Conan Takes The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test – CONAN on TBS

I gotta tell you, because this is the third year, I feel like I’ve become a kind of a Comic-Con expert. I really do. (audience laughing and cheering) I do; I really do. Really?
Yeah. Okay.
Let’s do it. Alright.
Yeah. Absolutely, you know when it comes to comic books, super hero movies, sci-fi fantasy, all things Comic-Con… I’m gonna say this, this may be a little controversial, but I’m gonna say there is literally no bigger expert than this guy right here. (audience laughing and cheering) I believe that. Wow!
Yeah. Okay.
Yeah. Well then–
I do, yeah. You should have no problem passing the just invented Comic-Con citizenship test! (audience cheering) Let’s do this! (audience cheering) Let’s do this! Yeah! Sit down, let’s fire these up. Alright here we go. These are some tough questions. Alright here we go. Here we go. What is Darth Vader’s original name? Anakin Skywalker, easy
(bell dings) Harry Potter–
(audience cheering) Come on like you cheer for that one? Yeah.
(audience laughing) Harry Potter’s Patronus takes the form of what animal? A stag, easy
(bell dings) What were Uncle Ben’s dying words to Peter Parker? Beware the reboot.
(bell dings) (audience laughing) White Walker is another name for? A Trump cabinet member
(bell dings) Oh
(audience laughing) (audience cheering) What super hero smells too strongly of cologne? Uber Man
(bell dings) Uber Man, yes
(audience laughing) Green Arrow sometimes goes by the name? Right on red arrow
(bell dings) Okay
(audience laughing) Yeah What did George Lucas originally want to call lightsabers? Laser dongs
(bell dings) (audience laughing)
Of course he did! Who is Ant Man’s arch enemy? Uncle Woman
(bell dings) (audience laughing)
Mhmm He who can– (audience laughing and cheering) (laughing) Really that was a slow burner? I saw them. I saw it percolating in the crowd. (audience laughing) People were like, “Oh, yeah, yeah, that works, yeah.” (audience laughing)
That’s probably right. I guess they have that legal mariajuana down here, too. (audience laughing)
Yeah. (laughing) He who controls the spice controls… Chipotle
(bell dings) (audience laughing)
Ah! What’s the one thing a Transformer can’t turn into? A good movie
(bell dings) Oh!
(Audience cheering) Conan, how is Spider Man in bed? Amazing
(bell dings) (audience laughing) What about the Hulk? Incredible
(bell dings) (audience laughing) The X-Men? Uncanny
(bell dings) (audience laughing) The Flash? Fast
(bell dings) (audience laughing)
Aqua Man? Wet
(bell dings) (audience laughing) The Fantastic Four? Okay, only okay the first time, pretty lame the second time, absolutely awful the third time. (bell dings)
(audience laughs) (audience cheering) Alright, time for the visual round– Visual round! I’m gonna show you two or more characters from comic books and movies, and you have to tell me what the mashup of those characters would be called. Okay, I can do this, yeah.
Okay? Here we go.
Let’s put it up. Aqua Man plus Wolverine [Conan] The mashup is sushi deluxe.
(bell dings) (audience laughing) [Andy] Aqua Man plus Flash [Conan] Flush
(bell dings) (audience laughing) [Andy] Kitty Pryde plus Deadpool [Conan] That would be kiddy pool. (bell dings)
Oh yeah. (audience laughing) [Andy] Q from Star Trek the Next Generation plus Mister Mxyzptlk from DC Comics [Conan] That would be this town in Yugoslavia. (bell dings)
(audience laughing) [Andy] Alright, Dr. Who plus Dr. Strange plus Dr. Doom [Conan] Yes, the mashup is my network of approved primary care physicians. (audience laughing)
(bell dings) (audience cheering) Yeah Dr. Strange is a really good urologist, yeah. (Andy and audience laughing) Just tellin’ ya. Alright, and finally, got the final one here. Red Hulk plus Gray Hulk [Conan] That’s easy, Steve Bannon. (bell dings)
He did it! (audience cheering) Yes!
(band playing)

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