Clyde and Carrie Rathbone discuss their new Australian citizenship

It was always something that was appealing, going on a big adventure. The way we looked at it was a great opportunity to go and experience something that you probably only get one opportunity in your life to do. It was just all exciting, it was all good, it was all a big adventure, and of course when we landed here and became more and more comfortable, met more and more people, we realised this is actually a fantastic place, we will probably want to make it home. Getting the opportunity to play for the Wallabies was the culmination of a lot of hard work. It was obviously a massive honour and a huge privilege, getting that opportunity for the few years I did was fantastic. It’s a country of infinite possibilities. With a bit of effort and direction you can really make the most of your experience. People are not too interested in where you’re born and raised, they’re more interested in what you’ve got to offer. That’s probably what stands out to me. It was such an honour to attend at the Governor General’s house and to be part of that ceremony. It was good. I was watching Carrie when they started singing the national anthem’s second verse, we’d learnt it five years ago. She thought she was all cool, everyone else had their notes up ready with the words, and she tried to wing it. Just seeing the diversity of the groups there, from the Sudan, South Africa, couples from all over the world, it is a credit to Australia that it is so welcoming to people from all over the world. It means you’re part of something that’s bigger than yourself, and it just means you’re part of a special bunch, or a special country.

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