Citizens Academy of Largo

Upbeat music playing… Jerry Conrad, Citizens’ Academy Graduate… Well my wife and I moved here one year
ago we wanted to learn about City of Largo and how it functions and Citizens’
Academy has afforded us the opportunity to get around to the various departments
and to learn about each of their functions and to meet the individuals in
those departments which have been phenomenal. The City of Largo is amazing
to me because the people that have presented to us, are, every one of them
they’re very dedicated they really seem to enjoy what they do, they seem to be
really good at what they do and I’ve just been pleasantly surprised by the by
the whole event and and I would recommend it to anyone. Upbeat music playing Chief Chad Pittman, Largo Fire Rescue… Coming in as a Fire Chief for the City
of Largo and having the opportunity to go through each week and learning about
each division within the city has just been great. If you want to know what your
city does and why it does something, this is the opportunity to get that done. You’re provided two hours a week for each function of the city questions
answering is just enlightening. The information passed on to you as a resident of the city is unbelievable and it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed. Upbeat music playing

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