love these watches.
Particularly the titanium models. But Citizen also was nice enough to make a fairly dressy version of it that I thought was attractive so I picked up one of those as well. But these watches do a great job. They
record data for 4 dives. And even though I’ve got a dive computer, I use them
religiously to enter data into my dive log. Now we’re going to have to screw the
back off of the watch. So for that, we’re going to need a fairly typical adjustable case
wrench. Also to get the battery plate off, we’re going to need a jeweler’s
screwdriver. I sharpened the tip of this one because when you see the head of the screw, you’ll understand. It’s a very fine, straight head screw. So we’re going to also need a push pin. I just think it’s nice to unclip the band of the watch so you
get better access to the back cover plate. So here’s how the watch tells you that
it’s got a low battery. If you look at the second hand, you’ll see that for every two seconds on that digital counter, you’ll only see the mechanical hand move once.
That 2-second mechanical movement is how these watches indicate that you have a low battery. They also stop entering dive mode, and they won’t record a dive. So that’s usually how I learn about it, is because there is no data for the one dive. So let’s go ahead and break the band. And we’ll just set that little spring-pin aside. Now you’ll notice on the back of this dive watch there are five
slots; an odd number. Most watches have six. So, we’re just going to use two of
the teeth on this adjustable wrench. And I’ve never had a trouble with it. You
just keep the pressure on there fairly well while putting some counter-clockwise pressure and it will eventually break loose for you. And once it does
that, go ahead and use the wrench to unscrew it about a half a turn until you
can finish it by hand. That will prevent any unnecessary scratches on the back of the
watch. And now we can pull that aside and
remove the gasket to put a new one on. Now if you look at the back of the
battery plate you’ll see instructions. Citizen is telling you what to do when you
put the new battery in. We’ll get to that a little bit later. So for now, let’s
get that sharpened screwdriver and we will loosen the screw that’s holding the
plate. Let me pick this up and bring it a little bit closer so you can see. You do
not have to remove this screw. Just unscrew it about a turn, a full turn and that will allow you to slide the little lock tab to one side. And then you can
gently lift the plate up and set that aside. Now to get the battery out, you
just hook it from behind and it’ll pop right out. Let’s go ahead and check the voltage on
it. These watches, I believe, they’re designed
to give you a warning below three volts. Oh yeah, this one’s a 2.87 volt so it’s definitely low. Let’s go ahead and get the new battery. Let’s go ahead and do a quick baseline voltage measurement on this brand new battery to see where we’re at coming out of the package. I’m gonna put the back on the
watch just to prevent any dust from getting in. Yeah okay, so 3.26 volts. That looks a lot better. Well, let’s go ahead and push the battery
in place. That’s very easy to do. Once you’ve got the battery seated, just go ahead and grab the battery plate. It’s got a little tab that acts as a hinge. So you just put that in and lay the plate down on top of the battery. And I’ll pull it
up here. You put a little pressure on it and that will allow you to slide that
lock tab under the head of the screw, which we will now snug down with the
screwdriver. Okay great. The battery is in. Let’s go and
take a look at the new gasket. This is the part number for the genuine citizen gasket. It’s a flat gasket, not an o-ring. But if you’re in a pinch, you could use
these o-ring dimensions to get the job done. Now when I put these gaskets in, I
like to use just a light amount of silicone grease. Putting a little light coating a grease on the gasket helps prevent it from deforming while you
tighten it down. And it might even give you a better seal as well. So what I like to do is just get it
started by hand. I’ll screw it down until I feel a contact with the gasket and
then maybe tighten it a little further by hand. And then I just finish the job
with the case wrench. Great, so now let’s follow the instructions
on the back of that battery plate. Just unscrew the crown. And just gently grab it and pop it out. Then go ahead and press all three buttons simultaneously
and release. And you’ll see a full display. Now when you push the crown back
in, it will give you a nice alarm to let you know that you did things right. And now
we can synchronize the analog time with the digital. And when you do a reset like
this, you HAVE to tell it what year it is. That way it gets the days of the week
correctly matched with the dates. Let’s go ahead and put the spring pin back in the band. And for putting the band back together, I’ve never needed any tools for
this. Just put one side of the spring pin in at a time. And then slide the other
into place. Well I hope this helps you guys out. If so, please do give a thumbs
up and subscribe. If you know anybody else trying to do this, go ahead and
share this video. Thanks for watching and dive safely.

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