Civil Engineering Technology Program – George Brown College

Civil Engineering Technology Program – George Brown College

love the, the staff, how experienced they are. I love the labs they’re using. I love the equipment
they’re using. It’s exactly what they’re
using outside. JASPREET BASSI: This
program on — is really pushing towards management,
so if you can see yourself in the future being a site super
or into project management, then this is the
program for you. MARYAM MOHAMMAD AMIN: The
one year program is about the function of buildings,
the materials of the buildings, the site layout, everything
basically about the buildings and the big structures. BILL HAWRYSCHUK: The Civil
Engineering Technology Program involves municipal
infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges,
highways, water filtration, water distribution and
storm and sanitary sewers. ALI HAJ-SHAFIEI: This is
the training that is good for the student that be
able to share their expertise and skills in a real life
project in civil structures. JASPREET BASI: Mostly the
program you’ll be looking at, the main roles are
like project management, project coordination,
inspections. You learn a lot of the
technique on how to be supervising construction sites. MARYAM MOHAMMAD AMIN: The
labs are real life labs. For example, in first
semester we did a concrete lab, the strength of concrete. JASPREET BASI: We actually
mixed the concrete ourselves, made our own forms. Once it was cured, we
actually loaded the beams, did a beam test on them
and we actually got to break the beams that we
made and it was pretty cool. So we got to compare each
group to see whose beam are stronger. BILL HAWRYSCHUK: The time
of projects that students can encounter in this
program would be water treatment facilities. This is also including
waste treatment facilities. We’ve worked on water
pumping stations and those type of project offer a
lot more information to the challenges that we
face to effectively construct something on
time and on budget with all of those complications
and those restrictions. MARYAM MOHAMMAD AMIN: Time
management is the key. Don’t take anything easy,
because there’s a lot of readings, there’s a lot of labs. ALI HAJ-SHAFIEI: What
makes unique about George Brown is that we have a
very close relationship with our industry partners. We constantly update ourselves
due to the industry need. JASPREET BASI: I got
George Brown because of the reputation the college has. It’s one of the most well
known, well recognized colleges in Ontario. George Brown also had a
lot of partners with construction industries. ALI HAJ-SHAFIEI: At the
end of the day you’ll be able to create maybe a
sewer system, bridge. You’ll be part of the teamwork. The outcome of the project
would be beneficial and at the same time you will
help the community. JASPREET BASI: What I’m
most proud of is the confidence I gained
throughout the years. When I started off
I did not really know much about construction. But now, when I’m leaving
here I feel more confident going out in the workforce. I feel like I have skills
I can contribute to employers and I’m confident
wherever I go when it comes to working in my field. [music]


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    Brennan Camaganacan

    im an alumni of the 2014 class and cant thank GBC enough for where i am today, I am now working for a growing geotechnical engineering firm and alot of my colleagues have found full time employment in our field as well!

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