Civil Protection Special: What is Machinima?

[Subtitles by danielsangeo] MIKE: Hi, there. I’m Mike and this is… What are you doing? DAVE: Tai chi. MIKE: WELL, CUT IT OUT! WE’RE FILMING! DAVE: Oh. MIKE: Hey, folks. I’m Mike. This
is my partner, Dave. DAVE: Hey! MIKE: Today, we have a question
from Jeff McFarland. “Dear Civil Protection, what is Machinima?” Ummm. I’ve… I’ve never even heard of
that of that word. What about you, Dave? DAVE: Of course. Machinima is a
torture device that was developed during the Spanish Inquisition
as a means for extracting confessions. MIKE: Whoa, really? DAVE: Nah, I don’t know what it means either. MIKE: You had me fooled. DAVE: I don’t even think it’s in the dictionary. I play Scrabble a lot and I’ve
never come across it. Maybe it’s some kind of slang. MIKE: Oh, c’mon, this has way too
many syllables to be a slang word. It’s probably some sort of industry term. DAVE: Yeah, probably. MIKE: Well, sorry Jeff, I guess
we don’t know either. We’re only cops so I guess you might have
to check with the university or something. DAVE: Yeah, but we do hear
lots of slang, though. Like “hydros”. Know what that means? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not water! MIKE: Ha ha. Dave here is
referring to the street term for a marijuana joint that’s been laced with
PCP and then soaked in formaldehyde. DAVE: Also known as “love boats”, “sherms”,
“clickers”, and “happy sticks”! MIKE: It’s pretty crazy stuff. I mean, formaldehyde is
embalming fluid, for god’s sake. You’d think we’re making this up, but
we’ve been find plenty of these things frisking people and doing searches. The idea is that the formaldehyde
is used to mask the smell of the PCP so it’s easier to move through customs. Lord knows what it does to your brain. DAVE: You’ll smoke yourself
retarded with one of those! MIKE: Yep, so, uh… don’t do that. Hey, Dave. DAVE: What? MIKE: You haven’t actually smoked
any of that crap, have you? DAVE: No! MIKE: Because you were sounding
awfully cheerful there talking about it. DAVE: Naw, man, that stuff’s nuts. You know I don’t smoke. MIKE: All right. Just checking. DAVE: Look, I know I like to set fire to things, but smoking’s like setting fire to yourself. That’s silly. You’re pretty
silly sometimes, Mike.

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