Civil Engineering Reference Manual 13th Edition

Civil Engineering Reference Manual 13th Edition

Hi everybody today i want to share with you
about a resource that will help you on the civil PE exam or the professional
engineering exam civil discipline and that resource is these thirteenth
edition of the civil engineering reference manual – you have a brand new
copy right here hot off the press and it’s got the nice
cover on it with the bridge and i’m so they now yes but you don’t have to have
a brown version of this anymore great copy of the manual but that the civil engineer reference
manual for those of you who are new to the civil PE exam you’re trying to fact
figure out what materials to put together let’s say this is going to be a
core of your reference four your studies and also point your review consume your your studies in your review
and also put it takes with you to the exam and you might ask why do i need such an
at such a reference manual when i have all my textbooks from college and so
forth and reality is there’s textbooks from colleges are convinced enough to be able to work
your way through the problems quick another found the solutions quick enough on the exam any in during your mat
review for that matter so it’s good to have a co reference such
as this one to help you in your studies and this is the one that most people
recommend in the industry and it’s been here for over thirty years uh… so it’s a great reference manual
and I recommended and that’s why am i’m recommending today one thing about it to them even in
the manual so I wanted to share that
I made the acknowledgements page and they can see that right there but
once you get the manual you can take a look at any richardson is writing on the knowledge was paid and
they did the masonry chapter answer they give me a little credibility
i suppose for helping me figure out what you’re trying to ideas for us what materials and so forth so let me share with you uh… that
that’s of course not important part what is the important part is wasn’t what the share with you about
this book and how i can help you pass the peas and well into the p_p_i_ website of the publisher of this book a civil engineer efforts
manual and the website is p_p_i_ to pass dot
com that’s PPI the number two you pass
dot com whatever their and you can see there the price of this book almost two
hundred and ten dollars listed it’s got a in red a hundred sixty-eight
goes through a link that you can find uh… that that i’m providing today is
called a sleepy he dot com four slash get ppr go through that link sign up for that
account and you’ll get a twenty percent discount through june twenty ninth twenty twelve you know drop down to just fifteen percent after that said go
to that as soon as you can and save you know that that far percent extra which would give you total
twenty percent discount but what i want to share with you off that
website is what this book covers and also what is upgraded in the from the twelfth
thirteenth addition so whatever there and i found out of
course already knew pretty much that the civil engineering exam covers five sub areas which includes
construction geotechnical transportation structural and the final includes two sub areas which is water resources an
environmental this book covers all father areas animal will chapters but the question you may be asking and
what is new between the twelfth addition and thirteen condition the big thing that was changed with the
structural changes and what happened was the international
building code change from the two thousand six abby c
two two thousand nine ended n_c_ double yes which is the
national council of engine examination of engineers and
surveys they make these changes as best occasioned answer these companies coming just has
to follow suit and they anticipated to change actually
ahead of time in and may be obtained is accordingly but when they change for the two
thousand six obviously to the two thousand nine that changed although sub-standard which
includes the concrete standard a c out five thirty standard as well which is the masonry
standard and so all these sub-standard had to be
updated so that means the concrete chapter had to be updated the may’s reach ever had to be updated they also added a bridge tender into the new manual uh… so you may be asking what do i
have bridges on the civil p it is possible you might have a bridge
question a very simple one uh… so it’s not that it had to skim
over that but it’s a good idea to now understand bridges always have a
general idea of of bridges where your practice uh… depending on which pratt is that
maybe other things are going to be include and
the manual that they’ve changed they’ve done i’ll quite a bit revisions
between changing equations tables mcdyess content and the and the verbage
part of the the examples have been changed they have new content as well new
content and the text nuclear quasars new tables new figures uh… attendees sees a been provides so you’re going to get the new manual
because he might have a problem on the exam he’s a wrong solution the wrong equation from the old manual and so the best thing to do here is the
new manual and get them answer correct the first time uh… ceo i have to take it one time uh… army so twenty amazon just to compare their
price ever there’s two twelve two r twelve dollars or two hundred
eleven sixty eight to be exact to not quite as good as the one you get there uma course if you can do you know if you
have to get from amazon uh… amendment especially can do that unless you get my website and usually
they’re in that’ll give me the uh… commission off of it uh… cuba few dollars to to help pay
for my my babies but don’t thing about the amazon link is is actually had a
stock right now so and as of today which is gene twenty of twenty twelve so i’m sure they’ll get that pretty quick but right now so i a stock has a little
more expensive than the one right out the p_p_i_ website so that’s uh… that’s what i was on hands
a question though she have pa probably a should you have a great yes I would recommend the thirteenth
addition to that to see me from the twelve to thirteen th and if you have a question of should you
get the book at all and i would say yes i would recommend you get this book because i believe it will help you pass
a the PE exam and ultimately week the drain having professional into
me thanks everybody and i hope you have
which is the death of of upcoming meeting


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