Civil Engineering at UVic

[Music] UVic prides themselves in being the
greenest civil engineering department in all of Canada. The department focuses on
sustainability so much that it’s not just an afterthought it’s really
considered from the beginning of the design process. The professors at UVic
teach the sustainability to the students through green building design, renewable
resources, green technology, smart studies and much more. And the sustainability is
really at the forefront of everything that the UVic civil engineering
department stands for. So civil engineering is about you know starting
with the problems that affects people and then drawing on a diversity of
fields to respond to that problems to being able to draw on economics and
technology and technical perspectives and then you know communication and
working within a team to answer that question. UVic campus itself is a great
example of a wonderful civil engineering. I mean it’s a beautiful campus so that
also inspires you to do lot of things in this domain. During my bachelor’s degree
I’ve had two international coops in Hong Kong where hanging with a structural
engineering firm. And I’ve also had one co-op here with Environment Canada on
campus. And I think it’s really great that the co-op program allows those
students to have a diverse learning experience and it all starts with
civil engineering degree.

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