Citizen’s Basic Income explained in 2 minutes

Citizen’s Basic Income explained in 2 minutes

What would life be like if your government made sure every citizen was financially secure regardless of whether they worked or not? Many nation states already have some form of safety net for citizens. Some do this better than others. People can be stigmatized just for trying to use the safety net and trying to get the benefits you’re entitled to can be really difficult not to mention confusing. Long forms, measly payments and harsh rules imposed by governments trying to push people back into work. And, of course, the more complicated the system the more it costs to administrate. But, as jobs become less secure a safety net is more important than ever. One possible solution has been around for centuries. Now it’s gaining traction around the world. A Citizen’s Basic Income would pool all this money and give everyone an equal share. On top of what you might earn at work you’d receive an unconditional amount each month from the government. Not a fortune, but enough to live a dignified life without the bureaucracy of welfare systems or the fear of poverty hanging over your head and when everyone receives the same there’s no stigma involved. Critics say society is too complex for such simple plans. What about those with greater needs, disabilities or higher rent to pay? And what if the guarantee of a free lunch puts people off finding work? But campaigners say all the evidence points to basic income being a success. In test runs, people still worked But had the option to pursue more fulfilling jobs and hobbies And when everyone has a bit of money to spend the economy grows. So, is this an idea whose time has come? Would you like to learn more about it? Watch “Free Lunch Society” brought to you by Moving Docs. Check the link to find out where.


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    You missed the most important point. The idea of the UBI would be to use newly created money, often called Helicopter money, and inject it into the economy through the UBI. There is always a surplus of goods and services, because earnings are always insufficient to pay the price of all the goods & services on the market. So by giving consumers a sufficient quantity of newly created money, presumably through the central bank or public banks, they will have sufficient income to buy all the goods & services on the market. This seriously fuels economic growth, job creation and wealth expansion for the 99%, completely opposite to current central bank monetary policies which fuel the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% and DO NOT aid in the expansion of the REAL ECONOMY, instead cause an expansion of the paper, asset-based economy.

    It is more practical to do it as a negative income tax so the new purchasing power is most significant for those already in poverty, rather than giving added wealth to those who don't need it. A better alternative would be using newly created money, i.e. zero interest loans from an infrastructure development bank to spend $trillions on badly needed infrastructure. This creates jobs, feeds money into the pockets of the 99% who spend that money on goods and services, increasing jobs, without creating goods that will have to be bought. This what Roosevelt did during the Great Depression. Criminal private Banksters fly into a rage over public money creation, they insist all money creation is privately under their control. Ultimately the Great Depression ended due to the vast amounts of money created by private bank loans used to finance the WW2 war effort had the same effect. Has similar effect to infrastructure build & repair because war materials are destroyed rather than put on the market place for sale to consumers.

    Watch the Youtube video: " 97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary – Queuepolitely cut

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