Citizen Signature bộ sưu tập Cao Cấp giá Ngàn Đô của Citizen

Citizen Signature bộ sưu tập Cao Cấp giá Ngàn Đô của Citizen

If Seiko has the Seiko Solar, Citizen has Citizen Eco-Drive And if there is the Grand Seiko, Citizen also has the Citizen Signature which can match Seiko Solar and once again the 2 biggest
watch groups in Japan to confront each other, but not
at the affordable price range, at high-grade products,
thousands of dollars/timepiece. Citizen Signature is a Citizen’s collection
of luxury watches has the price of above
1.000$/ product This is the collection which Citizen is extremely proud of They declare that: This collection is the true representative for 100 years of experience in
watch-making sector of Citizen All external components of Citizen Signature watches all are assembled manually by highly-experienced
watch-making artisans from Citizen. To ensure the highest quality and traditional value. If Citizen Signature watches for gentlemen have world-class automatic movements the elegance and luxury of the sample Citizen products
for ladies are also expressed by real diamonds which are inlaid manually
in a sophisticated way. Movement – The Heart of
a Citizen Signature timepiece often has the frequency of oscillation from 28,800 bph (beats per hour) the same as Swiss automatic movements Citizen’s movements are designed and decorated very carefully to have a stunning appearance. Especially, one of the most famous
movement of Citizen Citizen Eco-Drive can not be absent because of its high accuracy and stability Eco-Drive can operate for years
without replacing batteries or hand winding All types of movements in
Citizen Signature watches and advanced functions are used exclusively
by Citizen but not any other watch brands from mid-range
to luxury watches. Including watch-making brands
which are acquired by Citizen. For many years, Japanese wrist-watches are famous for
their high quality and have extremely affordable prices but always have to grieve
for locating in the lower rank by comparison with Swiss rivals. But nowadays, the duo Grand Seiko and Citizen Signature, everything has changed. However, they not only join forces to confront
rivals from Switzerland but also confront each other. Talk about price in average, Grand Seiko is more expensive
than Citizen Signature Movements, Grand Seiko’s movements are more
diverse than Citizen Siganture’s counterparts which specialize in
light-powered movements Designs, Citizen has Open Heart Seiko doesn’t completely expose the machine Materials, Grand Seiko uses real gold while Citizen Signature
uses real diamonds. Have anyone here had a chance
to possess one timepiece in the Citizen Signature collection? Yes? Then you should give
watch enthusiasts here some of your own assessments on the thousand-dollars Citizen’s timepiece! Do not forget to press Subscribe XChannel because there are far more interesting video,
which are waiting for you ahead. And now, goodbye and see you again!


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    Ngoc Luu

    nói đến citizen tự dưng thấy lòng vui vui, và hạnh phúc sẽ vỡ oà khi đc xwatch giới thiệu em NB2020-54A

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    T S D

    Quá tuyệt.. từ khi biết đến grand seiko khoảng 5 năm về trước. Yêu luôn đồng hồ Nhật. Hãy yêu giá trị đích thực, không yêu vẽ hào nhoáng thương hiệu của các hãng Thuỵ Sỹ nữa.

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