Civil Engineer Career Information : Why Become a Civil Engineer?

Civil Engineer Career Information : Why Become a Civil Engineer?

My name is Jerry Elliot. I am a managing partner
of an engineering firm in Eugene, Oregon, called Weber Elliot Engineers. I’ve been asked
to address the question of why I became a civil engineer. My path to civil engineering
is a lot different than most people. I came out of a college program with a really sound
background in environmental sciences in the early ’70s, and that was just as the environmental
movement was beginning to gain steam. And I, like a lot of people in my generation,
really wanted to save the environment or help our world. So I took my biological background
and went on to graduate school, and found out that the firms that were getting environmental
contracts were engineering firms. This is for lots of reasons, but basically I decided
it was probably better to go in the front door as an engineer than the back door as
someone else. So I went on and got a graduate degree in civil engineering, mostly water
and wastewater processing engineering, which drew heavily on my environmental interests,
and I ended up going into the civil engineering firm, civil engineering field, as a water
and wastewater process designer. So my chief environmental work now is designing water
and wastewater treatment plants to bring us purer water, whether it’s water that goes
back to the stream, or water that comes out of your tap. So that was my path to civil
engineering. Others have different paths.


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    Christian Albear

    I'm a 17 year old community college student with undecided as my major, i was wondering whether or not to go into engineering (it's either mechanical or civil now) and this video was really interesting, and like Mr. Eliott said, better to go through the front door, everyone loves being entered through their front door.

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    @KmokriV1 of course it involves a lot of math, and physics too. Its engineering. all engineering disciplines have large doses of mathematics in their curriculum.

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    I have some trouble with my statics course i find that solving trusses specialy those in 3 dimensions to be rather difficult do you have any suggestions?.

    Oh and by the way as an expert
    Do you think that the metric system is easier to use and would it be better financially

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    I need your contact information! I want to work with water/waster water treatment as a civil engineer! I am struggling with these classes however :/

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