Citizens’ march against ABVP

Students from different universities. Specially
from DU have gathered in what they called save DU citizens march. We are normal student
that want to debate and discuss in their college campuses. This was not only an attack on the
DU as a campus but also on our preamble our basic constitutional values were attacked that
day.University have been completely taken over by the hooliganism of what happened at Ramjas. I am very hurt by all the activity going on in
various universities. Attacks on seminars. I mean we have to resist the democratic space in our university. This is a march they have called against the violence that have erupted
at Ramjas college on February 21 and 22. Situation of Ramjas at that point of time
22 February is haunting. It is literally haunting. It is very interesting what RSS and ABVP are
doing. What they are trying doing is that they are trying to shift focus entirely out of
violence and bring it to Umair Khalid .. We can see that a lot of students are there and they are on the streets. They have made paintings and have interesting posters that they are carrying along. And also raising slogans against the ABVP.

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