Civil Engineering (MSc), DTU

I moved from Aalborg to Copenhagen when I was 21 to start at DTU, because I like math and I like the application of it, so I think that engineering was the right thing for me, and I like the buildings and constructions because it’s something very concrete, and you have to use the math and the physics and mechanics to come to a good result. I think it is really interesting that you can kind of control different materials and their nature by doing math and calculations. I am most passionate about how to optimize structures. You have a lot of opportunities to do what is most interesting for you and go in the direction that you like the most. I think I want to do a PhD thesis, because I am still hungry for more university, so I think that is the best thing for me to do right now. I would like to work on large projects and large constructions and new stuff. Something new, something that has not been done before, so you need to go beyond what is already known and what is already possible.

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