Citizens Activate: Power Leadership D.C. 2019

Citizens Activate: Power Leadership D.C. 2019

Welcome to our nation’s capital. Power’s 15th Leadership
Conference. This is not the first leadership
conference that we’ve had in D.C. in the last five years, this conference has grown by
over 400 percent. It isn’t just that the company
has changed. The change that I’ve seen in the
people in this room is wild. This is where the leaders of the
business are created. Each leadership conference itself is
unique. The content is unique. The overall experience is
different. All of that is supposed to
mirror the city in which we’re a part of. This is my great honor to
welcome to the stage the 43rd president of the United
States President George W. Bush This is more than a once in a
lifetime experience this is an out of out of body experience.
Out of body? Yeah that’s where I’m at. You look like you’re doing all
right. This is going to be a different
type of conference than we’ve ever had before. We’re trying to pull and learn
from people and cultures that are around us. History is gonna be a big
part of this, if we’re going to try and determine
where we want to go as individuals and as an
organization and as a country. We can’t start driving until
we’ve spent some time learning where we came from. In order to
become a good citizen you’ve got to strip back the layers of you
and part of that is learn your history The North Koreans attack South
Korea with seventy five thousand troops. To the south is the
Jefferson Memorial who penned one of our nation’s most
important documents, the Declaration of Independence. It isn’t that we focus on leadership
for three days every six months. It’s that we are realign ourselves
every six months so that when we come back again our leadership
muscle is strong and that leaders are not born they are


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