Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning.

Just flagged this officer over. I want to make sure
his unmarked car is legal. – Hey sir.
– Afternoon sir. – How are you?
– Good. Hey, the reason I stopped you today is
because I saw this car was unmarked. Is this a registered unmarked vehicle
for undercover work or… No, it’s a patrol car. Okay, you’re not allowed to have
patrol cars that are unmarked. Are you aware of that
under Washington State RCW? I’d have to look it up but… Yeah, you really should do that. So there’s no marker,
there’s no indication on this car. – Uh um.
– Okay. What’s your name? – Canfield?
– Deputy Canfield. Okay, Deputy Canfield
Can I see some ID? – Can you see some ID of me?
– Yes. Yeah, I need to make sure that you’re — you need to prove —
you’re driving an unmarked vehicle. So I need to make sure
you’re actually a police officer and that you are — you have
the authority to be driving this vehicle because you seem to be
kind of doing something that’s clearly in violation
of Washington State Law. So I just want to make sure
you are who you say you are, okay? Okay. Well, [inaudible].
This isn’t a game for me. This isn’t a game.
It’s called law. – Okay.
– Yeah. So can I see some ID and maybe license,
registration, proof of insurance, sir? No. I’m not going to show you that. Yeah, this is my ID right here. That’s not ID, sir. – Yeah, well this is a badge.
– If I showed you a badge, if you stopped me, would you take that
as ID? Come on. Let’s be reasonable. Anybody can have a patch, sir. Okay. What about this? I mean… Is it a big deal for you to show me
some ID just so I can make sure? – I can show it to you.
– That’d be cool. That’s all I want.
I just like to make sure. Canfield GT 51.
Can I see? Yeah, you can see. You’re not
going to hold in your hand, though. – Okay. Let me just give a close look
at it there. – That’s fine. Does that match this? – That looks legit. I appreciate it. I do.
I really do. – Driver’s license. You got a driver’s license too.
I appreciate it. I appreciate the cooperation. – Are you stopping people in this vehicle?
– Yeah, I am. Okay, it’s completely in violation
of Washington State law – and you are culpable in that,
the way the law is written. -Okay. So you’ve admitted that you are
in violation of Washington State law and that you were
stopping people in this vehicle. So what I’m going to encourage you to do… I’m not going to write you up today. What I am going to encourage you to do
is take this car back. I know you’re smiling
but we, the citizens, do have a right
to hold you guys accountable. If I’m in open violation of the law… I mean I could call a sheriff out here and demand that you be
written up for this. Because you are in open violation
of Washington State RCWs, – okay?
– Okay. I just want you…
Talk to the sheriff about it. There’s a problem with this
in Salt Lake as well and this is why
I’m bringing this up lately. I really want you guys to be aware
of this. I want you to follow along. Do you understand the safety concern? I mean let’s say my daughter is at… 12 o’clock at night, my daughter’s out
driving around and… She doesn’t drive yet
but you get the idea. And she gets stopped by what is supposedly a police officer
but there’s no markings whatsoever. And that’s one of the main reasons you should not be stopping people
in a car that’s unmarked because that’s when
the safety concern really comes in. Somebody doesn’t know if they’re
being stopped by a police officer. So understand that every time
you stop somebody in this car, – you are in violation of Washington
State law and you can’t do that. – Okay So if we see you stopped in this car and doing patrol stops in this car, we’re going to have a problem
because it’s illegal. If you continue doing this,
you could be arrested for that. I could be arrested for driving
an unmarked car? For driving an illegal vehicle
and refusing to comply. Okay. Oh you’re saying that if somebody else
was driving an illegal vehicle and wouldn’t cooperate
that they wouldn’t’ be arrested? How are you comparing…
I mean this is kind of apples and oranges. It’s not apples and oranges. You’re driving a vehicle
on Washington State roads, on Washington State highway, and it’s in violation of the law, and you’re accountable to the law just the
same as me and anybody else is, you know? – Okay.
– Yeah. No, it’s… yeah, publicly owned… Any publicly owned vehicle,
including county, police and it opens up with
directing at the officer specifically. And that’s the key for you.
So you want to read this because even if they give you
an unmarked vehicle, you’re legally obligated to not operate
that unmarked vehicle because the law is defined
at the officer and says “You, as the officer,
shall not operate the vehicle on the public roadways,
a publicly-owned vehicle that’s not legally marked.” – That’s good to know. I’ll…
– Yeah. Just follow-up on it
and let’s just get it taken care of. It doesn’t have to be a big deal And I understand that there’s certain
instances, as is referenced in the law, where there is exemptions, but patrol vehicles
are not included in that. So, okay? – Sounds good.
– Alright. You be safe out there, Mr. Canfield.
Take care. And that is how you stop a police officer. He was driving by.
I flagged him over. Some people may say “Well, this is petty.
Leave the officers alone.” It’s not petty to hold
our police accountable. And this isn’t just one issue.
This isn’t just about police or sheriff. It’s not one thing. It’s accountability. It’s the lawlessness we see
all across America where government disdains the people and disdains the law
and thinks that they’re above law. We can’t allow that. We, the people,
are the sentinels of our liberty. The constitution is a law
that we placed on government. We, the people, must hold them
accountable to the law. These guys are obligated
to respect law and liberty and to follow the rules
that we the people placed upon them.

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