Citizens Tower and City Complex Update – July 9, 2019

Citizens Tower and City Complex Update – July 9, 2019

You’ve seen it. Nearly two years of
construction and work rising 11 floors over downtown Lubbock. Now just months away from its completion we’ll take you inside the progress of Citizens Tower. Important to note here, is there’s two personnel elevators and right here we see the shaft for the service elevator that will service every floor Right now we’re standing in the front entrance of what will be Citizens Tower. We’ll have a door on the east side and a door on the south side. This hallway will walk down into the elevator banks, you’ll be greeted by a
receptionist. There’ll be a police officer here. Off to our right will be the entrance to the Council Chamber. This area will be the City Council Chambers, outfitted with state-of-the-art technology it will enhance accessibility
for citizens both here and over the airwaves. We’ve designed the Chamber to
be very accessible not only for the media, for the citizens that are watching at home on TV or via Internet as well as those that
want to attend the meeting. We’ve also created the room to be flexible. The
chairs will not be fixed so if the Council Chamber needed to be used for
different events we can move the chairs around. Beyond cutting-edge technology
and a brand new feel and look, the future City Hall is all about being functional. The columns are exposed, and so the way you see this column now is the way you’ll see it when you walk in. And the floors will be polished concrete. That’s something that we feel
like is timeless, it wears well and obviously has little or no maintenance.
Just to the southeast of Citizens Tower another building is soon to be completed.
The City of Lubbock Utilities Customer Service building. Underneath the retail center for LP&L, this is an atrium that was built down through the existing structure to bring sunlight
into all these offices. This is where customers will come and pay their bill
or if they have questions for LP&L There’ll be parking for those customers. These two buildings will be the first completed and what will be known as the
City Complex which will eventually include more parking, Municipal Court and the Lubbock Police Department First thing an important thing to note is
we’re standing in what’s going to become a plaza. 14th Street will be closed. Here to the south is what we anticipate building a parking structure
on and then you’ll see some connectivity walkway between Police and the Tower. To my left here is where the old Chamber building sat, it’s going to be a parking
lot. There’ll be parking associated with LP&L. There’ll be some parking on PD HQ when it comes online. There’s a lot directly
west of us here, that’s north of the M&M auto service building that is a owned by
the City and it’s City parking. There’s actually one smaller lot back to the
west that we’ll also be City parking. I also
believe it creates a synergy amongst departments, it’s easier for departments to work together. Though the City Complex will change the face of local government,
it was designed with the most important part of Lubbock in mind… the citizens.
Making it easier for them to come to one area as a one-stop shop


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