Citizens Fire Academy Graduation

[business news music] (Mario Longoria)
The 2015 Corpus Christi Citizens Fire Academy concluded its
twelve week course on Wednesday, August 5 with a
graduation ceremony at the fire department headquarters. Participants trained with fire
department personnel to gain in-depth understanding of the
Corpus Christi Fire Department, the fire service in general, and
to provide fire safety information that will save the
lives of their families, neighbors, and themselves. (Kellie Mathieu)
I learned that our firefighters go into these fires with more
weight on them than anybody should have to, to fight a fire. The amount of training that
anybody has to do in order to join the fire department, it’s
tremendous. I personally could not do it. (Mario Longoria)
Over the twelve week course participants learned about the
different elements of the fire department, some of which
included EMS training, ladder practices, and search and rescue
missions. (John Ray)
Just seeing what they go through day in and day out, everbody has
an idea of what firefighters do based on what they see in movies
and T.V., but being there and experiencing their training and
being able to ride along the ambulance and seeing what they
actually go throught, it makes them more heroes than they
already were. (Mario Longoria
For the City of Corpus Christi, I’m Mario Longoria. [business news music]

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