Citizens Speak Out Against Trump’s Attack on Public Lands

– Our national monuments,
to a great degree, protect the places of history, of culture, of natural beauty. If we were to lose monuments, then that’s like taking
out a piece of our soul. – To attack national monuments undermines the precious natural heritage
of the people and the nation. – [Audrey] The current
administration is undertaking an effort to review national
monuments created since 1996. To me, that is fairly
odious, shall we say. – In the simplest terms, the basic threat is
destruction of the area. If it doesn’t have the protections, then it can be destroyed. – It’s about the people
and the ties to the land that these people have had for hundreds and thousands
of years in some cases. It really is like a history book that you can walk in and touch and experience and learn from. – [Hillerie] When I was
a kid in the first grade growing up in Kansas, we learned
“This Land is Your Land.” When I go out on the public lands, I always think of that song. Think it’s important that all of us take an active interest in making sure that these areas are here
for all of us to enjoy. – The effort to “review”
national monuments that are already in the
public lands system, to my mind, is really reprehensible. – [Robert] It’s wrong on
environmental grounds, it’s wrong on social justice grounds, it’s wrong because it violates
the will of the people. – [Hillerie] We don’t want to make our public lands a partisan issue. It’s something that all
Americans can enjoy. – Presidents add monuments,
they don’t subtract them. (light piano music)

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