Citizens Bank Branch | Gilbane Building Company

The Delaware Valley region’s nominee is
the Citizens Bank Branch in Horsham, Pennsylvania. A triumph for this region’s newly-formed
special projects group, the assignment was completed in just 16 weeks, leading to the
signing of a master agreement with Citizens for working throughout the Philadelphia area. One of the wonderful things about teamwork
that Gilbane and all their players bring to the table is that collectively, we all have
strengths and weaknesses, but together, we all cover each other’s weaknesses and we
have a focused team that actually works to deliver the project on time. They had a grand opening scheduled, so we
to really push our subcontractors into thinking outside the box on how we can get the project
going on time, maintaining the original schedule, which we did. I think a lot of people don’t realize that
even though it’s not a large project, there’s a lot of stuff happening inside that building. There’s a lot of coordination that has to
happen, there’s a lot of little systems, security, and phone systems and special bank
systems that have to be coordinated and installed in a very short period of time. We established a plan where everybody could
work in an efficient manner and make money and complete the job. Once they saw the light at the end of the
tunnel and the path that we presented to them, they all seemed to buy in and work together. The proof is in the pudding. You have a wonderful, beautiful bank branch
that was done with everybody’s different goals in mind, and we achieved those things
satisfactorily. We had some other challenges, and I think
our ability to work with Citizens Bank, and their trusting of Gilbane, helped us get through
that. Typically the start up phase where we were
able to ensure them that even though we delayed the start, that we’d still be able to complete
the project for them on time. I think the fact that the relationship has
continued past the completion of this project is really a testament to the fact that we
are truly satisfied.

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