Citizenship Quiz for All Saints and Day of the Dead 2017

Hi, this is Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship
Podcast. Every week, we bring you practice interviews,
quizzes, resources, and the latest news that help you get ready for your US Citizenship
interview. Today we are going to have a Citizenship quiz in honor of All Saints Day and Day of the Dead. All Saints and Day of the Dead are part of
a 3-day festival that remembers the lives of those who passed before us. Let’s get started. Nov 7, 2016: Janet Reno served in Pres. Clinton’s cabinet as the 1st female US Attorney General (1993–2001). QUESTION: What are two (other) Cabinet-level
positions? Question 2 Dec 8, 2016: As an astronaut, John Glenn
became the first American to orbit the earth. Later, he served as a US Senator from Ohio
(1974–1999). QUESTION: Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now? Question 3 Dec 9, 2016: Edwin Benson was a teacher and
last speaker of the Mandan language, a tribe that hosted Lewis and Clark during their mission
to explore territory bought from France (1804-1806). QUESTION: What territory did the United States
buy from France in 1803? Question 4: Dec 30, 2016: Huston Smith was an American
religious scholar and author. In 1990 the Supreme Court ruled that the use
of peyote as a religious sacrament by Native Americans was not protected under the US Constitution. With Smith’s help in 1994, Congress passed
the American Indian Religious Freedom Act which gave legal protection to
a religious practice that the Supreme Court had decided lacked constitutional protection. QUESTION: What is freedom of religion? Question 5 Jan 14, 2017: Kevin Starr was a historian
and California State Librarian. Like Benjamin Franklin, Starr was a writer
and published nine books on the history of California, six of which are part of his Americans
and the California Dream series. QUESTION: What is one thing Benjamin Franklin
is famous for? Question 6 Feb 18, 2017: Norma McCorvey was a political activist
and plaintiff in U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade in which the Supreme Court ruled that
individual state laws banning abortion are unconstitutional. Later she became a pro-life activist. QUESTION: What does the judicial branch do? Question 7 Feb 22, 2017: Eni Faleomavaega was a Vietnam War vet and served as the American Samoan Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives (1989–2015). QUESTION: Name your U.S. Representative. Question 8 Mar 14, 2017: In 1951, Lillie Mae Bradford was arrested because she challenged a racist bus driver who overcharged her for a bus fare. In 2006, The Rosa Parks Act allowed activists
who had been arrested to request a pardon. Although clearing her arrest record wouldn’t have had a real effect, Bradford applied for a pardon. ‘I want to have it removed, frame it, and
put it on the wall,’ Bradford said. ‘It will show I was arrested fighting for
my rights.'” QUESTION: What movement tried to end racial
discrimination? Question 9: July 23, 2017: Thomas Fleming was a writer
and historian who published many books about the people and events of the American Revolutionary War. QUESTION: Why did the colonists fight the British? Question 10 Oct 18, 2017: With the financial support
of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Rita Henley Jensen founded Women’s eNews, an online news service for all women and news wire for commercial media. Jensen inspired thousands of women to use
the power of the Internet to speak their Truth. QUESTION: What are two rights of everyone
living in the United States? Thanks to the students and staff of Milpitas Adult School. Special thanks goes out to those who went before us this year. Please visit us on the web at uscitizenpod. While you are there, checkout our link to
new FREE online citizenship prepration course: USALearns Citizenship at Thanks for listening. I know that you will be a GREAT American citizen.

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