Citizens United Case w/ President of Bob Fertik

we haven’t talked about for dick bromide
democrats outcome develop warpath on against citizens united bless his heart and his happily until some good news
about what democratic parties who are about it bob wildly on perks kit agreed adding your uh… first off uh… just for the people who
don’t know real quick let’s can you explain or so what the supreme court did
and citizens united ghana not now looking five kilometers leavitt corporation content unlimited
amount of money an election too electrically the candidate of their choice and one of my primerica’s and for some
i’d primary an overwhelming concern is that allows corporations through a
political process but a a secondary concern i had was what there’s nothing that really
provides for corporations from doing that as well even if you take it do it now it could be some
interpretations you bring up an interesting point about
opening up subsidiary here how would that work but the he’s company that happened part company but they clearly usbank which is untill manager camcorders go which is entirely
owned by the venezuelan oil company you have to create content unlimited
amount of money just like every other u_s_ corporations but it’s very ironic
as we just heard how several cd say in a speech today that poll obama’s letting chavis
takeover ironically it’s the right wing
conservative quartet slingshot mistake over under
this ruling right clear that so now that he’s taking over
buddy you know he could spend a tremendous
amount of money to resolve beneath inflows are elections so now whatever dev rest proposing to
fight back ups later today that will be introduced any day now that
the leader today after that but jacques chirac senator from new york ny crypto on the record informality and you’re welcome to all things it well
restrict foreign control corporation spirit prevent them
from sending in u_s_ collection disclosure people are not on that a laundered money attack but i went corporation give money that the chamber of commerce door to the
phenomena group that nobody’d ever heard so that would have to preclude could
actually paying for them and that the situation that we’re
working real hard to make sure ends up in the final bill is that holders should have to vote political spending cocoon the money doesn’t belong to the managers
it belongs to the shareholders it’s been it would come to them informative and so it’s not management money the weight
unc corrupting the political process let’s go back to the second point there what i say when i had wall or ask about one other thing it how about uh… the idea of being then
go on camera that c_e_o_’s as we will has that work it wait just like the and political advocate a
captive gone camera and fail approve this message geeky the company that animals dot any given
day that would have to do nothing is not realistically i mean ho overheard honestly shut down the whole
thing and this and or could they really say they like
okay i am a sealed exxon mobil and i think that that that democrats should
lose this he was a global warming or that said exxon mobile which is
basically at the end of the room corporate well it you know there picked acted like dogs i can ship of
nasty talking wid partly cause on-camera intro you know after this message because i a
democrat at this time product but but but it’s interesting
because if they’re not willing to see it in public wider the why do we allow them to do it
in private you know that i thought we had a pulpit
and free entrance paradigm if i want to wait a second point of
because would that affect the rules as they
currently stand even before citizens united so for example americans for prosperity and
freedom works they get money believe the marriage for
prosperity does from coke industries and they don’t offer reveal how much
they get at all as things from the senate if i’ve got it
right and that’s why i want to ask you with this law change that ikea complicated yatin campaign in had bearish that attacked the
candidate corporations were never able to to run though they had before they could run issue-oriented seldane
healthcare battle there were endless accurate at had but they will campaign yet they want saying elector
defeat candidate so evidence would be in touch going to have that corporate money in
the first akki ede and that the rule that would be changed by this new law okay so they can still give money to so-called think-tanks are grassroots
organizations and we can really find out how much are you says the separatist do you know that being activity it would only cover campaign actively on
it we’re talking about for its from uh… democrats dot com bob you wanted to be even tougher than this
law how much ever going to be that week pr comically this so for children aren’t
which will be decided in the next in the month of may i get the short term battle the medium term battle is publicly
financed election for the candidate who don’t want
corporate money can compete fight getting a lot of
contributions and get no donations matched that they could to stomach reaction
parts working a lot of places like name in atlanta so we need at the federal level thing that we need which is the local is
the constitutional amendment that declared the corporation are not
people and could not have the right to under the first amendment
and government-approved updation you know the way the day’s graham into
being people back in their lady eighteen hundreds was
amazing and i think you know i don’t know how many people know that story
about how their the clerk who used to be there executor of the railroads and this that
writes in later all by the way corporations are people resided does so well you know happy five how many politicians
you think had any idea or let alone justices have any idea that’s what i
actually ap with no there very stoop and va securities subject to identify republican right winger support it you
know dot org with a clear i don’t know that many another car know that the history of it that i can century worldwide that so
but what about you know it’s interesting because and because the issue uh… you know the main issue at hand
here because rehnquist who is a conservative actually was against corporations having
first amendment rights but now he’s been replaced by not other
conservatives but by co-operatives like robertson toledo and i think
there’s a distinction there is there is there a way of reaching to circle
real could serve as in the country and say hey look defects to be on our side how the eighty percent of americans oppose systems united ruin a puppy idea the
corporation should have more power than they have now and that was about the board republican conservative just as much as democrat liberal so our delegate a average conservative and republican
voter feels that way the problem is that that the entire republican leadership is one thousand percent behind because particular per partic and that even include john mccain who would be locked up in
the cane feingold now that was overturned by the thrilling yankees just
turned out to be you know atrocious let me know if they
do you believe in a maverick dinosaur now look at those long called bety
opiate a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate america but then that makes you wonder hey can
we get this thing passed because well i don’t know that you had the nerve
to filibuster this thing and and are they going to be able to hold older
senators fantasy question uh… shat is you know good political leader great
impact player so you will have the full support
different effect every single senator every single one of the understand that in theory they could run up against one of the campaign at
that kurt stand on her to defeat them and they would be cut that in theory but even though you credit that if they went
to a meeting with they had to that time i had to learn we’re told now thinking about running this campaign against you if you go on global warming then we won’t have
campaigned i mean that are mixed emotion that are not yet would be at the federal fully understand the
where that will be down lake will want to take action to prevent that
from happening so another majored blizzard do you think the bill strong enough and
you think it’ll pass i’d military but we don’t know where we know the
party point i thought that you are going up and i think it will pass and but we are
not taking captains we are out there typing visit democrats dot com to find
petition to europe congressmen to to support this buddhist
everything we can we got a broad coalition interpret the pepper are bob party president democrats are
calm things so much for joining us through everything if you like this clip lobos show you can watch that at the

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