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hi everyone my name is marina and on today’s video I’m going to talk about how was my citizenship interview and this whole process of becoming an American citizen here’s how is the test you have to study a hundred questions all these questions obviously are about the United States of America they will ask you only 10 questions and you have to get it right 6 questions on my case I did get the 6 first questions right but that’s because I did study you have to study don’t think that you’re going to get to your interview and they’re going to ask you like what is the color of the American flag note there is no such a thing you have to study some questions are easy but some questions are not easy like I think even most of Americans don’t know how to answer those questions I was going to tell you now the six questions they asked me on my interview the first question was what did the Declaration of Independence do you don’t need to answer exactly the way it is you know in the material that they give it to you but you can just say America was free from Great Britain they’re not super strict you don’t have to like be like robot it can say exactly what it was there they just want to see that you know you know what what is the answer the second question was named one branch of the government and my answer was Congress number three was if the vice president can no longer serve who becomes the president the Speaker of the House so far so good it was pretty easy I because I studied because I didn’t know that before I didn’t know the Speaker of the House will become the president if the vice president could no longer serve the fourth question was I think the most difficult the Federalist Papers supported the passage of the US Constitution named one of the writers I did get his question right John Jay because it [Applause] because I always order fish fillet or make tacos and that’s jay-z song and the other song is from John Leno you know John Jay I think I think you got it right I don’t have to break it out but yeah so that’s how I memorized this guy’s name like John Lennon jay-z John Jay so that was easy but I think most of Americans don’t know if you ask them named one of the writers of the American Constitution do you know I know John Jay number five was pretty easy how many justices are and the answer is nine and number six was how many senators are in the United States and the answer is a hundred because we have fifty states and in each state you have two senators so you know totalizing one hundred senators so it was easy but that’s because again I did study the material they gave it to me so you have to study before the interview you go through an English test but it’s pretty easy it should just say something like the Constitution blah blah blah and then you have to write it down the Constitution blah blah blah and then she asked you to read something in a piece of paper and then you have to read it out loud so it’s pretty easy the questions are the most difficult part I think well not really from in my experience that was not the difficult part the difficult part was the damn passport because she was like okay there is no stamp in 2013 saying that she came back to the United States of America because I fly a lot to Brazil you know I’m constantly flying back to Brazil and one of the times that I I flew to Brazil I came back and I don’t know for what reason when I went through through customs at the airport they didn’t stamp my passport so I was missing this stamp and she was like I just want to make sure that you didn’t stay longer you know than six months away because when you are going through this process you have to live in the United States you cannot stay away from more than six months so she wanted to make sure that that didn’t happen and I was like oh my gosh like I didn’t even know like I should be checking the stamps on my passport so I had to go through my emails to see the dates that I came back to the United States their airline tickets to have proved that I actually came back to the United States I didn’t stay there forever so that was the difficult part for me I passed the test then the next step you have to go to the ceremony to the oath ceremony you know you have to like say a bunch of stuff and this was a little weird to me and I will get there but before I tell you when you got weird I want to say that it was pretty cool it was pretty cool I had Obama in a big screen at the time Obama was the president so he was welcoming everybody he was saying congratulations now you’re you’re an American citizen and he was saying some beautiful things and it was pretty moving I cried I’ll show it to you a little part of the old ceremony because I have this video today marks a very special day of your life you’ve traveled a long path to get here you sworn a song off this car and so I asked if you use your freedoms and your talents to contribute to the good of our nation [Applause] there was a little bit how was the ceremony when they say who is from Brazil stand up I was out of word because Brazil was the first country they said I was thinking like oh they will have like a bunch of countries that start with the letter A but no the first country was Brazil and I had my camera so and I had my girl my baby girl she was like six months at the time and and then I was like oh Brazil and then I look I look around only one Brazilian stand up like me and another woman we were just two presidents becoming American citizens if that was crazy I thought bunch of Brazilians will be there but no it was just two of us the countries that had more people becoming American citizens like the room like so the first country I think was Mexico the second one was China and the third one was India so like when they said Mexico like pretty much the whole room stand up then China then like you know a bunch of people stand up to any India as well but Brazil nobody so that was pretty cool it was pretty exciting I cry everybody was so nice to me but then there were some things that I was like I don’t know about that they just like to swear this you’re going to fight with guns like for the United States if they ask you to do it I I don’t want I don’t feel comfortable saying that like I don’t want to carry a gun and go to war or something like that so they asked you to swear this so I was like I swear the United States of America that’s what I did sorry I don’t know if people can actually take my citizenship back most of people they were doing the same thing that I was doing because they are not understanding like most of people they were in that room the English was not very good like mine so we were like yeah yeah I swear I United States of America like you have to sing the the anthem I don’t know how to sing I am how I was just like I’m not I’m just like I don’t know the lyrics I seriously if I had to learn the lyrics I will learn the lyrics like the 100 questions I knew I had to get that right so I did study but like nobody said that I should memorize the anthem so I didn’t and the same was when I had to swear like that I where gods and fine in the war if they asked me I was like dude maybe you know if if United States go to a war maybe they would send all the foreigners that became American citizens in the front you know and I would be one of them no I wouldn’t be one of them because if United States getting a war with any country I will be out I’ll be back in Brazil you’re not going to be see me here I think it’s a formality that you have to do you have to swear this stuff but I wasn’t comfortable about it that’s how was my citizenship interview I hope you liked this video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to like here you know you know below on this video I see you next week Bejo ciao

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