Citizens’ Climate Lobby Introductory Video

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Introductory Video

The climate is changing, extreme weather
is disrupting livelihood and food supplies around the world. This is
observed. This is documented. This is the scientific communities consensus. The
climate is changing. Carbon emissions are driving that change. Emissions come from burning fossil fuels
so if we want to slow or even reverse the change, we must lower our fossil fuel
use. By charging a fee on fossil fuels and returning that revenue to households
as a dividend we can do just that. Starting a chain positive effects: fossil
fuels become less desirable; cleaner sources of energy become more
competitive; the dividend create millions of jobs; carbon emissions go down; reduced
air pollution saves tens of thousands of lives and climate change is brought
under control. We can make this happen but enacting a carbon fee and dividend
isn’t in our hands in theirs. How do we sway them ? What can we do? We can use our voices to express
political will and demand action. We must help our elected leaders work together.
It’s on us to tell them what we want as a group, because when voices call out
together their impact multiplies. Government can respond to the will of
the people provided we tell the government what we
want. And what we want is a livable world. This is what Citizens’ Climate Lobby
works for, to empower citizens to connect with and influence their members of
Congress. To spread the idea that each one of us can address climate change. Bring your voice to


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    Ricky Bradley

    What is Carbon Fee and Dividend? A solution to mitigate the negative consequences of a warming world? A solution that conservative economists and climate scientists alike say is the best first step to addressing climate change? A policy that creates jobs, grows GDP, saves lives and reduces greenhouse gas emissions?

    Carbon Fee and Dividend is all those things and more.

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    Claire Cohen-Norris

    Citizens' Climate Lobby is a fantastic organization! I have felt so empowered learning from them how to lobby my legislators. And the revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend? An incredible policy that can cut emissions dramatically. It has support from both sides of the aisle too! We, the people, can bring change when we work together. Thanks CCL! And thanks, Ian Somerhaulder

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    Aaron Murphy

    Great video which clearly spells out the danger we face by doing nothing.  END CITIZENS UNITED and the McCutcheon Decision if you want democracy in the US to survive. 

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    Louise Stonington

     What will you do today? Go to and join the fight to stop fossil fuel burning and let safe, healthy, profitable solar, wind, electric vehicles and other clean energy and energy efficiency provide us a better life.

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    Callie Hancock

    It's just wonderful that the practical, feasible solution to this gigantic problem that used to seem impossible to solve… is staring us all right in the face! — and can be explained in a short (and sweet) video. Watch & get going, people!! 🙂 

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    Thaddeus N. Cummins

    A simple, effective solution for economic growth and jobs. 1 – carbon fee of $15 per ton of CO2 at source (well head or port) 2 – monies collected by IRS, which sends money to households as tax refund or similar 3 – companies who sell abroad are not double taxed 4 – planet saved for future generations

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    Barton Schoenfeld

    Great video. Upbeat, and summarizes the solution to climate change in 2 minutes. Cut carbon, grow the economy, create jobs, and get money in your pocket! And it works!

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    Sharon Markenson

    Know why this delightful video is brief and succinct?  Because the solution it proposes, carbon fee and dividend, is elegant, simple and fair.  No financial traders or additional bureaucracy needed, just a price on the production of harm, compensation to consumers they'll try to pass that price on to, and incentives for all of us–fossil fuel companies, consumers, investors and innovators–to increase green energy and technology.

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    Jeff J.

    Fabulous video.  I joined CCL to help pass a carbon fee and dividend because it is the quickest and most doable way I know of to stabilize our climate for future generations.

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    Lynn Meyer

    A simple explanation of carbon fee and dividend, a.k.a. revenue neutral carbon tax. A solution that conservatives and liberals can get behind because it is market-based and will grow the local economy!

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    Kae Bender

    Certainly some change is needed to incentivize climate sensible solutions. Citizens' Climate Lobby needs our support to help legislators catch up to reality.

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    Bibiana Duque Cortes

    We need this in Colombia now! Because the goverment is pushing to explote the ground and make a big impact in rivers, mountains and all the nature. we need to make conscience and not repeat de same mistakes over and over; grow up as a country and civilization. Please help us because a little of people have conscience the real problem of that. @Ian Somerhalder .thanks u.

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    Jason Duba

    I've taken action on climate change in various ways with a number of groups. Working to enact a carbon fee and dividend with Citizens' Climate Lobby, I feel like I'm working for the right change with the right organization. This video makes that case.

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    Shari Omaha

    Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) has made it easy for me to use political power. I highly recommend it for busy people who want action on climate change and fair economic treatment for all of us who are forced to rely on fossil fuels because we have few options.

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    Abby Hamilton

    Thank you Ian Somerhalder!  A carbon fee and dividend is the best strategy to come along.  Join Citizens' Climate Lobby and be part of a history-making movement to begin saving our planet.

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    Jim & Holly Hemingway

    Our world is our house and our house is on fire.  Our representatives in government are the ONLY firemen that can save our house.  We need to remind them to do their job.

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    Pete Dignan

    Carbon fee and dividend is a perfect approach because it is revenue neutral (doesn't grow government) and it corrects the market failure associated with fossil fuels. #SpeakUp4Climate 

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    Suzanne Tveit

    A market based solution to a global problem. Transparent and straightforward. It makes sense and is doable across the political spectrum.  Let's make it happen!

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    Lin Griffith

    A solution has come forward that liberals and conservatives can agree on. How fast can we push  our legislators to make it happen? Get started at

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    John Castillo

    Carbon fee and dividend places the costs of carbon and toxic pollution on polluting companies, not on families and households. Fossil Fuel companies will alone be held financially accountable for the carbon and toxic pollution that comes from using their product. Fossil fuel pollution coming from smoke stacks and tail pipes will negatively effect their bottom line. With the real costs of fossil fuels reflected in it's price, and with fossil fuel corporations  bearing these costs but not average families and households, then clean energy will increase at a fast pace, and fossil fuel energy becomes undesirable.

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    Mary Haltvick

    The energy market is stuck on fossil fuels.  We need a correction that re-orients the market toward clean energy and all its benefits.  A price on carbon can do that by putting a price on what we don't want (toxic effects of CO2) and encouraging what we do want (clean sources of energy and the jobs it will bring with it.) The fee and dividend approach described in the video is the most viable one.  I'm all for it.

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    2015 can be a decisive year for climate action! Please share this message of a simple bipartisan solution that is revenue-neutral and market-based. A majority of Americans support government action to curb global warming, and this will be the easiest solution for Congress to embrace.

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    Douglas Pritchard

    Our province of Ontario has announced their plans to put some kind of a price on carbon. Great. Now we need to ensure that they use the best info available and move us towards a carbon fee & dividend program.

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    Technically the climate has always been changing. so it is wrong to think that we could or should stop that change. The problem nowadays is rather that that change is happening real fast and comes with more consequences and disadvantages then such things usually do.
    I don't know whether or not we really could reverse it even if everyone helps and even if we go back in that direction it won't ever be exactly like it was. I think you better say we have to create a new change that is going in the right direction, one that is better for this planet and indeed reverses a few of the worse changes.
    Just a note to this: ecology and environmental sciences are extremely complicated. it is nearly impossible to predict what EXACTLY will happen if you change a certain thing, but their are common "facts" (or believes) that some things like reducing carbon emissions would have a positive outcome for everyone.

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    Gregg Thomas

    Won't change the spending habits of the American consumer.  We will still heat our homes, we will still buy our electricity from coal and oil powered pplants and we will still buy gas  for our vehicles.  Our carbon footprint will remain the same.

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    George Schultz says the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend would be Ronald Reagan’s way to address Climate Change.  In the 1980’s President Reagan supported the Montreal Protocol that addressed the hole in the ozone layer.  

    Ozone depleting substances needed to be replaced, and luckily Congress came up with a plan that  helped industry find those replacements. 

    Now we have too much CO2 in the atmosphere, and we need Washington to help us transition to renewable energy sources. 

    Tell your Congressman you want a Carbon Fee and Dividend to help us transition to renewable energy sources.

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    Erik G

    Where will power come from when the Sun isn't, out and it isn't windy? Climate has always changed, and always will regardless of what we do. Green energy ran the world before fossil fuels. People started burning fossil fuels because green energy wasn't capable of running the world. If green energy was capable of running the world, it already would, and all of the fossil fuels would've stayed in the ground.

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    Geoff Wales

    There is a tendency to downplay the danger and urgency of climate change, and this video is typical of that. 'Extreme weather is disrupting livelihoods around the world' is missing the point. Global warming threatens food and water security, and may potentially lead to mass migration, starvation and species extinction.

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    Climate Klaus

    Citizens' Climate Lobby is by far the best group I ever joined. For an inside look, watch an inspiring 8 minute YouTube Video "The Best Group I Ever Joined", that has received a ton of praise from viewers.

    "WOW!!!!! I just watched 'The Best Group I Ever Joined' and I
    absolutely love it! I would love to show it at the Regional! Peter can
    we work this in? I think it would especially show well at a public
    outreach event."
    — Jon Clark, Mid-Atlantic Regional CCL Coordinator, York, PA

     For more reviews about this video, go to

    Speak up for climate

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    Suzanne Tveit

    dear anon, this fee is just on fossil fuels that put CO2 in the atmosphere: oil, natural gas and coal. it makes them more expensive to encourage more low carbon energy like hydro electric.

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    I made this animation to explain the concept "Carbon Fee and Dividend Animation"

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    Richard Pauli

    Wow.. I first heard of this idea from Dr. James Hansen. Thanks so much .. Wait… I heard that "Corp[orations are People"… are you saying the Corporations are now Citizens? Does the citizen have an obligation to the Constitution? And then what is the obligation of the US citizen to act to protect 'ourselves and our posterity' Oh dear. what a mess.

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    Barbara DiTommaso

    Friends, please don't waste time and energy replying to climate change deniers or objectors to what may not be the entire solution but can be a major factor in keeping our earth home habitable. I've worked at social change for a very long time, and I've found that those who try to discredit the efforts of others are not doing so because it won't work or because they have a better idea, but because they don't want to take the responsibility of doing anything. Or they are temperamentally skeptical of anything new and will be among the last adapters.

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    good ancestors

    It's amazing that we still need explainer videos to teach people about climate change, but good to know that we have renewable energy lobbyists.

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    Ted Rees

    Personally I think it would be better to use the carbon fee proceeds only to fund the replacement of fossil fuels, or the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Otherwise, people will just be buying bigger TV's.

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