Civil War Tails: 5,000 Mini Cats Recreate American History

– [Narrator] In southern Pennsylvania, there is a battlefield. A battlefield so important
that it is thought to be the turning point
of the American Civil War. This is a story about that place. It’s also a story about cats. Thousands and thousands of little cats. This is Rebecca. – Hi, I’m Rebecca. – [Narrator] And this is
her twin sister, Ruth. – Hi, I’m Ruth and we run a museum of dioramas that are made
with handmade Civil War cats. – [Narrator] Civil War cats. The combination of a childhood love for clay cats and a strong fascination with the American Civil War. – [Rebecca] It started out
as a hobby that we just did as kids putzing around in our bedrooms. – [Narrator] That bit of child’s play led to a full-fledged
museum which opened in 2013. – The two of us discussed
how much do we want to emphasize the cat thing. Because we don’t want to come off as cutesy cats. The idea is the stories of the men, not so much the fact that they’re cats. They just are cats because they’re cats. – [Narrator] Incredibly, each
of these scenes is to scale. – 1/8th of an inch equals
one foot in cat feet. Each one of our soldiers
represents one soldier who would’ve been on the field. We’ll calculate the numbers that would have been left in the regiment and we’ll fill it in with
that many cat soldiers. So for example, Little Round Top, we’re going to eventually have
about 5,000 soldiers on it. Typically one like the Angle, we figure took us about
four-and-a-half years. The Little Round Top
diorama we figure is more of a five-or-six year diorama. – Oh look, ha! – We really just want
to make the Civil War more approachable, I guess, for people so they can relate to the history and have more of a connection with the men and the women involved. Now that the word of
this cat museum’s out, all the people who love cats come in and now not only are
they seeing our dioramas, they’re falling in love with the
five-and-a-half thousand furry smiles smiling at them. But, they’re also learning the stories and suddenly they have an
appreciation of Gettysburg and the history, just because
they came to see the cats. (high note)

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