Civil Engineering – Amy Javernick-Will

My name is Amy Javernick-Will, and
I’m an assistant professor in construction engineering and
management in the civil engineering department. I love civil engineering, because what we do
in civil engineering is we design, build and operate and maintain the
infrastructure that’s really helping to serve society. As a student in civil environmental
and architectural engineering you get to experience all of the
disciplines that help contribute to the civil infrastructure systems in society. That includes structures, like structural
steel and reinforced concrete in buildings, or in bridges. It includes geotechnical engineering, which helps with the foundation designs
of those buildings and infrastructure systems, and includes my specialty area of
construction engineering and management where we actually get to put the plans into action by subcontracting, creating budgets, creating schedules, and implementing that design to the projects that you see around you
today. One of the really neat things that we offer the opportunity to do in civil, environmental, and
architectural engineering is to participate in service learning
projects such as Engineers without Borders or Bridges to Prosperity. Any of these things are a big challenge. However, all of that hard
work is really worth it when you get to work with that community and actually
build the project that you’ve been designing um, to help them improve their
everyday lives. So students in- that are graduating with civil
engineering degrees have a variety of opportunities. You can mainly have an office job; a desk job where you’re working on designs and plans. Or, you have the ability to be in the field
as a construction project manager who’s actually constructing the plans
that the previous civil engineer designed. The job opportunities once you graduate
are really abundant as well. We’re expecting a 20% increase
in jobs by 2022, which offers amazing opportunities
for new graduates. So part of what I liked about working in industry is taking an idea, walking it through the detailed design where you begin to work with structural
engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers, and through that then moving into the construction phase where
you get to see that design take life. And then you get to turn that building and that project over to the owner and for their employees to use and- and to live within. And that whole process so amazing because today I can drive
through Denver and I can show my son all of the projects
that I’ve been a part of, and I can see how it’s influenced
productivity and made people happier as a result of being part of that building.

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