College Kids React To Their Dating Profiles Made By Senior Citizens

College Kids React To Their Dating Profiles Made By Senior Citizens

– (FBE) Today’s episode is sponsored
by a dating app called Hinge. – Hinge.
– I feel like I’ve heard of them before.
I’ve seen a couple advertisements. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna actually
have you create a dating profile right now.
– Oh, okay. All right, sounds fun. – Oh no. (chuckles)
Okay! Yeah, let’s go for it. Let’s go for it!
– I feel pretty good. I’ve used many of them,
and that’s all we did in English class.
AP lit was lit. (chuckles) – (FBE) And actually, we’re not gonna
let you do this alone. – Okay.
– (FBE) We’ve actually decided we’re gonna bring in an expert
with years of dating wisdom to help you.
– Like, actually? What? Oh, hello. (gasps) Oh my– hi!
– (chuckles) I guess I’m the dating expert.
– Hello. – Hi! (laughs)
– (Catherine) Hi. – That’s amazing!
– I’m Catherine. – Hi, nice to meet you.
– Hi! – How’s it going?
– Hi. I’m Gracelyn. Nice to meet you.
– Jade. Nice to meet you, too. – I’m Mark.
– Mark, I’m Kenneth. Nice to meet you.
– Kenneth? Nice to meet you. – Phil.
– What’s up? Labib. Nice to meet you. – Oh my god.
Are you gonna find me love today? Mikaela.
– Could you be more beautiful? – Thank you! (chuckles)
– I’m hyped. Honestly, having him on my side–
– Is a detriment. – Oh. (laughs)
– A real detriment for you, pal. – I do have a great deal of knowledge
about dating, because I, Mikaela, have been married three times.
– Yes! – When I used to do dating things,
we used to look at a newsletter and make phone calls. (chuckles)
– What?! – And then we would go out
for a cup of coffee, and most of the time,
what I found, they lied about their height?
– Oh, really? That’s just like today! – (FBE) So, we already have the app
set up on this phone. – Okay.
– Oh my goodness. – Nice.
– (FBE) And then we’re gonna leave it to you to
build the profile together. – All right-y. So,
first name, last name. I think I can do that one.
– I’m interested in men. – Yes.
– Or should we do men and women just to get the spicy girls
from the– – I would just do men.
– Just do men? (chuckles) Okay. – I’m interested
in both men and women. – Then go for it.
I mean, why not have more to choose from…
– Let’s open the playing field. You’re right.
– …you know? – What if I put 5’4″,
so they have a low expectation and I show up–
– That’s too short. That’s jockey size.
I’d go with a 5’8″. – Honesty is the key over here, okay.
– It is. You know, you’re a catch.
You should be honest! – How do you feel about kids–
about having kids? Being a dad? – I’m 18. (laughs) So,
that’s not really in, like, the brain.
– Well, with some people, you’d be surprised.
– I would say I’m not sure. – Okay, you’re not sure.
– ‘Cause a guy might think you’re trying to trap him.
– Right! Exactly! Exactly. – So, you’re not sure right now. – I am open to kids. (laughs) But not yet!
– Do you know, Mikaela, why it’s so prudent
to wait to have kids until you’re absolutely
ready to have kids? It’s because, darling,
they take up all your time, all your money,
and all your energy. – Politics, liberal, ’cause politics
is something super important to me. – Exactly. Me too.
– So, I definitely want it– want it there.
– Me too. – Drinking. I do not drink, actually.
I don’t smoke marijuana either. I’ve never had–
– Man, you are an exciting person. You’re gonna get a lot of dates here. I know that.
– I’m super exciting. – What are your thoughts on smokers?
– No. – I agree.
Marijuana, sometimes. – (laughs) Sometimes. I agree.
– Big league. – Actually–
– Oh, you agree! Ooh, ooh. – I’m using pot drops
to sleep at night. – (gasps) Whoa, that’s wild! – I like that this is asking that,
’cause I hate getting to know and liking someone,
then finding out, like, ugh, I’m uncomfortable with that.
– Oh, photos, okay, okay. – Okay. You wanna take a picture
of me and put it up? – I might get too many matches
at that point. That’s not gonna be fair.
– That’s true. – So, I like adding a picture
usually from when I traveled… – Oh, nice.
– …’cause I like traveling and I think it’s a good talking point.
– It is. – This one from when I was in Paris,
and I think is a really good picture of my face.
– Oh, I like that. – If you can’t tell,
I really like this top, (laughs) ’cause I wear it
all the time. – You wanna put a dog picture
to show you’re a dog person? – Sure.
– I mean, I would be attracted to someone if I was a dog person.
Like, “Oh, she’s got dogs!” – Okay.
– You should have photos that show your– you know,
show what you look like. – Of course. Makes sense.
– And then photos that show what you’re interested in.
– That makes sense. I never thought of that.
I thirst trap boys. You know what that means?
Thirst trapping? It’s when you take
like a nice body photo of yourself and you add that in
so that way they’re like, “Ooh.” – I would tend to get
more PG pictures, just so you don’t attract
the wrong kind of guy. – (chuckles) Okay, that’s true.
– So, first of all, it’s impossible to take a bad photo…
– Oh my– (chuckles) – …of you, my darling.
Could you be more beautiful? – Thank you!
– There’s my brother and sister. – That’s darling. I like it
that you’re friends with your brother and sister.
– Yeah, I love them. They’re my little people. So cute. I love them.
– What a family. – Do you know what an F boy is?
It’s called a [bleep] boy. – Mm-hmm.
– Basically, they dress a certain way and they have a certain way
they talk and act. It just looked like I looked like one,
but I know I’m not one. Am I basic enough to be
a Korean F boy yet? So, as sort of a joke.
Do you know? – Yeah, but they may not get it.
– Okay. – Let’s go back.
– Okay, let’s go back. – You like this one?
‘Cause I think that’s kinda cool. It’s kind of–
– You’re kind of badass and mysterious in that.
– Mm-hmm. Yeah.
– And look how beautiful your eyes look. Oh, that’s a good one.
– Thanks. – You wanna be sassy with your kitty cat T-shirt.
– My cat shirt? – Yeah! Rawr.
– Shows I could be a little serious. (laughs)
– Yeah! Absolutely. Love me, love my cat.
– Yup, and I’m a cat freak. – Who’s this in the picture with you?
– This is my grandma. – Let me see it.
– Yeah. Me and my grandma went to the beach once.
– You’re taking it with your grandma. She’s important to you.
– Yeah. – Family’s important to you.
See, this says a lot of good things about you
that might interest someone, so I’d confirm that one.
– Okay. – Okay, what about this?
– This one. Actually, this is my skincare routine.
– Okay, you show you care about your looks.
– Yeah, exactly. – Okay, perfect!
– Let’s do it. – Women wanna know that.
– Okay. – They take care of themselves.
– Exactly, exactly. – When you’re older,
you won’t be wrinkled like me and all–
– You have actually great skin. – I do? I had a lot of surgery.
– Yeah, you do. – (FBE) All right,
so for this next part, it actually asks you
to respond to specific prompts. – Okay.
– What else is there? – “On my bucket list.”
– “The last time I cried.” “One thing I’ll never do again.”
“How my mother would describe me.” Okay, “The key to my heart is,”
let’s answer this one. – Right, okay.
– All right, all right. What’s romantic?
– Romance. Just put down romance. – What is your greatest strength?
– I think my greatest strength is seeing the best in people.
– Good, just seeing the best in people, that will attract somebody
who likes to achieve and be great too. – Yeah. This is
a very wholesome profile right now.
I’m not used to that. – (both) “The hallmark
of a good relationship is…” – What is the hallmark
of a good relationship? – You have to be able
to communicate just in general, ’cause, like…
– Dude, nail on the head, baby. These questions, I think
they give good insight into you as a person. – “I geek out on…”
Oh, I geek out on so much stuff. – What is geeking out?
Just like a computer or? – So, geeking out is basically
something you get super excited and super into.
– Oh, okay. – Paramore’s my favorite band,
so I’m gonna put Paramore. I’m gonna add a few things.
– There you go. – What do you think this means?
– You geek out at? – Yeah.
– I don’t know. I mean, I thought it meant
something that annoys you and bothers you, and I would say
inefficiency and waste. – Let’s say warmth and consideration.
– What about beauty? – No, we don’t wanna say all that.
Maybe they’re more beautiful on the inside than the outside.
– Okay, you want the insider. – I geek out on art
all the time. – Art.
– Do you know what I geek out on? Is waxing videos.
I love to watch waxing videos. (laughs)
– That is… unique! – (laughs harder)
– (laughs) – (FBE) Okay, so your dating profile
is now complete. You ready to give it a shot?
– I am. I’m excited. – We’re gonna find matches now?
Oh shoot. Oh, man. – What? Oh, what’s that–
– Now, we’re find– oh, okay! – Oh, jeez! That looks pretty nice.
– (chuckles) – (FBE) So, on Hinge,
to show someone you like them, you look through their profile
and pick something about them you like.
So, as you go through, look at their pictures,
read their profiles, and see how you like
and try to connect with. – Okay.
– (laughs) I don’t know what we’re talking about.
– So, basically, on other dating apps, swiping means that you’re interested
in someone, but for this, you’re liking somebody
rather than swiping. – Oh, I like this picture.
It’s aesthetic. You got the whole–
– Fun? – Yeah, it looks fun.
Yeah, I like this one. – Say… (chuckles)
– Do you wanna do, like– – Would’ve been safer
on the sidewalk if you wanna get her to laugh.
– (chuckles) Let’s go for it. – Trust me! That has been my key card
my whole life. – Vichenzo. Oh, he liked me already.
How– I’m already getting likes? I’ve been on it for three seconds.
– Wow, she is pretty. – Oh my gosh! She’s beautiful!
– She’s gorgeous. “Worst i”– ha!
“Worst idea I’ve ever had: thinking I was into guys.”
– (laughs) – My type.
– “When did you figure that out?” is what I would say.
– Yeah, starting a conversation. – Right?
– Wait a minute. – Bruce Springsteen.
– Front row Springsteen tickets? – Interesting.
– If you’re not interested, I will definitely go–
– (both laugh) – I think we should reply to him. He’s pretty handsome.
– Yeah, me too! – He has a really nice smile.
– What’s wrong with us? – I know. (laughs)
– We’re not very picky! Just a like.
– Okay. – She’s Mikaela, and she’s mysterious,
and she’s a world-class beauty, and she’s fabulous beyond the pale,
and she’s bathed in sparkling light, and she’s dreamy!
– (laughs) I need that as my ringtone every day just to wake up to that.
– (laughs) – What does it?
“Displaced Texas sadboi.” – It’s a type of guy. It’s, like–
– I like him. – I feel definitely with your help
choosing the photos and everything, I’ll definitely get replies.
– Maybe you’ll get different kind of guys than when you
choose your pictures. – I would go with the heart.
She looks like she’s well traveled. I’m a fan of that.
Oh, oh, okay, okay, okay. – Can you just pick ’em all?
– No. Is it– Oh no, we can’t be–
so, we can’t be extra thirsty, you know?
– Really? – Yeah, then it’s gonna be, like–
it’s like we’re trying too hard. Like you said, we’re not desperate.
It’s whatever. – We’re not?
– Yeah, we’re not– (chuckles) we’re not desperate.
– (FBE) Phil, what’s “extra thirsty”?
– Uh… – (laughs)
– When you need some water, I guess. – You wanna say something–
– I’ll just say, “Nice smile.” – Got it. There you go.
– Just keep it nice, short, and sweet. Short. That’s– that is the key:
short and sweet. Ahh.
– Oh my– hey! He messaged me back already.
– It says, “Thank you. You have a nice smile, too.”
– Heyyy! (claps) – Just be yourself.
– Thanks. How is your day going? – Commenting on the pictures, right,
which is something I almost, like, never–
– That is very smart. – That’s nice.
– Someone wrote me a message. They liked my–
that I liked waxing videos, that I geek out over that.
– Yes! – And he said,
“What other weird ones? lol, for some reason,
I like haircut transformations.” – I get that. Those are good, too.
– I like pimple popping videos, too. Should I tell him
that gross side of me? (laughs) – Wow! (chuckles)
– I like it’s with nature. That’s me. I like nature.
– Yeah? What do you think?
– Looks cute! – Should I send him a like?
– Sure. – Okay, I’ll send him a…
– He wants to send you a message. – Oh! He liked me back.
– That’s good. – So, we can match.
We’ll match with him, and then we’ll message him.
– Okay. – Add a reply. How do I–
What should I say to him? What is my opening line for this boy?
– I like that you seem to enjoy nature.
– (chuckles) This isn’t how I speak. We have eight likes, Vera.
High five. Eight boys like me. – (laughs)
– It’s very different, of course, from my age.
– Mm-hmm. – But, you know, it’s a great way
to meet a wide variety of people you never would meet.
Most of our dates, successful dates, were from friends of friends.
Nowadays, there’s– you have such a wide variety.
– It’s kind of exciting just to go through everyone
and look through their profiles. I’m not really a dating app person,
but going through this, this has been kind of fun,
and it makes me kinda wanna do it. (laughs)
– This is different from any other dating app
I’ve ever used. – Really?
– I’ve never ha– like, they never ask you
to comment on someone’s thing or what they like.
This is a lot less superficial and more just, like…
– Right. – …learning about the person,
which I really enjoy. – It was fun.
It made me feel young again. – I feel like you’re so experienced,
and you know what you’re doing, and you’re, like–
you’re getting it. So, that was nice.
– I’m so glad you do, ’cause I’m not sure.
– (both laugh) – It’s very different
than what I would do. More, I feel like–
but it’s different, though, ’cause, you know, he has wisdom.
– You’ve got the modern, up-to-date stuff, mine’s old school.
– Mm-hmm. – Together, we come together, and–
– So, we get very confused. – I’m just gonna have, what?
Probably five dates lined up next week.
– It was so much fun, because it’s like advising
with a friend, like, “What should I do?
Is this guy cute? Is he not?” Or, “Is this a good idea
to put on my profile?” It was fun!
– This is a blast. – Yeah! It was like assurance.
– We have to get together once a week and–
– And do this. We can Hinge. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Subscribe and hit the bell.
Make sure you don’t miss an episode. – Thanks for watching.
– Bye! – Bye!
– Hey, guys. Vartuhi here, producer at FBE. Are you
searching for that special someone? Then why not check out the Hinge app,
where you can find profiles with personality? Download the app
linked in the description below. Thanks for watching.


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