Civil society representatives share experience at 2019 Annual Meetings Civil Society Policy Forum

In one word? Challenging Expectation, maybe Useful Fantastic Efficient Enlightening Very eventful Compelling A source of optimism There are a lot of people who are represented
from different parts of the world, and it’s important that people from the most repressive
countries are engaging in this space and making sure that the World Bank takes up their issues
and advocates on their behalf. We are not always going to agree, and I think
we need to keep that space open for disagreement because that’s healthy and that’s how
we create change, but I feel really excited about the possibility, at least on sexual
orientation and gender identity, where we do seem to be in agreement, for moving forward. These international events really matter,
because we could use them to drive change on the frontline, where we’re working with
incredibly vulnerable people. Any civil society organization that’s working
on poverty or some of the great challenges in water and sanitation, or climate change,
would really benefit from engaging with the institutions over here at these meetings. Well, this year we expect the Bank to be able
to, you know, improve on Human Capital, which is part of their plan, and to be able to galvanize
more resources to support developing countries to be able to solve issues of inequality,
injustice, equitable financing, for the problems that are affecting Africa and other poor countries. This is only one of the platforms where we
can hold financial institutions, including the World Bank, accountable. We hope to talk to the EDs of the different
governments who are right now assembled here. We are going to have a town hall meeting with
the President of the Bank, which is a very good development to us, because now I believe
that we will now get the attention and the ears of the Bank. I want to see improvement from just having
a deliberation to implementing actions. It is quite possible for you to get your event
organized and approved to be in the Policy Forum. One of the things I would say it’s been
really good this year was that the CSO Policy Forum events were highlighted and included
in the general schedule that everyone had access to online. This time we will be talking about issues
of climate change, fragility, conflict and violence; we will focus on issues of inclusion. I think civil society can learn a lot about
what is happening around the globe, so they can take some of the good practices to their
own countries. It is my first time here, I am also the only
one from the Pacific region, so listening to the stories of my colleagues from Brazil
is really making me think about how Pacific civil society should really be preparing Pacific
communities. It’s a good way to say what you thought
about the situation, to share your opinions, and I am sure you can be listened because
I am coming here for the second time and I see it is more constructive and much more
discussion, and much less restriction and pushback from the IMF and the World Bank staff. And for those who didn’t have such an experience,
just to come here and see that this is one more good marketplace for the advocacy and
lobbying of your interests. I am sure that CSOs and International Financial
Organizations can be friends, and I hope they will be in the future even more than it is

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