Citizens of the Earth

Citizens of the Earth

The time has come that every
citizen of planet earth needs to take responsibility for
the benefit of all mankind. Your responsibility is to be human. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be alive? Because when you are in love with
your life, with your existence, that’s when you begin to respect
other people’s existence This is not the case in the world today. This needs to change.
And that fundamental change doesn’t begin with the world out there. It begins with every single human
being on the face of this earth. The time has come that we,
the citizens of this earth, take the responsibility upon our shoulders. It is not the governments,
not the big institutions. It is not the police;
it is not the army. But it is each human being
taking responsibility for this peace that is going
to make a difference.


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    David Klamph

    Speak your peace! PeaceCast, a 48-hour Livestreaming service on the International Day of Peace: PD 2014 Call For Entries Peacecast 140619 V2 AppleTrailer: PD 2014 Call For Entries Peacecast 140619 V2 AppleTrailer

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    Chantal Andree Berclaz

    Awesome, what a great introduction to prepare new listeners to listen to Prem's message, and be reminded too!

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    Tony Tan

    Youtube advertisements are getting better. Recently, I'm actually voluntarily watching many of their advertisements fully without skipping.

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    neftali tellez ariza

    Qué hermoso, inspirador y apropiado para cada ser humano.Todo lo que Prem Rawat hace está hecho con mucha calidad y belleza. Gracias Maestro.

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    Miguel Yepes

    Maravillosa contribución de la Fundación TPRF al Día Internacional de la Paz. Palabras de Prem Rawat, fundador de la TPRF.

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    Renate Jakupca

    The Science behind Peace and Global Harmony is the "Theory of Iceality on Environmental Arts". Developed in 1987, it is the practical study on the aesthetics of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through Arts and Culture, ultimately promoting an effective sustainable global Culture of Peace between all Living Things ~ Human, Plant and Wildlife  Kingdoms!   The incorporation of the rights of flora and fauna in a "Universal Peace Equation" is the first major change in achieving a sustainable global Culture Peace on Earth in over 2000 Years.

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    Kate Green

    Brought tears to my eyes when you mentioned about being human,I am a human in the Mayan tzolkin,and my life is devoted to service for the planet and its people.

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    just one thing…how can we change as a person.. or be in love with ur life … when you have Evil governments keeping us fighting each other, keeping us from moving forward. creating debt out of air. making unlawful laws. just my opinion. i believe in this video.. but i also believe in REVOLUTION to succeed this change!

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    Armina Khachatryan

    “Peace begins with a smile..” 
    ― Mother Teresa

    wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful video !I've watched this several times !
    Words of wisdom !

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    James Freeman

    When people ask me "what are you?", my reply is "I am not affiliated with any country, religion, or political party ………I am HUMAN BEING" !
    I am not a slave, I belong to no one, I belong to no thing !
    All my rights come from my Sovereign Creator God !

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    jos van laar

    THE best video i have seen recently, reminding us all (i mean all 7 billion of us…) : Only when we listen to our heart, we can learn to feel more peace, share more love and help those in need. That is our HUMAN DIGNITY, that we now, anno 2015 also need to give to refugees, that are in war zones and who are in serious danger !!!

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    Gee Harliquin

    I whole heartedly agree!

    We are all Human Beings!
    We all have to live here together on this tiny rock we call Planet Earth!

    Time for Humanity to combine all it's knowledge and resources for the greater good of all life!
    Time for Humanity to stop the destruction and replace it with building!
    Time for Humanity to recognize and accept it's place within the bigger picture!
    Time for Humanity to Unify as a Species!

    We are all Citizens of Earth!

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    Heidrun Lagherta

    Great! Mister Maharaji seems to be a representative of the "globe-earth"-theory!!
    Very interesting, whereas the UN (where he forms part of) uses the "flat-earth"-pic as an emblem .
    Now the standard- Premi will state: oh, it doesn't matter wether the earth is flat or global! The only thing that matters is the human heart!
    God seems to have made a mistake by gifting us with a mind…
    Bad bad god! Why you gave me a brain 😡
    Brain is confusion only!!
    A heart on two legs would have been just fine 😉

    Another thing:
    Have you ever realized the Maharishi discredits the "material world". ("Focus inside and everything's is fine"), but himself lives in Malibu, near Hollywood, known to be one of the worlds most expensive neighborhoods 😂😂🤣😂😘😂😘
    I love that guy

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    1) He is a pilot! He MUST know about Flat Earth!! We does he/do they promote the globe earth in most of his videos??? I simply don't get it…
    Another thing: He lives in one of the worlds most expensive areas…Malibu.
    Yet his message includes: Material stuff doesn't matter ??? Come on!
    Its like preaching water, while drinking wine 🙂

    So-called Premis are kind of blind to evidence.

    Or is there anyone who can answer these simple questions to me?
    Thank you in advance 😉

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    why lying about the shape of the earth?? the earth is flat!!
    lasting peace can only be established on truth, NOT on LIES!!!!!

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    Daniel Spiteri

    Great Video ! Just one question.. Does the TPRF understand the difference between a Person, People of planet Earth, Human beings and a CITIZEN ?

    The People of this Earth created the Government and the Government created the CITIZEN.. Which one are you ?
    In the video it states, "its not up to the government… It's up to the Citizen" to make things right. How is this possible when the government owns and controls the citizen ?
    Is your video suppose to say " its not up to the Government or its Citizens.. Its up to the People of this Earth " to make things right..

    This video contradicts itself and seems to be intentionally made to confuse people about what a Citizen is and nothing more..

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