Citizens of Space | Launch Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Testing… 1, 2, 3… My fellow Citizens of Space! It is with great pride, and humility, That I accept your appointment
to the Ambassadorship of Earth! I promise to serve all of
my constituents including… Humans. Ahoy there me-hardeys The young Special delivery! Robots Thanks, you’re so sweet! And… whatever that thing is. Breaking news, space cadets! The planet Earth has just gone missing! Our first day, and the Earth is missing!
Do you know what this means? We’re out of a job? Well, for my first duty, I shall find our beloved
planet and set things right! I’m going to do whatever it takes… I’ll explore alien worlds, Enter calm negotiations
with anyone in my way. But I’m going to need help from
you, my galactic constituents. This is a job for… We now have the most important
job there is, saving Earth! Will that cover my salary or… [XBOX SOUND]

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