Civil Engineer Career Information : How to Become a Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer Career Information : How to Become a Civil Engineer

Hello, my name is Jerry Elliot. I’m a managing
partner of Weber Elliot Engineers in Eugene, Oregon, and I’ve been asked to tell you about
how I secured my first job as a civil engineer. Well that was many years ago, but I did it
the old fashioned way. I got a resume together that told people of my educational background,
my history, my desire to be in the profession. And I got that resume out. Then I probably
sent it to thirty or forty firms, mostly throughout the West, and out of that I got about three
interviews. The process really hasn’t changed much in thirty years. We at Weber Elliot continue
to make our hiring decisions based upon a resume. We want that resume to show that you
have the requisite education background. Then the next level is we hope the heck that you
have the computer skills and the practical knowledge of the computer software to bring
to us a valuable commodity. That is your time and your design skills. If you want to get
a job as an engineer, you need to show that resume. And then I think one of the real key
features is once you’ve delivered that resume, and you’ve had an opportunity to talk to the
hiring manager or the chief engineer, follow up. Follow up with an email, follow up with
a telephone conversation. Those old tried and true ways of getting a job still work.
So that’s some tips on getting hired as a civil engineer.


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    Kane Martin

    Enjoyed watching this series, but this last clip seems pretty useless. Get a job by sending them my resume and keeping in contact? Brilliant! People should do that for EVERY profession!

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