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(sirens wailing) (guns firing) (intense rhythmic music) – Cary 911, what is the
address of your emergency? – The Citizens Police
Academy is a 12 week program and the entire 12 weeks
covers everything from crime analysis to
our records division, traffic, our patrol division, several divisions of
the detective bureau, property crimes,
crimes against persons. They get use of
force and firearms and they actually get
to spend a voluntary day out at the range
as you saw today. (gun fires) – As part of the
Citizen Academy, what we do is bring our
citizens out to this range and we actually want to
show them the different ways law enforcement do something
they virtually never do. Only 2% of police officers
in the line of duty fire their weapon
ever in their career. Today they were able to
see a SWAT demonstration we call emergency response team. They were able to
watch a bounding fire where they would
leave their vehicle, go to another spot
and then another spot and then another spot and
then ultimately make a dynamic entry where they had to
make a rescue of a hostage. – What we’ve been told
is the Cary SWAT Team is number one in the
state of North Carolina, so it was really great
to see them perform and get that opportunity
to see what they do, the amount of time that they
have to commit to do that because they have, obviously, their own jobs
that they’re doing. It’s all volunteer that
they’re doing that. It’s just really very exciting. Exciting to see
what they can do. (gun firing) – [Man] One hand only. Holster. Two rounds. Two seconds. Fire. – We also shoot through
a course of fire, so we want to watch them,
well, this is the reason we shoot one handed
at the three yard line or we shoot two handed
at the seven yard line, why we make a series of
fire at the seven yard line so they can understand
that we don’t just shoot until
the gun’s empty. We shoot and then we reassess. You shoot and then we reassess. – Oh, today has been fantastic. Just learning how to shoot and I’ve actually
done a ride-along so I was able to see them in
action and to get a different perspective
on what you see on TV. So it’s been very informative. – We’re going to
do down this hall. Follow me. Let’s go.
– Let’s go, there you go. About eight years
ago, nine years ago, we developed the
Citizen Police Academy’s building search class
and really what we’re looking for is we want
to finish the class with something they can
show practical skills of what they learned in
some of the other classes. In the other classes, they
talk about how I use force or weapon skills, or we
talk about how officers had investigate crimes
and things like that. But the real important roll
here is that we let the people that attend the class know
that here is the reason we go into a house, here’s
how we might operate. So what we did today is we
gave them two experiences. One is is we moved them
around an office space that had rooms and
cubicles and other areas. And then we let them
understand how they would move as a team, how they would
communicate as a team, and then how they
would address what they believe is a risk behavior. – Line up on the door straight across the left
pass the elevator. – Go, come on,
let’s go, hurry up. Hurry up, hurry up,
hurry up, hurry up. – I don’t think that I have
the nerve for handle being a police officer the
way these guys do. It would be pretty
nerve-racking to try and go through this day to day. – My perception
of law enforcement
before the academy was really based on what I
had seen in the media. So I had really mixed
feelings about it. But after going through
the courses and meeting several police officers,
understanding more about the resources and how
they serve our community, I feel much more comfortable and confident in
our local police. – I know I’m biased to say, but the academy
participants love it. I have yet to find
one that hasn’t just enjoyed their experience. I got an email the other day
from a student describing an instructor that just said
his name and said, “Wow.” I get feedback like that
from them all the time. – [Reporter] What is the
most valuable experience you’ve gained from
being in this academy? – The human side of
the police force. Very interesting. Yesterday I was in a police
car for the ride-along. I saw how they work
and how professional they are and how human they are. – The biggest thing I got out
of this is the fact that we as citizens, we’re responsible
for the laws that are made. So if there’re certain
things you don’t like, you really have to
get more involved. So part of what I’m doing
is getting more involved to volunteer, understand better, and maybe the people around
me or within my circle, bring them to a
better understanding. – This is a great
opportunity for us to be able to do some
community outreach. To reach out, to open our
doors to the community and to bring the community in
to us to show them what we do. I just enjoy getting to
meet all these new people and getting to hear what
it is that they love, what it is that they don’t love, and the things that
they’re happy about and the things that they’re not. And just really enjoy the
interaction with the community. Really get to know
your citizenry that way and have made some
friendships out of that. I’ve really enjoyed that part. – One, two, three. – [All] Ha!

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