Citizenship Now/Daily News Call-In at John Jay College

Allan: This is our
15th Annual Call-in. This year we’ll have close—
more than 600 volunteers will come and answer questions
from immigrants from around the city and
around the world. CUNY has a
long history of concern and support
for immigrants. CUNY Citizenship Now has
been around for 20 years. We provide services all year
round throughout the city. Bill: Our sponsorship,
along with the Daily News, sends a message to
people who are scared. When this environment of fear—
they’re going underground,. We’re saying there is help. There are those who
will work with you. Our volunteers,
and there are more volunteers this year, I believe,
than ever before, let me thank them because they’re helping to
send that message, “We value you.
We want you to be here. We want you to stay.” Vita: Immigrant voices
have always been among CUNY’s richest and most creative. They have, for 170 years,
been among the strengths of CUNY and a source of
our greatest successes at this University. Forty percent of our
undergraduates are foreign born. Allan: Our view is that, help
people on the path to citizenship, that’s the best way to
protect yourself from any concerns you may have about
changing politics and policies in the United States. I’d like to say CUNY is America’s
most immigrant friendly university. Both because of its
educational programs, its financial aid programs,
but also because of Citizenship Now and the great work it does all year round great work it does
all year round.

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