Civil Engineering – Undergraduate

Civil Engineering – Undergraduate

Let me start by giving a overview of civil engineering as a discipline Civil Engineers are obviously involved in construction and the design of buildings and also overseeing the construction process. There are many other aspects to Civil Engineering for example Civil Engineers need to have an understanding of geo-techniques, so how structures interact with the ground, they are involved with the transport infrastructure so road design, rail design. Surveying which positions roads, rails, buildings and so on. Theres aspects of hydraulics within Civil Engineering, which looks at fluid flow, things like flood alleviation and also management theres management processes involved in all of Civil Engineering aspects I have just mentioned. all our courses are accredited by our giant board of moderators which means pathways to charter-ship are clearly defined So there are many unique aspects to Civil Engineering courses at Coventry University First of all our courses are very practical, quick a lot of lab activities and surveying practicals embedded throughout our course. For example our first year students would have typically 18 hours worth of labs, practical activities. We have the UK’s only construction site simulation centre, and we embed this as part of our management modules within Civil Engineering. So this looks at putting student in a virtual construction site environment and testing their management skills in certain environments. The University has very strong links with various Civil Engineering companies range of consultants, and also Civil Engineering contractors, local authorities and so on and this enables us to organise events where students can network with potential employers. We have relevant field trips within our course, and we also regularly organise site visits to allow students to experience hands on construction processes. Theres a big emphasis on employability skills within our courses and this is largely facilitated by academic personal tutors, who look after a small number of students. We have placement opportunities within our courses, and those placements are organised by our EC Futures team who won the award for the best placement service within the UK just recently.


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    Hi I have a question would really like an answer.
    How is a civil engineering BENG degree assessed? Is there a module exam that we have to pass each term? Or just 1 at the end of each year? and what are the other ways we are examined?

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