Citizens of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Calpurnia

Citizens of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Calpurnia

–Calpurnia is the housekeeper and the maid in the Finch household, but her intellectual reasoning is to be the
moral compass of this family. –In the book, the story about racial tension in the
Jim Crow South, there are only two significant African-American characters
Calpurnia and Tom Robinson, and neither one has much to say at all about
this struggle. Calpurnia makes cornbread and her concern is whether Scout is
going to wear overalls or a dress school. –Well, in this particular version, it was
important that Calpurnia was not seen as scenery
without a point of view, and it was totally important to me being here. –I felt like missing an opportunity here. I want to hear what Calpurnia has to say. And so, Calpurnia becomes the person challenging Atticus the most. –Everything revolves around what Calpurnia has been trying to tell Atticus from the very
beginning about human nature, and in the end it all falls true, unfortunately. I tried to find the heart of her through people whom I knew like my grandmother,
who was in service. I’ve also had people who, as strangely as it always sounds
when they say it, Oh, you know I had a Calpurnia? They say, We loved her. She was like… I said, Don’t say like family. But I get it. I get it. She was like family. –LaTanya Richardson Jackson, when she comes on stage, she
changes the barometric pressure in the Shubert Theatre. A shift happens. She…
she’s like thunder. –It surprises me that all of the Calpurnia’s, for all those
years, made it through without killing someone. They just took it they didn’t poison
those children. They didn’t poison those families. They just took it. [music]


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    Julia Calvet

    I’m terrified of Calpurnia (especially after Go Set a Watchman) but I love her sooooo much. I agree completely, all these Calpurnias just took it, and they were so unbelievably strong and resilient

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